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May 2010 – Training Feedback

“Exceeded my expectations, which were quite high!  Excellent.”
Vanessa, Canterbury Christ Church University (FPS May 2010)

“Achieved lots in 2 days.  Very confidence building.  I felt a huge improvement in a short period.”
Louise, US Tax & Financial Services (EPS May 2010)

“The trainer was really supportive and gave great feedback.  Good fun and excellent presenter.”
Lisa, Canterbury Christ Church University (FPS May 2010)

“Very enjoyable and informative.  I do have the confidence inside – and this was been brought out.”
Carol, Canterbury Christ Church University (FPS May 2010)

“Continuously built confidence throughout the day.  The trainer was engaging and caring about the concerns of all the participants.  A must for anyone with concerns about their presenting skills and ability.”
Sarah, Canterbury Christ Church University (FPS May 2010)

“All participants were at a similar level.  Criticism from both trainer and other participants was informative.  Informative and constructive.”
Jane, Roger Oates Design (FPS May 2010)

“Engaging trainer who individual as well as group advice and really took an interest in everyone.  Helpful and practical advice and tips.  I would recommend it – valuable.”
Amy, Lonkal Consulting Ltd (FPS May 2010)

“The trainer was excellent and highlighted things for future development.  Great feedback.”
James, UK General (FPS May 2010)

“Good workshop, opportunities to identify personal strengths and weaknesses.”
Michael (FPS May 2010)

“Skills development exercises were particularly interesting and useful.  Very good and useful should anyone want to improve their presenting skills.”
Ross (FPS May 2010)

“Very good at giving tips and exercises to use on day-to-day basis.  Good constructive criticism from the Trainer.  Very useful information and not as daunting as I’d thought.”
Lisa (FPS May 2010)

“The trainer is great at making you feel at east.  The voice exercises were very good and the whole course was very enjoyable.  Great!”
Karen (FPS May 2010)

“Great having lots of practical sessions and tools to take away.   Extremely useful and brought skills that could be used in every day work situations as well as presentations.”
Gordon, Burhill Golf & Leisure Ltd (EPS May 2010)

“The trainer was very positive and gave good feedback.  Very good and informative.”
Nick, Burhill Golf & Leisure Ltd (EPS May 2010)

“Helped me to improve many aspects of my presentation skills.  Great for improving your presentation skills and using alternative methods.”
Sally, Chimans (EPS May 2010)

“I found the course very useful.  It helps to build your confidence and breaks the mould that we consider standard for presenting.  Effective and very helpful.”
Ashok, University of Hertfordshire

“Lots of practical exercises involved in the workshop.  Nice, practical and friendly workshop.”
Dona, The Leasehold Advisory Service

“Well structured and not rushed.  A good aid for gaining confidence in presenting.”
Simon, The Leasehold Advisory Service (EPS May 2010)

“Good trainer and good pace, focussing on the practical side of presenting.  really helps you understand how to deliver effective presentations.”
Anna, The Leasehold Advisory Service (EPS May 2010)

“Good trainer, well organised and useful.  Also enjoyable.  Learnt some good techniques for listening, speaking and appearing more confident.”
Donna-Lee, Horwath Clark Whitehill LLP (ECS May 2010)

“It exceeded my expectations.  Unlike other courses, this got straight into thought provoking and useful activities.  The trainer was very accomplished and made the course what it was – a success.  Excellent and inspiring.”
Michael, HM Treasury (ECS May 2010)

“Have learnt to be aware of my body language and spot positive and negative parts of my behaviour.  Got lots of tips and was interactive.”
Crine, Authentix (ECS May 2010)

“Thought it was very engaging, interesting and good use of role plays that didn’t feel too contrived or uncomfortable.”
Philip Church, London Borough of Croydon (ECS May 2010)

“Very good pace, good interaction.  Course content was relative to my field.  Friendly and helpful, good introduction to communication.”
Shaz, Cook UK Ltd (ECS May 2010)

“Learnt a lot of small things that make a big difference when communicating.  A brilliant workshop where you would lean a lot about communication.”
Rushil (ECS May 2010)

“Very interactive and interesting.  Some good tips and use of personal examples that related to the group.  Interesting and thought provoking.”
James, Phippen Ltd (ECS May 2010)

“The trainer’s stories and personality gave me inspiration to give ‘out of the box’ presentations – to break the mould.  I think everyone who has to do presentations should do this course!”
Tricia (FPS May 2010)

“Provides the key skills to overcome nerves and structure presentations.  The workshop puts delegates at ease to build confidence and improve skills.”
Matthew (FPS May 2010)

“I am pleasantly surprised at what this course achieves in such a small period of time. A good introduction to presenting.”
Jamie (FPS May 2010)

“Attending this workshop has made me realise that I am more than capable and have confidence to give a presentation to an audience.  Well worth it.  I cannot believe what I achieved.”
Sue (FPS May 2010)

“Lots of opportunity to practice fun exercises.  It’s a good addition to presenting skills to further enhance your ability to deliver with impact.”
Mark, Gefinor Rotana Hotel, (PVI May 2010)

“Really helpful, useful tips for future presentations, both in terms of structure and actual delivery.  Useful and fun.”
Minnie, Morgan Kai (FPS May 2010)

“Very practical and useful.  Excellent – get on it!”
Karen (FPS May 2010)

“Lovely company and excellent facilitator.  Hands on, quick pace, fun and challenging.”
Tracey, Littlecoates Primary School (FPS May 2010)

“Excellent trainer who quickly put everyone at ease.  Highly practical – content was just which I needed to improve my technique.  Engaging, highly practical, personalised and outstanding value.”
Richard, Yorkshire Forward (FPS May 2010)

“The trainer was engaging and sounded good, like a great story teller engages an audience.  A very personal approach even in a group environment.
Andrew, (PVI May 2010)

“The workshop exceeded my expectations.  The advice was valuable and we were given lots of useful exercise for our continuous development.”
Svetoslav (PVI May 2010)

“Really good – makes you reflect on your current methods and think practically how to improve.”
Paul (PVI May 2010)

“Good trainer, and good size of group.”
Jenny (FPS May 2010)

“Nice informal, non-threatening environment.  A good introduction to presentation skills.”
Abbie (FPS May 2010)

“Very well run and presented.  Stage by stage progression so not scary as broken down into manageable bits.  I would recommend this course as a good starting point.”
Claire Cotes (FPS May 2010)

“Very good – keep up the good work.  This is one of the best workshops I’ve ever been to.”
Christiana, Diamond Development Initiatives (FPS May 2010)

“The techniques came in very hands and useful.  I also learned about being fully prepared.  Impressive, could relate easily to the trainer.”
Kazeem (FPS May 2010)

“Best course I have attended.  The trainer was excellent.  Great course if you have to present.  Will recommend to my new staff when they start.”
Peter, Lato Networks (FPS May 2010)

“Great environment to explore and be yourself.  The trainer was great and the day went so quickly. Comfortable, practical and makes a difference.”
Karen, EOG Resources UK Ltd (FPS May 2010)

“The trainer was very helpful, understanding and engaging.  A great amount of interaction and personal feedback.  Engaging and beneficial.”
Sanja (FPS May 2010)

“Fun, interesting, interactive, effective, good value.  It’s a course every potential speaker should attend.”
Carla, Matchtech Group (EPS May 2010)

“Intense course with the required level of attention paid to each participant.  Excellent!”
Shoeb, Wipro Consulting Services (EPS May 2010)








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