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June 2010 – Training Feedback

“It was a very supportive environment in which to develop skills and practice presenting. Feedback was very valuable and the structure of the course was great, building up to main presentation with a number of smaller exercises to build confidence. Highly beneficial.”
Melissa, Chevron (FPS June 2010)

“Good structure, each mini session built on the last and I felt there was continuous improvement. Good mixture of praise and constructive criticism. Lots of comments tailored to each individual. Two days of challenging work. Excellent and constructive.”
Abi, Marylebone Cricket Club (EMT June 2010)

“The trainer was excellent, really felt you were getting one to one training. Really good value for money and would recommend. The trainer’s experience was invaluable.”
Jacqueline, Southend Borough Council (EPS June 2010)

“Not too formal which made it more interesting and useful. Informative and interactive.”
Natalie, Trafalgar House Pensions Administration Ltd (FPS June 2010)

“Trainer very thorough, good interaction. Worthwhile and informative.”
Jamie, Planglow Ltd (FPS June 2010)

“Good atmosphere, personal feedback. Very good course, covered all basics.”
Peter, Vinci Plc (FPS June 2010)

“Excellent, very positive approach and feel a lot more confident in attempting a presentation. Very productive.”
Amy, CCT (FPS June 2010)

“Well paced – particularly liked that it was very interactive – didn’t feel like I was being talked at.”
Angela, Brookfield GRS (FPS June 2010)

“Boosted confidence. Very helpful and relaxed.”
Sarah, Expense Reduction Analysts (FPS June 2010)

“Very interactive with a fun element which keeps the training alive. I felt the entire workshop to be very productive. Effective, productive and a definitive feel of development.”
Amber, Marsh Farm Community Development Trust (EMT June 2010)

“Excellent with the right content for my needs. Good course, well presented.”
Alan, The Bay Interactive (EMT June 2010)

“The trainer was thought provoking and very effective. Very much focussed on your personal presentation and communication rather than the presentation itself, exactly what I wanted.”
Paul, Minkels (EPS June 2010)

“A truly excellent trainer and a very friendly group. An excellent way to improve your presentation skills.”
Stuart, Canterbury Christ Church University (EPS June 2010)

“It made many points clear I had never thought about, especially body language and voice. Better than expected.”
Kristian, iDirect (EPS June 2010)

“Really good for building confidence and to think about how I deliver words.
Richard (PVI June 2010)

“The workshop is well structured and builds up skills & techniques gradually.”
Matteo (PVI June 2010)

“The trainer was engaging and provided valuable positive feedback.”
Phil (PVI June 2010)

“Very well structured, clear explanations. The trainer made it very enjoyable. Very well delivered. I noticed a good improvement in my confidence.”
Paul (PVI June 2010)

“The course was interactive without making anyone feel secluded. Everyone made to feel at east and feedback given in a positive manner. Good course to identify areas that need focus.”
Tracey (PVI June 2010)

“Very interactive, good feedback. Very professional, good techniques and effective teaching.”
Mark (FPS June 2010)

“Very good feedback and professionalism. A good example of public speaking. Very useful and well run.”
Julian (FPS June 2010)

“Very engaging and interactive. Trainer was very effective and helpful with feedback. Excellent techniques.
Ben (FPS June 2010)

“The group was varied and we were made to feel very comfortable. Very good course, will recommend. Very relevant.”
Andy, Hazlewoods (ECS June 2010)

“Broke down the communication process into components. Worthwhile, good food for thought.”
David (ECS June 2010)

“Interesting insight into different personality types and communication styles.”
Louise (ECS June 2010)

“Very good, different perspective.”
Umair (ECS June 2010)

“Happy with the face-to-face exercises.”
Paul (EIS June 2010)

“A practical interactive course. A good head-start to getting the job you want.”
Karen, Notting Hill Housing Trust (EIS June 2010)

“It was well structured, focussed on individual skills.”
Judit (EIS June 2010)

“Valuable skills on how to structure answers and how to answer questions. Excellent.”
Amir (EIS June 2010)

“Extremely useful, particularly the practice sessions and feedback.”
Auzma, Foreign & Commonwealth Office (EIS June 2010)

“Gave me an opportunity to look at my performance and gain confidence. More meaningful than expected. The trainer encouraged me to trust in my ability. Very friendly and open. Very personalised.”
Karen (EPS June 2010)

“It was really fun and interesting. Workshop style allowed me to learn from other people. Great learning and fun!”
Sally (EPS June 2010)

“Overall the workshop was very useful. I learned good body language and authoritative presence. The workshop was perfect and transformed people into confident speakers.”
Sitara (EPS June 2010)

“Brilliant trainer – very positive and really helped.”
Matt (EPS June 2010)

“It has helped improve my confidence and believe I can go after my dream job. Very useful.”
John (EIS June 2010)

“Gave me a structure to think about the whole interview process. Excellent.”
Christine (EIS June 2010)

“Very well organised, well structured. Excellent feedback. Very useful.”
James (EIS June 2010)








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