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November 2009 – Training Feedback

“I was made to feel very relaxed and welcome. It was a very enjoyable experience and I have been given a lot of help. Thank you!”
Grace, Printbyte (PVI Nov 09)

“I liked the small size of the group. The trainer gave 100% attention to all members. Very effective at reading individuals and giving encouragement.”
Hannah, Robert Half Ltd (PVI Nov 09)

“Good to understand control of voice.
Thea, The Smallpiece Trust (PVI Nov 09)

“Very involved with good feedback. Very useful with a lot of information.”
Neil (ECS Nov 09)

“Enjoyed the discussions and found the trainer to be very good. Useful and interesting.”
Mei (ECS Nov 09)

“Got everyone involved and gave the ability to interact. Very fun, friendly and informative.”
Jonathan (ECS Nov 09)

“Very satisfactory.”
Shrikane (ECS Nov 09)

“Very interesting, learnt a lot about communication.”
Janzka (ECS Nov 09)

“Interactive and useful.”
Simon (ECS Nov 09)

“The trainer allowed a lot of interaction. Excellent.”
Paul (ECS Nov 09)

“The trainer was very good at getting people involved and participating. Good interaction with trainer and other attendees. Enjoyable, interesting and useful.”
Fiona (ECS Nov 09)

“Insightful , the breathing techniques and verbal exercises in particular. A useful introduction into giving presentations.”
Daniel, Competition Commission (FPS Nov 09)

“Well structured.”
Carla, Envision Consulting (FPS Nov 09)

“Good facilitator, great breathing tips and was surprised how much they worked. Valuable and interesting.”
Ruth, Health Professions Council (FPS Nov 09)

“I found all the techniques very useful. The exercises were surprisingly useful. The trainer was very friendly and approachable. I was very happy with the whole workshop. Interesting, beneficial and fun.”
Aisling, Competition Commission (FPS Nov 09)

“It was very well structured with excellent individual feedback. Highly beneficial.”
Jamie (FPS Nov 09)

“Learnt some effective tips and tricks. A good way to learn the basics of presenting.”
Jonathan, Navisite Europe Ltd (FPS Nov 09)

“Good trainer and I took value from the course.”
Ben, Candeo Media Ltd (FPS Nov 09)

“Covered interesting points on breathing.”
Mark, Marwyn Investment Management LLP (FPS Nov 09)

“The practice sessions are very useful, especially with the feedback. A real eye-opener.”
Gifty, The Methodist Church (EIS Nov 09)

“Workshop is really good.
Rima (EIS Nov 09)

“Training given in a friendly manner with lots of interaction and feedback. Relevant and useful.”
Marc (EIS Nov 09)

“Helped me gain a more structured approach to preparing a presentation and made me more confident. Friendly and informative.”
Russell, Hoebridge Golf Centre (FPS Nov 09)

“The trainer was excellent. I enjoyed the course and learnt a great deal.”
Husna, London Borough of Newham (FPS Nov 09)

“Constructive positive feedback and ability to put points into practice. Positive and worthwhile – suitable for anyone.”
Tristan, Hoebridge Golf Centre (FPS Nov 09)

“Good pace, very interactive, very worthwhile.”
Mike, Hoebridge Golf Centre (FPS Nov 09)

“Very good teaching, lots of helpful feedback and practice. Very well paced. Very useful, friendly atmosphere, really valuable advice.”
Neil, Cancer Research UK (FPS Nov 09)

“I have gained more confidence & knowledge – excellent.”
Debbie, Children’s Heart Surgery Fund (FPS Nov 09)

“Friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Well run. Useful exercises – very helpful.”
Andy (FPS Nov 09)

“All useful information, good mixture of theory & practice. Good pace, great content. Right duration.”
Mark (FPS Nov 09)

“Has given my confidence a great boost.”
David, Whistlefield Properties Ltd (FPS Nov 09)

“Very good trainer. The diction component was very useful. Has given me confidence.”
Robert, Cairngorms National Park Authority (FPS Nov 09)

“Great atmosphere. Very friendly and constructive. Really useful advice. Everyone benefitted from the mutually supportive environment.”
Alastair, Chiene & Tait (FPS Nov 09)

“Informative and interesting.”
Karen, Kempen Capital Management (FPS Nov 09)

“Very relaxed environment. Everyone wants you to do well and that helps build your confidence. Feedback was very helpful, constructive and honest.”
Claire (FPS Nov 09)

“Very relaxed and informative – excellent – really good introduction to public speaking for those who find it intimidating.”
Tim (FPS Nov 09)

“The trainer made the course very interesting and engaging. Good advice and feedback.”
Neelam, Essex Probation (FPS Nov 09)

“Good atmosphere, interaction and many tips to consider. Not using a book allows for natural, free-flowing learning. Professional, experienced trainer – a Great Day!”
Sophie, Natural Environment Research Council (FPS Nov 09)

“Good group size, clear structure. A good way to pick up easy to apply techniques.”
Jarrod, William Hill (PPS Nov 09)

Neil, AAT (PPS Nov 09)

“Very interactive, gaining confidence through practice.
Craig, B Braun Medical Ltd (PPS Nov 09)

“Excellent, very good interaction and a high skilled trainer – well worth doing. High level, excellent.”
Keith, Wardell Armstrong (PPS Nov 09)

“Nothing too easy or too difficult, stretched everyone’s ability. Fun and useful.”
Gill, Actavis UK (PPS Nov 09)

“Packed so many good tips into one day. Learnt so much and gone home with confidence. Excellent way to improve skills and overcome nerves.”
Catherine (FPS Nov 09)

“Very structured. Good positive feedback, took me out of my comfort zone. Such a positive and supportive day – highly recommend it.”
Hilary (FPS Nov 09)

“Not only a productive day in terms of developing my skills, but very enjoyable too. Left smiling!”
Rebecca (FPS Nov 09)

“Extremely helpful and a real confidence boost. Looking forward to practising my next presentation.”
David (FPS Nov 09)

“Covered a lot in the day and gained a lot of confidence. Would definitely recommend.”
Andy (FPS Nov 09)

“Gave me confidence and skills – takes you slightly out of your comfort zone.”
Mandy  (FPS Nov 09)

“Helpful and constructive.”
Alison (EMT Nov 09)

“The face time on camera was invaluable. Precisely the sort of training one needs to appear on camera.”
Andrew, Orthomimetics Ltd (EMT Nov 09)

“The trainer listened to my objectives and fed back / highlighted particular elements throughout the day. Particularly useful were the topics on speed of speaking and body language. Exceeded expectations – I’m much more effective in delivery.”
Sam (ECS Nov 09)

“Was surprised to find that the course was very relevant to me and very enjoyable.”
Terry (ECS Nov 09)

“Good pace – would recommend.”
Rory (ECS Nov 09)

“Working together as a group was really beneficial.”
Katy (ECS Nov 09)

“It is a very useful tool for increasing confidence and group speaking. It will allow me to get my point across better in most situations.”
Karl (ECS Nov 09)

“An excellent balance of constructive criticism with an informal low pressure style of teaching. Body language actually applied.”
Simon (ECS Nov 09)

“Very helpful, good learning and positive improvements.”
Mark (ECS Nov 09)

“Ran at a really good pace – trainer was very knowledgeable. I had a lot of faith in what the trainer was saying and the feedback he gave.”
Vicki (FPS Nov 09)

“Very well structured. The trainer was great at making you feel at ease and getting the best from you.”
Gilly (FPS Nov 09)

“The most useful course I have ever been on”!
Tom (FPS Nov 09)

Henry (FPS Nov 09)

“Built my confidence immensely and taught me to control my nerves. The trainer was fantastic.”
Vicki (EPS Nov 09)

“Very informative, good confidence booster, good trainer.”
Rick (FPS Nov 09)

“The trainer was fabulous. Provided very tailored teaching to individuals. Content was very valuable. Concentration on tone of voice and body language was great.”
Paul, Writing Machine (FPS Nov 09)








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