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October 2010 – Training Feedback

“Helped overcome fears and gave me skills to put into action.  Good fun, informative and helpful.”
Victoria, Princeps Electronics Ltd, (FPS Oct 2010)

“Excellent, the trainer was lively and engaging.  The workshop was fluid and followed our strengths and weaknesses.  I got a lot more out of it than I expected and was extremely impressed.  The trainer had flair and creativity and I left with a strategy to improve.”
Nick, OpTier, (EPS Oct 2010)

“Very interactive, good practical exercises with helpful techniques.  Very informative, good use of communication examples that are real to the work environment.”
Tracey, Hyundai Motor UK Ltd, (ECS Oct 2010)

“Very good overview of communication styles.  Lots of useful stuff to follow up on.  Role-play presenting and advice was incredible helpful.  Very good overview and covers everything.”
Stephen, (ECS Oct 2010)

“Trainer was very good.  Engaging and good with all participants.  Brilliant.”
Rez, Valrec, (EPS Oct 2010)

“Extremely useful exercises, very informative.  Informative and insightful.”
Darren, Valrec, (EPS Oct 2010)

“Positive outlook on myself.  Thorough structure. 
Jamie, Planglow Ltd, (EPS Oct 2010)

“The course was well structured and gave a real sense of progression.  Very helpful.” 
Adam, Criteria Fieldwork Ltd, (FPS Oct 2010)

“Great grounding in the art of public speaking.”
Andrew, GI Partners, (FPS Oct 2010)

“Provides the awareness to deliver your message effectively.  Useful.”
Jignesh, BV Diary, (FPS Oct 2010)

“Well structured, clear and concise.  A ‘must’ if you need to do presentations.”
James, Mark Davies & Associates Ltd, (FPS Oct 2010)

“Although the talking in front of the group was painful it was SO helpful and has really given me a lot to think about.  Very worthwhile and confidence boosting.”
Clare, Publicity Heaven, (FPS Oct 2010)

“It helped me to face my fear and gave me useful techniques to centre myself and control my nerves.  A good first step and useful.”
Richard, (FPS Oct 2010)

“Good balance of theory and practice.  Constructive criticism and encouragement.  Very good, interesting and insightful.  Great for confidence.”
Sam, (FPS Oct 2010)

“Interesting and engaging.  Learned lots, can visualise using techniques and enjoying the process.”
Ann, Scottish Secondary Teachers, (PVI Oct 2010)

“Very supportive and unhurried trainer.  Right sized group, enough people to work together with small enough to get individual attention.  I was nervous about some of the tasks but enjoyed the day very much.”
Edward, (PVI Oct 2010)

“Very good course.  Lots of good practical ideas that can be used.  Excellent.”
Richard, Flogas UK Ltd, (ECS Oct 2010)

“Very engaging, more practical and less theory.  Liked the way the group was engaged.  Excellent, very engaging and thought provoking, something you can start applying in your day-to-day life.”
Amit, Wipro Consulting Services, (PVI Oct 2010)

“Very experienced and credible instructor with supportive group.  Good training on how to communicate orally.”
Mandar, (PVI Oct 2010)

“I’m leaving very happy with the progress I made, and have a clear direction on how to improve.  A fun and relaxed way of learning how to control your voice.  Real world exercises.”
Jason, Charles Taylor Consulting, (PVI Oct 2010)

Good group and very supportive trainer.  Excellent.”
Raaj, Lloyds Banking Group, (PVI Oct 2010)

“Good to practice interview experience.”
Stuart, Canterbury Christ Church University, (EIS Oct 2010)

“Very good.”
Christopher, Trinity House, (EIS Oct 2010)

“Advice on my skills and delivery were very helpful.  Very good.”
Steven, (EIS Oct 2010)

“The opportunity to practice is useful.”
William, (EIS Oct 2010)

“Very well hosted, engaging throughout the whole day.”
Keith, (EIS Oct 2010)

“Small group, unthreatening.  The video recording and playback makes you aware of what you look and sound like.  Very good.”
Joanne, (EIS Oct 2010)

“Helped me to be confident in myself and my presenting style.  Useful in gaining new skills and being aware of my actions whilst presenting.”
Situi, (EPS Oct 2010)

“Perfectly paced, with excellent group interaction.  Useful tips and tricks.  Excellent.”
Joy, DMW Group, (EPS Oct 2010)

“Very engaging and well structured.  One of the few training courses where I have not watched the clock at all, and the most enjoyable I have done.”
Sharon, Roche Products Ltd, (EPS Oct 2010)

“Everyone should be made to come as it’s not just about public speaking, but humanity.”
Patrick, Adflex Ltd, (EPS Oct 2010)

“The trainer encouraged us to be ourselves and worked with individual personalities rather than a one for all approach.”
Matthew, United Visual Artists, (EPS Oct 2010)

“Loved it all.  The trainer was excellent, very engaging and a joy to be around. The best course I have been on as I got a lot out of it.  Wish I’d done it sooner.”
Carol, NHS Norfolk, (EPS Oct 2010)

“Robin was a fantastic trainer and not intimidating.  The group were lovely too.  Will use the exercises learned and it was all very good.”
Holly, NHS Norfolk, (EPS Oct 2010)

“Good practice for future presentations.  All very good.”
Tara, Blacksmith Advisors, (EPS Oct 2010)

“The trainer was great – just do it.”
Matthew, (FPS Oct 2010)

“Well paced, logical and not too daunting.  Well run.”
Andrew, (FPS Oct 2010)

“Made the whole process of presenting more logical by putting it into well structured steps.  Good, well worthwhile.”
Geri, (FPS Oct 2010)

“All useful skills.  Good foundation stage.”
Ben, (FPS Oct 2010)

“Have been very pleased with the content, feedback and advice received.  Excellent.”
John, The Carbon Trust, (FPS Oct 2010)

“Extremely useful in changing my bad habits.  Met my expectations and objectives fully.  Excellent.”
David, London Luton Airport, (PPS Oct 2010)

“Built up to a formal presentation rather than go straight into it.  Good range of techniques about controlling breathing and nerves.  Very useful and worthwhile.  Although I felt self-conscious at times, was made to feel comfortable.”
Lisa, Commidea Ltd, (FPS Oct 2010)

“A friendly, clear and constructive workshop.  Ideas explained clearly and practiced using the techniques was helpful.  Very constructive.”
Emily, SCIE, (FPS Oct 2010)

“It was varied and covered many aspects of presenting.  Liked the fact that the trainer built up over the day to the final presentation, which gave me confidence.  Structuring tips very good.  Friendly, well structured and varied.”
Lauren, (FPS Oct 2010)

“The workshop was great and I found the trainer very knowledgeable and practical with a real warming personality.  A great chance to learn how to present and to build confidence.”
Andy, (FPS Oct 2010)

“The day was extremely engaging and enjoyable.  I found the trainer’s experience perfect.  Very valuable day.  I have learnt a lot.  Fun and informative.”
Becky, (FPS Oct 2010)

“Effective in addressing issues with body language and confidence.  A good place to begin to gain skills.”
Sarah, (FPS Oct 2010)

“Good overall agenda and enjoyed the practice sessions.  Honest feedback from trainer.  Excellent course for beginners.”
Vicky, (FPS Oct 2010)

“Excellent trainer.  A must to get the basics of presenting skills.”
Chris, (FPS Oct 2010)

“Made to feel really comfortable, learnt a lot and will definitely use the skills going forward.  Brilliant, definitely worth attending.”
Brooke, Seven Seas, (EPS Oct 2010)

“This is possibly the best training course I’ve been on.  So useful in getting genuine feedback.  Excellent.”
Aimee, Epilepsy Action, (EPS Oct 2010)

“Very enjoyable, useful and informative.  Very empowering and enjoyable.  The trainer was great – thank you!”
Geraldine, RSS Consulting, (EPS Oct 2010)








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