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Since early 2001, Skillstudio's trainers have worked with thousands of people from over a thousand companies and organisations throughout the UK and Europe.

Our client base now includes more than 50% of the FTSE100 companies. Other clients include International Blue Chip companies through to SME's; Central Government bodies through to local borough and county councils; schools; colleges; universities; hospitals; and charities. In addition, we have worked with numerous private individuals on a one to one basis and via our public courses.

Some of the organisations we have worked with recently are:-

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Have a look at the feedback we've received from clients attending our courses.

Training Feedback – December 2010

“Excellent instruction with purposeful practical exercises.  Improvements were seen with all candidates.  Most people I know would benefit from this course.  It is rare to get such feedback in any other environment.”
Dave, Geoscience Applications Ltd, (PVI Dec 2010)

“Excellent practical work and feedback.  Very worthwhile.”
Hugh, Burhill Golf & Leisure Ltd, (PPS Dec 2010)

“Made me think about things and people in a different way.  Fun, informal and applicable to the workplace.”
Jamie, Cobalt Telephone Technologies, (ECS Dec 2010) (more…)

Training Feedback – November 2010

“All the elements were explained and brought to life through exercises and role plays.  Very interactive session and feedback given was very helpful.  Excellent course that I would definitely recommend.  The trainer was very clear, articulate, and friendly and made us all realise which aspects of communication we could improve.”
Caroline, RBS, (ECS Nov 2010)

“I felt it was very good.  An excellent trainer and very enjoyable.  I feel I have got a lot from this today.  Thank you.”
Joanne, MACH Recruitment Services, (FPS Nov 2010)

“I found it excellent and the trainer was wonderful and made me feel very comfortable.  Great tips and ideas – a motivating workshop.  This will tell you what you didn’t know about yourself.”
Adriane, (FPS Nov 2010) (more…)

October 2010 – Training Feedback

“Helped overcome fears and gave me skills to put into action.  Good fun, informative and helpful.”
Victoria, Princeps Electronics Ltd, (FPS Oct 2010)

“Excellent, the trainer was lively and engaging.  The workshop was fluid and followed our strengths and weaknesses.  I got a lot more out of it than I expected and was extremely impressed.  The trainer had flair and creativity and I left with a strategy to improve.”
Nick, OpTier, (EPS Oct 2010)

“Very interactive, good practical exercises with helpful techniques.  Very informative, good use of communication examples that are real to the work environment.”
Tracey, Hyundai Motor UK Ltd, (ECS Oct 2010) (more…)

September 2010 – Training Feedback

“Concise, engaging, straight to the point and extremely useful.  Very informative and eye opener.”
Francesco (ECS September 2010)

“Very good, knowledgeable trainer.  Would recommend.”
Jamie, The FSA (EPS September 2010)

“The course detail is very good as you get to focus on individual things and gives you the skills and confidence to present.”
Graham, Burhill Golf & Leisure Ltd (EPS September 2010) (more…)

August 2010 – Training Feedback

“Very involved, good, with practical feedback.  Looks at everyday issues from a new perspective.”
Luke, SIP Ltd (ECS August 2010)

“I found the day extremely useful, especially the voice exercises.  Excellent Day.  Fun, useful, energetic, informative.”
Bindi, Southwark PCT NHS (ECS August 2010)

“Trainer was enthusiastic.  Really enjoyed the two days but found them challenging.  Good balance of structure and delivery focus. 
Zoe, Cabinet Office (EPS August 2010) (more…)

July 2010 – Training Feedback

“Very good grounding in basic skills, has given me confidence to plan more effectively.”
Susan (FPS July 2010)

“Exactly what I was looking for.  The breathing exercises and tips on body language were great, and lots of practice at presenting which is what I wanted.  Great – will highly recommend.”
Shaun (EPS July 2010)

“A good stepping stone in developing skills I need for interviews.  Good techniques and feedback – a very positive day. Would recommend.
Suzanne, NHS Sutton & Merton (EIS July 2010) (more…)

June 2010 – Training Feedback

“It was a very supportive environment in which to develop skills and practice presenting. Feedback was very valuable and the structure of the course was great, building up to main presentation with a number of smaller exercises to build confidence. Highly beneficial.”
Melissa, Chevron (FPS June 2010)

“Good structure, each mini session built on the last and I felt there was continuous improvement. Good mixture of praise and constructive criticism. Lots of comments tailored to each individual. Two days of challenging work. Excellent and constructive.”
Abi, Marylebone Cricket Club (EMT June 2010)

“The trainer was excellent, really felt you were getting one to one training. Really good value for money and would recommend. The trainer’s experience was invaluable.”
Jacqueline, Southend Borough Council (EPS June 2010) (more…)

May 2010 – Training Feedback

“Exceeded my expectations, which were quite high!  Excellent.”
Vanessa, Canterbury Christ Church University (FPS May 2010)

“Achieved lots in 2 days.  Very confidence building.  I felt a huge improvement in a short period.”
Louise, US Tax & Financial Services (EPS May 2010)

“The trainer was really supportive and gave great feedback.  Good fun and excellent presenter.”
Lisa, Canterbury Christ Church University (FPS May 2010) (more…)

April 2010 – Training Feedback

“Great hints/tips regarding breathing and exercises.  A very helpful, fun, pro-active workshop.”
Chris (FPS Apr 2010)

“Small workshop makes it easier to gain constructive feedback.  Fantastic!”
Reena, Legal Services Commission (FPS Apr 2010)

“I thought it was excellent.  A great course for somebody to gain confidence in presenting.”
Jacqueline (FPS Apr 2010) (more…)

March 2010 – Training Feedback

“Excellent feedback, good exercises, good speed, well communicated. The trainer made everyone feel very comfortable, able to contribute and take something away. Excellent.”
Jane, EMBC (PPS Mar 2010)

“Excellent content and very knowledgeable trainer. Interesting and stimulating. Great opportunity to improve aspects of communications that may seem like common sense but are often overlooked.”
Delegate (PVI Mar 2010)

“Very well paced with genuine interest in a small group by an experienced, confident and highly skilled trainer. Absolutely wonderful workshop, the best one I did.”
Dhirendra (ECS Mar 2010) (more…)

February 2010 – Training Feedback

“All aspects of communication were touched upon and analysed – very interactive session.  Extremely useful.  Excellent.”
Nagesh, East Kent NHS (ECS Feb 2010)

“Fantastic and fun, would highly recommend. The trainer was great!”
Claire, Sceptre Leisure (PPS Feb 2010)

“People were doing mini presentations from the start, so by the time the final presentation was done we had done much practice and had great feedback. An excellent course – just what I hoped for!”
Paul, HM Treasury (FPS Feb 2010) (more…)

January 2010 – Training Feedback

 “Informative, interactive and fun – the right balance for objectives.  Very good.”
Sarah, West Midlands Pension Fund (FPS Jan 2010)

“Exactly what I needed. Best course I have been on in my career and can’t recommend it highly enough. Brilliant!”
Maria, General Optical Council (EPS Jan 2010)

“Very well run – felt good to be a part of it.  Fantastic opportunity to gain necessary skills in a friendly environment.”
Derrick (FPS Jan 2010) (more…)

December 2009 – Training Feedback

“Great workshop – learned a lot from it.  Very helpful – especially the trainer.”
Khaled (FPS Dec 09)

“Built up my confidence all through the day.  I actually enjoyed the final speeches that I did.  Great quick fire techniques for the first three hours.”
Neil (FPS Dec 09)

“Excellent.  Great encouragement, motivation and understanding of individual issues.”
Elisabeth, London Borough of Tower Hamlets (EPS Dec 09) (more…)

November 2009 – Training Feedback

“I was made to feel very relaxed and welcome. It was a very enjoyable experience and I have been given a lot of help. Thank you!”
Grace, Printbyte (PVI Nov 09)

“I liked the small size of the group. The trainer gave 100% attention to all members. Very effective at reading individuals and giving encouragement.”
Hannah, Robert Half Ltd (PVI Nov 09)

“Good to understand control of voice.
Thea, The Smallpiece Trust (PVI Nov 09) (more…)

October 2009 – Training Feedback

“Well structured, professional, memorable and very useful both in and out of the office.”
Ian, Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi (FPS Oct 09)

“Good, very useful.”
Christine, Interactive Data ( Europe) Ltd (FPS Oct 09)

“Fun, gets everyone involved and to know each other.”
Leila, Canopius (ECS Oct 09) (more…)

September 2009 – Training Feedback

“Very interactive – you gain more from the experience.”
Peter, TechniSat Digital UK Ltd (ECS Sept 09)

“Helpful feedback. Tailored sessions to meet the needs of the group. Supportive environment.”
Natalie (ECS Sept 09)

“Extremely knowledgeable and interactive trainer”
Joanne, Historic Royal Palaces (ECS Sept 09) (more…)

August 2009 – Training Feedback

“There was a lot of interaction. The trainer gave very positive feedback. A good workshop – excellent course.”
Aziz, Greenhouse (ECS Aug 09)

“Informal, relaxed atmosphere, group work good. Trainer excellent.”
Janice, Highlands and Islands Enterprise (EPS Aug 09)

“Enjoyed the whole process. Very informative – very useful.”
Marcus, Lewis Silkin LLP (EPS Aug 09) (more…)

July 2009 – Training Feedback

“Helped me recognise who and where I am and what/who I am dealing with. The course helped me with face to face delivery.”
Michele, The Harefield Academy (ECS July 09)

“Allowed rethinking of standard and personal traits.”
John, Benefit Cosmetics (ECS July 09)

“Very useful to understand people in general.”
Sylvie (ECS July 09) (more…)

June 2009 – Training Feedback

“I have learnt so much in terms of coping mechanisms and calming tools. I feel more confident about making presentations. The trainer was formidable, provided great constructive feedback and tailored aspects of the course to everyone who attended”.
Dave, Sage Publications (FPS June 09)

“Fabulous, funny, enjoyable, supportive, effective, entertaining. It really was excellent – well worth the time and money”.
Michelle, The Bridge (FPS June 09)

“Packed with specific tips, ideas and skills to tackle the difficulties we were experiencing. Structure of the day was responsive to our individual and shared needs. The trainer was respectful, compassionate, skilled and funny. He relaxed us and gave us a wide range of skills”.
Marian (FPS June 09) (more…)

May 2009 – Training Feedback

“The trainer is very enthusiastic. Very well run course, small numbers made it much more personal”.
Jane, Svenska Handelsbanken AB (FPS May 09)

“The trainer was very informative and enthusiastic”.
Kate, LendLease (FPS May 09)

“Rapport with the trainer was excellent. Enjoyed the small group. Great course”.
Andre, Talklab Ltd (FPS May 09) (more…)

April 2009 – Training Feedback

“Has helped me feel more confident about my presentation style”.
Michael, Royal Air Force (FPS Apr 09)

“The encouragement to do things really helped me move through a barrier”.
Elizabeth, Rural Payments Agency (FPS Apr 09)

“I never expected to be able to do what I did at the end of the day. I have come a long way since this morning. Probably the best, most productive course I’ve ever been on”.
Pat, Axiell Ltd (FPS Apr 09) (more…)

March 2009 – Training Feedback

“Really liked informal style. Feel l really learned something especially how to structure a presentation”.
Sonya, Mezzo Films (FPS Mar 09)

“The trainer was very encouraging – any criticisms were given in a very constructive way and with encouragement.
Elizabeth, University of Leeds (FPS Mar 09)

“Great content, really informative and never felt dictated to. Really enjoyed it.
Lianne, NHS Barnsley (FPS Mar 09) (more…)

February 2009 – Training Feedback

“Very well presented, professionally delivered course”.
Kenny, Kington Process Ltd (FPS Feb 09)

“Exciting workshop. It was informal, very informative and improved my confidence”.
Claire, Mid Essex PCT (EPS Feb 09)

“Had fun, enjoyed practice, picked up useful techniques”.
DM (EPS Feb 09) (more…)

January 2009 – Training Feedback

“Enthusiastic teacher, great course, very constructive, just perfect”.
Borie, (FPS Jan 09)

“Excellent trainer who put everyone at ease and encouraged us throughout, the structure was very good and practical tips appealed to me”.
Becci, Kerry Foods (FPS Jan 09)

“A very well tutored group, relaxing atmosphere which encouraged confidence”.
John, Windsor Partners Ltd (FPS Jan 09) (more…)

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