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Since early 2001, Skillstudio's trainers have worked with thousands of people from over a thousand companies and organisations throughout the UK and Europe.

Our client base now includes more than 50% of the FTSE100 companies. Other clients include International Blue Chip companies through to SME's; Central Government bodies through to local borough and county councils; schools; colleges; universities; hospitals; and charities. In addition, we have worked with numerous private individuals on a one to one basis and via our public courses.

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Have a look at the feedback we've received from clients attending our courses.

Training Feedback – December 2012

“Excellent tutor – excellent feedback and a bonus to be on the course with such a varied mix of students: so useful seeing other people’s technique. Very effective, great feedback and essential tools. Well worth the sacrifice of two days at work!”
Peter, Bentley Motors Ltd (PPS Dec 2012)

“Excellent practical help that really made a difference and saw a clear improvement at each stage. Good balance of practice and examples – and clear step by step guide to getting things right – works very well.”
George, Trinity House (EMT Dec 2012) 

“The atmosphere was very calm and everyone engaged very well. You were presenting but not always aware of it. A must for life skills. “
Jane, Northants Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (FPS Dec 2012) (more…)

Training Feedback – November 2012

“What a great course, some great techniques and chances to discuss specific needs. Julia’s background and experience came through and made the course what it was. Great two day workout on presentation skills and a worthwhile time investment.”
James, PA Consulting (PPS Nov 2012)

“Really good training, inspiring, great for an inexperienced speaker like me. It is perfect for a two day course. Very encouraging trainer.”
Ion, Imperial College Business School (EPS Nov 2012)

“My body language feels more comfortable, I felt a lot more confident as the day went on. Some very handy tips. I found the video player very useful too. Extremely helpful. Excellent.”
Lucy, Collier Industrial Waste Ltd (FPS Nov 2012)  (more…)

Training Feedback – October 2012

“Good to keep making us get up and practice, practice, practice! Excellent to then have feedback and then move on to learn additional skills to improve each time – so helpful! Highly interactive; positive and energetic approach to learn such an important and practical skill with an enthusiastic and understanding trainer – thanks Andrew!”
Stephanie, Duke Global (EPS Oct 2012) 

“Fantastic and enthusiastic trainer. Intelligent exercises and feedback. Very useful and should be mandatory for all to attend.”
Sarah, Kinapse (ECS Oct 2012) 

“Very practical and extremely useful. Mike’s anecdotes and practical experience brought the presentation to life and made it extremely enjoyable. I’ve learnt so much! One of the best workshops I’ve been on.”
Chris, URENCO UK Ltd (EPS Oct 2012)  (more…)

Training Feedback – September 2012

“A really hands-on training session. Helen was great at tailoring the course to each of our needs and found the right balance between individual and group work. A must do for all who need a little bit of extra confidence and tools for better presenting.”
Aida, ADS Insight SPRL (EPS  Sep 2012) 

 “Helen made something I was dreading into something very positive and enjoyable. In terms of the confidence I have gained it has surpassed my expectations. Excellent – well worth attending.”
Judith, CNRI (EPS Sep 2012) 

“The trainer was intuitive and identified the very mechanics required to improve my vocal delivery. Revealing and useful techniques for effective vocal delivery.”
Christian, Bank of America Merrill Lynch (PVI  Sep 2012)  (more…)

Training Feedback – August 2012

“Absolutely brilliant! Engaging and entertaining. I have gained valuable information that I can transfer onto any area, professional or personal. Accurate, informative and proactive.”
Alex, Kaplan International College (FPS Aug 2012)

“Thoroughly enjoyed it and it has made me realise I’m not as bad at presentations as I thought. It has made me more conscious that I need to work on my own self confidence.”
Gavin, Historic Scotland (FPS Aug 2012)

“An introductory session highlighting methods of structuring presentations with techniques to help prepare for presenting. Engaging and patient trainer. Fantastic.”
Tom, Oxford Brookes Students’ Union (FPS Aug 2012)  (more…)

Training Feedback – July 2012

“Very personable trainer. Very knowledgeable. Tailored course to the needs of the participants. A great overview of communications skills essential in all areas of life.”
Amelia, Roehampton University (ECS Jul 2012)

“Exercises to help control breathing have been invaluable. Great working with others in the same boat.  A supportive trainer who helped us improve instead of dwelling on our negatives.” 
Jo, Lupprians Com Express (FPS Jul 2012) 

“Very good trainer and really well placed to teach the course. Fantastic experience, we all learnt from and I would definitely recommend. You will learn a lot in two days!”
Andrew, Picker Institute Europe (EPS Jul 2012)  (more…)

Training Feedback – June 2012

“Excellent – very helpful and necessary in my line of work. Particularly appreciated the small group. Dynamics were great and my skills will be put to the test immediately. Especially all the tips on how to prepare sound bites!”
Meleni, Opt4Health Initative (EMT Jun 2012) 

“A great course, not too large (group) so was a comfortable atmosphere to practice skills. Good techniques which I can use in my personal and professional life. A great way to improve your presentation skills and develop a confident way of speaking.”
Gemma, Roche Products (PVI Jun 2012) 

“Kate is an accomplished pro – but more than this she has a talent for boosting presentation performance that I will continue to benefit from long after the course.  I have the confidence to go into any presentation situation with a positive outlook on it. Kate is fab!”
Connor, Patterson Portfolio (EPS Jun 2012)  (more…)

Training Feedback – May 2012

“Andrew is very engaging and likeable. The course was well structured with all relevant resources available. Communication and admin prior to the course was very good too. A very interesting and useful course. I feel like I learnt a lot.”
Kathryn, Media Transfer Services UK (FPS May 2012) 

“Very well structured. Good pace. Engaging trainer. Very practical and makes you think not only about ‘how’ but ‘why’ you are presenting and what is the objective.”
Phil, Worldpay (EPS May 2012) 

“Positive and enthusiastic trainer. Linked well with everyday practices. Time went by quickly, intense, informative but never boring or overpowering. Perfect workload. A must for anyone who gives presentations.”
Folarin, Chief Rotimi Williams’ Chambers (PPS May 2012) (more…)

Training Feedback – Apr 2012

“Fast pace, friendly atmosphere, encouragement and good structure. The course was both useful and fun. Great – thanks!”
John, Optyma (EPS Apr 2012)

“The workshop made me feel more confident because my posture and gesture were worked on as well as my eye contact and the way I communicate with large audiences. Very useful.”
Oyanbo, Bayelsa Government (ECS Apr 2012) 

“Clear. Important subjects and a great opportunity to share experiences with other delegates. I would recommend. Easy to understand, will really improve your skills and build your confidence.”
Carla, Agrega Ltd (EPS Apr 2012)  (more…)

Training Feedback – March 2012

“Having external feedback, evaluations and content from today has highlighted areas to increase my own personal development. It’s fantastic and really allows you to become aware of your own communication techniques and styles.”
Daniel, Lego (ECS Mar 2012) 

“This workshop helps you to focus on your skills and what you have the potential to bring to a presentation. Very supportive and encouraging.”
Jacqueline, Department of Health (EPS Mar 2012) 

“Excellent. Very ‘hands-on’ which was scary but learned a lot this way. Enjoyed it, despite being totally out my comfort zone.”
Jeanette, KEVI Camp Hill School for Boys (FPS Mar 2012) (more…)

Training Feedback – February 2012

“It was an important reality check for me. I was grateful for the frank and sensitive manner which my flaws were pointed out and the confirmation provided of those things which I did well. I found it excellent. I would recommend it without hesitation.”
William, Caribbean Development Bank (PPS Feb 2012)  

“Plenty of practice time. Good feedback emphasizing improvement which I find encouraging. Voice training exercises were very useful. Good training, helps you to become more self aware and build your confidence to speak in public.”
Felix, NHS Diabetes & Kidney Care (EPS Feb 2012)

“Really good, easy to understand. Cannot believe the difference it has made. Friendly, brilliant, covered absolutely everything I needed to know. “
Michelle, Kudos Blinds (EPS Feb 2012)  (more…)

Training Feedback – January 2012

“I liked the size of the group – small enough to receive thorough feedback from the tutor. The tutor’s former experience as an actor aided exercises and presentation technique. Useful and a good starter course.”
Sara-Jane, Fresh Minds Ltd (FPS Jan 2012) 

“Practical tips were fantastic. Loved working in the group situations – made me realise I’m not the only one with nerves. Practical advice that can be implemented immediately. Fantastic.”
Tanya, Merial Animal Health Limited (FPS Jan 2012) 

“I thought the entire session was very engaging. The whole group was particularly supportive and provided excellent and valuable feedback. It’s very useful and covers all the basics one needs to master public speaking.”
Caroline, Fresh Minds Ltd (FPS Jan 2012)  (more…)

Training Feedback – December 2011

“Neil was an excellent teacher and gave us several useful tips to overcome fears and how to present more effectively. Excellent way to build confidence.”
Frances, Arbonne (EPS Dec 2011) 

“Very good, fast pace and lots of practical advice. Opportunity to put into practice learning and theory immediately. Very satisfied with this workshop. I was nervous but very glad I came.”
Alison, SSAFA Forces Help (FPS Dec 2011) 

“What a great experience. I was very nervous at the beginning but thanks to Sandra I got though the day. Excellent, a course worth doing to overcome your fears of presenting.”
 Audra, Yorkshire Forward (FPS Dec 2011) (more…)

Training Feedback – November 2011

“Trainer was fantastic. Made me feel at ease. Very personable. Fun, thought provoking and highly effective. Would highly recommend.”
Vicky, Forest Laboratories UK Ltd (FPS Nov 2011) 

“Fantastic at building confidence using a number of techniques and great feedback and critique. Informal, supportive and pushes the comfort zone.”
Chris, Gulfstream Aerospace (FPS Nov 2011) 

“Very well taught – Julia created a comfortable environment and was an excellent example of ‘successful body language’ in practice. Very good.”
Sarah, Royal College of Physicians (SBL Nov 2011)  (more…)

Training Feedback – October 2011

“Very useful practical info and techniques. Great to work in a group and get feedback. Really good for gaining confidence and learning how to present for real life situations.”
Claire, Cascadehr HR Ltd (FPS Oct 2011) 

“Really good workshop; can see a difference already. Given me the tools to get my message across. Amazing really!”
Tiana, G’s Marketing (EPS Oct 2011) 

“Was very well structured, ensured we were at ease early on and provided the different pieces to the puzzle of public speaking as we went though the course.”
Ben, Sherwood Compliance Services (EPS Oct 2011)  (more…)

Training Feedback – September 2011

“Really helped build confidence and work on the areas where we had weaknesses. I have come out of the course feeling much more prepared for my next presentation and aware of my development needs. Insightful, educational and very useful.”
Deborah, Finlay Beverages Limited (EPS Sep 2011) 

“Good balance between theory and practice sessions. Feedback is really key and helped a lot to progress. Very friendly group. Good sharing of examples. Benefit from the comments others made. Very useful.”
Emmanuel, Nestle UK (PPS Sep 2011) 

“Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainer who I was able to connect with instantly. The techniques practiced made a difference in my presentation by the end of the day. Ideal group size. Superb!”
Tim, BIS (EIS Sep 2011)  (more…)

Training Feedback – August 2011

“Enjoyed the small group as it was easier to talk freely and discuss things. Good fun. Feel better about myself and my abilities. Good for exploring how you communicate and how you can improve on it. Good group participation without being scary.”
Emma, Esri UK Ltd (ECS Aug 2011)

 “The whole day is very useful and I would recommend to anyone who would want to improve their public speaking. I found the workshop very insightful and I believe that the skills taught with practice will help me improve many areas of both my working and social life.”
Nick, Feedback Consumer Research (PVI Aug 2011) 

 “The workshop was well structured, excellent delivery and catered for all my needs. I felt empowered by the end of my two days training. Lots to take forward. Great trainer.”
Leslyn, North West Kent College (PPS Aug 2011)  (more…)

Training Feedback – July 2011

“Well structured – lots of content covered. Good mix of theory as well as practice. Lots of feedback, so that I am able to concentrate on areas to improve. Excellent course, thank you!”
Helen, IDeaS (PVI Jul 2011) 

“It was very interactive and worthwhile. Enjoyed every bit of it and the presentation was very clear and easy to understand. Very interesting.”
Aminata, Gambie Civil Aviation Authority (ECS Jul 2011)

“Brilliant, much improvement on my key goals and now confident to try more at work to develop them further. Excellent, Very rewarding and also enjoyable.”
Jason, G’s Ltd (EPS Jul 2011)  (more…)

Training Feedback – June 2011

“This was really, really good. Kate taught some really useful techniques that I will take away and practice. Inspiring and full of practical tips.”
Nicollette, Saxon Weald (FPS Jun 2011)

“Seeing myself on camera is extremely helpful. Good and honest feedback from the trainer and other delegates allowed me to identify weaknesses in my presentation style.”
Eiko, Finance & Leasing Association (EPS Jun 2011)

“Was so helpful in giving me tools to improve my presenting and things to do to calm myself. Gave me confidence. A must!”
Sky, Omnicom Engineering Limited (FPS Jun 2011)  (more…)

Training Feedback – May 2011

“Memorable lessons learnt. Good experimental learning opportunity – to both practise and observe. Will definitely change how I approach and feel about presentations. Thought-provoking with ideas that I know I will be able to implement and that will make a definitive difference.”
Anna, Actavis (PPS May 2011)  

“I am looking forward to adding a lot more to my presentations and feel much more confident extending the opening before moving onto the detail. Practical ideas to improve presentations and your confidence and comfort in front of an audience.”
Mike, Michael Gray Interim Ltd. (EPS May 2011) 

“Excellent learning environment. Good opportunity to practise as group was small. Very helpful, constructive advice from Robin on how to improve techniques. Thoroughly enjoyable and I learnt a lot. Thanks Robin!”
Fei-Ni, East of England Development Agency (EMT May 2011) (more…)

Training Feedback – April 2011

“Absolutely fantastic day!  So useful to me personally in gaining confidence to deliver a presentation.  Sandra was so encouraging in a truthful and professional way.  Very worthwhile.  Everyone would benefit from this.”
Kerry, HMRC, (FPS Apr 2011)

“It has been very useful.  It makes you think about all aspects of public speaking and makes you do what you need to do to improve.  Great for building confidence.  Very useful, and fun lovely Trainer.
Sara, Shell, (EPS Apr 2011)

“Excellent opportunity to develop and perfect presentation style and skills in a safe supportive environment.  Excellent training course especially the use of videoing of the presentations and feedback.”
Manj, DCLG, (PPS Apr 2011) (more…)

Training Feedback – March 2011

“Excellent.  It has helped me out a lot to realise about communicating through body language.”
David, (SBL Mar 2011)

“Very informative, very practical, interactive.  Great use of time, and equipment.  Each section tailored to each individual.”
Andrew, (EPS Mar 2011)

“Bang on! Absolutely fantastic. Thoroughly enjoyable and I leave having far more confidence and awareness in terms of delivering presentations.  Nice one.”
Spencer, (FPS Mar 2011) (more…)

Training Feedback – February 2011

“I found today extremely useful and learnt lots of new techniques in order to try and give a more confident presentation.  I feel the course has given me more confidence and hope to take this forward.”
Alice, Office of Rail Regulation, (FPS Feb 2011)

“I now know how to construct a presentation and effectively deliver it.  Extremely positive two days.  Hugely helpful and feel more confident for future presentations.  Excellent.”
Karen, (EPS Feb 2011)

“Robin achieved an excellent balance of encouragement and fault finding.  His ability to identify the areas of improvement were on the money.  Motivational, professional and different.”
Huw, The Military College, (PPS Feb 2011) (more…)

Training Feedback – January 2011

“A very positive experience. Very much value for the money.  It delivered everything I wanted and needed. It kept me focussed for the whole day. It offered the practice I needed. It was a very friendly environment.”
Joe, CN4C, (FPS Jan 2011)

“Very useful. Helpful towards constructive / positive communication.”
Devmitra, NHS, (ECS Jan 2011)

“The course provided exactly what I was looking for – Advice on improving areas of my presentations, honest feedback and plenty of practising. Very useful for anyone who needs to speak to groups.  And even for all everyday aspects of life.”
Kieran, CTI Data Solutions Ltd,  (EPS Jan 2011) (more…)

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