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March 2010 – Training Feedback

“Excellent feedback, good exercises, good speed, well communicated. The trainer made everyone feel very comfortable, able to contribute and take something away. Excellent.”
Jane, EMBC (PPS Mar 2010)

“Excellent content and very knowledgeable trainer. Interesting and stimulating. Great opportunity to improve aspects of communications that may seem like common sense but are often overlooked.”
Delegate (PVI Mar 2010)

“Very well paced with genuine interest in a small group by an experienced, confident and highly skilled trainer. Absolutely wonderful workshop, the best one I did.”
Dhirendra (ECS Mar 2010)

“Trainer had great sense of humour. Very engaging. Positive, worth attending.”
Sylvia (SBL Mar 10)

“Enjoyable, eye-opening, helpful – a good starting point.”
Saba, Maine Contract Services Ltd (SBL Mar 10)

“Entertaining, whilst conveying key principles and practical tools for business. Excellent.”
Rolf, Intec UK Ltd (SBL Mar 10)

“Interactivity kept things interesting. Plenty of time for conversation. Nice size of group.”
Zara, Optivet Referrals Ltd (ECS Mar 2010)

“Very interesting and fun day. Great to have a trainer with such energy. Interactive way of addressing a personal topic.”
Lucy, Protean Electric Ltd (ECS Mar 2010)

“Very good.”
Richard, NET (ECS Mar 2010)

“Provides a jump start at body language. Practical application in day-to-day practice. Good, interesting.”
Khurram (SBL Mar 10)

“Training/role playing very relevant to real world situations. Very engaging.”
Richard, KCI Medical (ECS Mar 2010)

“Small group means you can learn so much more. The trainer was very enthusiastic and there was an element of fun about the course too.”
Mark (EIS Mar 2010)

“Very good, enjoyed applying what I learnt and that built confidence. Very relaxed and participative.”
Jason, The Wisley Golf Club (EPS Mar 2010)

“Excellent use of time, positive feedback given. Great impact.”
Denis, iDirect (EPS Mar 2010)

“The interactive nature encouraged honest and open communication amongst everyone which really helped clarify suggestions. A useful chance to review current techniques and focus on improvements”.
Tracey, Fusion Communications (EPS Mar 2010)

“Very good.”
Richard, Net (EPS Mar 2010)

“A very rewarding day, particularly with regards to structuring a presentation. Well run by the trainer who kept my attention throughout. A very useful and relaxed way of improving delivery.”
Richard (FPS Mar 2010)

“Really helped with confidence and how to deliver a presentation. Very good, clear, concise – just excellent.”
Linda (FPS Mar 2010)

“It was really helpful and beneficial. Good.”
Abdiasus (FPS Mar 2010)

“A very useful course with many elements that I can use. Very enjoyable.”
Martyn, Hoppe UK (PVI Mar 2010)

“Good overview provided of key points. Trainer was a good communicator. Thought provoking and engaging.”
Mark (PVI Mar 2010)

“Good course covering quite a lot but giving enough practical exercises to take away and use in everyday situations.”
Elaine, Stevenage Borough Council (PVI Mar 2010)

“Group size just right to make interaction with strangers not too difficult. Also gives trainer enough time to talk to each individual without neglecting others; overall good format and working atmosphere. Ideal first presentation skills course.”
David, Wise Management Services Ltd (PPS Mar 2010)

“Useful tips which are easy to apply. Very interactive workshop. Useful, delivered in a friendly way. Good to exchange opinions and experiences with others.”
Giada, Helsinn Healthcare SA (PPS Mar 2010)

“Excellent trainer, great cohesive structure. Role-playing and exercises were excellent. The workshop to attend if you want to improve your presentation skills.”
Anoop (PPS Mar 2010)

“It is very good for those that have confidence issues to public speaking. Very useful.”
Melanie, AAT (PPS Mar 2010)

“Built my confidence and was enjoyable and interesting. Worthwhile.”
Richard (PPS Mar 2010)

“Small group so it’s easy to identify where you are going wrong. Very individualised. Excellent.”
Ciara (EIS Mar 2010)

“Well organised and friendly. Really interesting and can improve knowledge of skills.”
Dona (EIS Mar 2010)

“Very open, easy going course, and made me feel at ease, able to practise communicating. Lots of excellent tips and hints. Excellent course to go on.”
Katie (ECS Mar 2010)

“Great leveller and useful insights. Trainer had good personal touch. Interesting and much more useful than I’d thought it would be.”
Patrick (ECS Mar 2010)

“Feedback from trainer and other delegates was good. Eye opening on how I can affect others by my actions.”
Stephen (ECS Mar 2010)

“Fantastic workshop style. The trainer was excellent – top marks!”
Andy (PPS Mar 2010)

“Excellent – the trainer kept the energy level up and kept us interested throughout. Very practical, hands on experience and feedback.”
David (PPS Mar 2010)

“The trainer was one of the best I’ve had; he gave me insight into areas of my skills which I’ve never explored before – an amazing course.”
Ian (PPS Mar 2010)

“Gave me confidence, identified my strengths and weaknesses. Very good.”
Rachael  (PPS Mar 2010)

“I really liked the trainer’s approach. Very supportive and relaxed. His approach benefited me in terms of confidence. A relaxed and empowering course – very encouraging with a lot of practical work.”
Frank (PPS Mar 2010)

“I was not expecting it to be so much about personal skills, more process and structure, but was very glad it was this was – much better. Excellent – will recommend it.”
Ann (FPS Mar 2010)

“It has consolidated skills and made me think more about how to get the best from myself. Very helpful.”
Michelle (FPS Mar 2010)

“Whole day was pitched well and was very useful and informative. Fun and helpful.”
Steven (FPS Mar 2010)

“Very relaxed atmosphere which instantly put me at ease. Everything seemed to flow well. Very helpful and not as scary as I had thought.”
Sally (FPS Mar 2010)

“Energising, engaging, practical, team focused, professional, value for money, thought provoking, exceeded my expectation. Dedicated and committed trainer. Outstanding! Excellent – worth the time and money.”
Corrine (EPS Mar 2010)

“Size of group allowed timed for practice and feedback. Practical, fun and friendly.”
Andrew (EPS Mar 2010)

“The focus on me as the presentation changed my whole attitude to presenting! Fantastic opportunity to practice and develop a presentation in a safe, supportive environment.”
Julie (EPS Mar 2010)

“Very interactive. My presentations will be more engaging in future!”
Lynnbritt, SEPT (EPS Mar 2010)

“Excellent, very interactive. Everyone achieved huge amounts.
Anoop (EPS Mar 2010)

“The structure was great with a presentation early to see where we were going wrong.
Sarah, Dawson Walker Communications (EPS Mar 2010)

“Great to speak freely about presentation issues and then address them.”
Scott, intertain UK Ltd (EPS Mar 2010)

“Great to practice presentations, good sized group. Lots of feedback that was really helpful.
Kate, Home Office (EPS Mar 2010)

“Covered all aspects that I can think of. The exercises helped to build skills.”
Ivan (EPS Mar 2010)

“Good pace – wasn’t made to feel silly. Hugely beneficial.”
Val, Haven Power (FPS Mar 2010)

“Very productive – good use of time. Excellent.”
Gemma, Haven Power (FPS Mar 2010)

“The trainer was very friendly and made me feel at ease. Very helpful and informative.”
Lucy-Jo, Decision Technologies Ltd (FPS Mar 2010)

“I felt I have become more confident about making presentations and the exercises really helped me to improve. Very useful – I achieved a lot and gained much from this course.”
Anouska (FPS Mar 2010)

“Well delivered, entertaining, non-intimidating. Confidence building.”
Victoria, Brasher Leisure Ltd (FPS Mar 2010)

“The practical experience was invaluable, really what I needed to just jump in and have a go at presenting.
Lucy, ASD Metal Services (FPS Mar 2010)

“A fantastic way to improve self confidence through practical exercise – felt at ease at all times. Would highly recommend.”
Alex (FPS Mar 2010)

“Really helpful and was given very good constructive criticism. Really helpful.”
Chris, Morson Projects (FPS Mar 2010)

“Excellent day – felt everyone supported each other throughout.”
Lisa, SDD Exhibitions (FPS Mar 2010)








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