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May 2009 – Training Feedback

“The trainer is very enthusiastic. Very well run course, small numbers made it much more personal”.
Jane, Svenska Handelsbanken AB (FPS May 09)

“The trainer was very informative and enthusiastic”.
Kate, LendLease (FPS May 09)

“Rapport with the trainer was excellent. Enjoyed the small group. Great course”.
Andre, Talklab Ltd (FPS May 09)

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. The trainer was great. Thank you, good pace and lots of tips and anecdotes”!
Diane, The Charterhouse Square School (FPS May 09)

“Trainer was excellent. The course was very interesting and never dragged”.
Philip, BAE Systems Marine Ltd (EPS May 09)

“The trainer exposed me to my strengths and areas of improvement in a very positive manner. A brilliant course presented by a brilliant trainer and enjoyed by me”.
Marvin, Shell (EPS May 09)

“The course was well structured and hosted”.
Danny (EPS May 09)

“Very good – thank you”.
Tahmina, Liquid Capital Markets (EPS May 09)

“Really positive environment. The trainer looked on us all as individuals and I had personal feedback and attention”.
Andy (EPS May 09)

“Excellent structure. The course covered everything I needed. Excellent and very well structured course with very constructive feedback”.
Adam, Collingwood Mourton Associates (EPS May 09)

“The trainer was excellent. I learned a great deal and feel more confident”.
James, The Queens Hotel (FPS May 09)

“The trainer was an excellent teacher – dynamic and enthusiastic. Gave useful and relevant comments”.
Ethna, Glenhurst School (FPS May 09)

“Good coverage on techniques and keeping nerves under control”.
Trent, OnResolve Ltd (FPS May 09)

“Good interactivity, positive exercises, small group”.
Andrew (FPS May 09)

“The course was challenging but very useful. I’ve learned a lot.
Margaret, Calor Gas Ltd (EPS May 09)

“I liked the training style”.
David, Goodrich (PVI May 09)

“Very well presented, good practical sessions. Enjoyed the course, very worthwhile”.
Richard (PVI May 09)

“Allowed me to focus on being confident. Good information – enjoyable”.
Ann-Marie, GMEC (PVI May 09)

“The course was very useful, well delivered and the skills gained will be very useful”.
Steve, Bright Financial Services Ltd (FPS May 09)

“Excellent course, very good trainer with great experience”.
Tim (FPS May 09)

“Excellent workshop, very worthwhile class”.
Steven, Ingersoll Rand (FPS May 09)

“Better than I could have expected.
Mr R (FPS May 09)

“Excellent two days, covered a lot of areas, feel more confident now”.
Sarah, Young Enterprise (EPS May 09)

“Very focussed and tailored, lots of skills gained. Very good trainer”.
Mark, ClearPar/ACBS (PPS May 09)








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