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March 2009 – Training Feedback

“Really liked informal style. Feel l really learned something especially how to structure a presentation”.
Sonya, Mezzo Films (FPS Mar 09)

“The trainer was very encouraging – any criticisms were given in a very constructive way and with encouragement.
Elizabeth, University of Leeds (FPS Mar 09)

“Great content, really informative and never felt dictated to. Really enjoyed it.
Lianne, NHS Barnsley (FPS Mar 09)

“Very informative – lots of information and constructive critique. Very positive trainer – inspiring. Very knowledgeable and supportive environment”.
Vikki, NHS Barnsley (FPS Mar 09)

“Really enjoyable worthwhile day. Supportive environment made specific to each individual. Lovely people, really valuable day”.
Amy, NHS Barnsley (FPS Mar 09)

“I found the workshop very informative”.
Mark, Gael Ltd (FPS Mar 09)

“Excellent for building up confidence”.
Tracy, Bovill & Boyd (Engineering) Ltd (FPS Mar 09)

“I liked the informal, non-desk based approach. Was good in terms of personal attention. Enjoyable day”.
Susan, Scottish Power (FPS Mar 09)

“Great personal attention and feedback”.
Christina, Dimensional Fund Advisors (FPS Mar 09)

“Friendly and I like the breathing exercise.
Sanitas (FPS Mar 09)

“Very encouraging atmosphere”
Monika, F Hoffman-La Roche Ltd (EPS Mar 09)

“Interactive, engaging, energetic. The trainer is excellent”.
Michael, International School of Nice (EPS Mar 09)

“Excellent course, relaxed & informative – varied teaching methods. Fantastic – have really enjoyed these 2 days – thank you”.
Helen, Lancer UK Ltd (EPS Mar 09)

“A very enjoyable course. The trainer is fantastic and supportive. Interesting and useful exercises and very helpful practice sessions. Learnt new skills”.
Merryn (EPS Mar 09)

“Excellent structure. Lively sessions and very, very informative. One of the best training sessions I have been on”!
Nathan, Government of Victoria (EPS Mar 09)

“Flexible approach, good trainer, feedback delivered effectively”.
Justin, Telenor Global Services (PVI Mar 09)

“I felt that the trainer assessed my needs well and identified my weakness quickly. Very good”.
Sunil (PVI Mar 09)

“Finding out the problems in my style – appropriate feedback to improve”.
Malaya, NextG-Com Ltd (ECS Mar 09)

“The trainer was very motivating and passionate about the subject. Excellent day”.
Tony, Fidelity Integrated Security Systems Ltd (ECS Mar 09)

“Very good – feel a lot more aware of my style of communication”.
Janet (ECS Mar 09)

“Possibly the most useful course I’ve been on. Liked the various practical ways to improve, followed by constructive feedback”.
Vic, Waingels College (ECS Mar 09)

“Very useful and helpful”.
Alexander (FPS Mar 09)

“Very good – raised subjects I had never thought about before”.
Stephen, Rundall Blanchard Associates (FPS Mar 09)

“Really excellent day, highly interactive and creative. Stimulating and challenging which was just right”.
Andrew (FPS Mar 09)

“It has given me the confidence to present with increased confidence”.
Karen, The Insolvency Service (EPS Mar 09)

“Really enjoyed it – many thanks – very good”!
Gavin, Culture West Midlands (EPS Mar 09)

“Good to desensitise to presentations and get used to standing talking. Can now approach a variety of different settings with confidence”.
Penny, Safer South Gloucestershire (EPS Mar 09)

“I wish I had done this years ago! Totally relevant”.
Dee, Hereford EYES (EPS Mar 09)

“Well structured and relevant to the development needs we quickly identified. The trainer made the course feel a very natural and honest process. Thanks”!
Michelle, Peninsula Business Services (EPS Mar 09)

“Loved the hands on practical approach. The trainer made everyone really comfortable. Great feedback”.
Julie, Prothericsk UK Ltd (EPS Mar 09)

Sharon, Keoghs LLP (EPS Mar 09)

“I will go back to work with enthusiasm for presenting rather than fear! A really enjoyable course”.
Sara, Nimlok Ltd (EPS Mar 09)

“Good interaction between delegates”
John, Learoyd Packaging Ltd (ECS Mar 09)

“Friendly atmosphere, good environment
Patrick, Kings Chamber (ECS Mar 09)

“I believe I will be taking a lot home with me. It has benefitted me and I was able to relate to many of the suggestions. I think it was good because I got a lot of 1-2-1 advice”.
Shah, Qube Learning (ECS Mar 09)

“It helped me to use eye contact”.
Colin, Keller UK (ECS Mar 09)

“Very useful, great tips”.
Denis, ABS Consulting (ECS Mar 09)

“Very helpful and hints were given to use in everyday situations”.
Stephanie, Reprints Plus Ltd (ECS Mar 09)

“Trainer skilled in interview techniques. Presented in an informative manner. Excellent trainer – no hesitation in recommending to others”.
Alan, Home Office (EIS Mar 09)

“Very helpful”.
Jeremy, TSL (EIS Mar 09)

“Very good opportunity to practice solutions”.
Janet (EIS Mar 09)

“Interesting style, the time passed quickly”.
Ian, Customer Service Management Solutions Ltd (EIS Mar 09)

“Good, very relaxed atmosphere. The trainer was very helpful and presented very well”.
Rahat, Home Office (EIS Mar 09)

“Very informative and cheerful experience. Lots of ideas and useful information. Well thought out and delivered. Great workshop and highly interesting”.
Gary (EIS Mar 09)

“The constant training exercises were effectively carried out – the pace was excellent. The trainer’s ability, enthusiasm and morale boosting are top notch”.
Mark, London Borough of Hackney (EPS Mar 09)

“Relaxed, good group, informative”.
Mark, Natural England (EPS Mar 09)

“Relevant – fun/serious balance”.
Mark (EPS Mar 09)

“I really enjoyed the training. All the exercises are useful. I will recommend to my friends”.
Sanitas (EPS Mar 09)

“A great course – I learned a lot. The trainer was excellent – thanks”.
Jeremy TSL (EPS Mar 09)

“Really enjoyed it –hope to improve my ability”.
Janet (EPS Mar 09)

“Good group – value the opportunities to practice and feedback”.
Liz, Oxford Brookes University (EPS Mar 09)

“Best training course I have attended in last 20 years!
James, Coast Digital Ltd (EPS Mar 09)

“Good group interaction focussing on issues for improvement. Good structure and format”.
Gordon, Delos Partnership (EPS Mar 09)

“The trainer was very easy to understand and work with. Her feedback was constructive.
Aminata, Catholic Trust for England & Wales (EPS Mar 09)








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