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June 2009 – Training Feedback

“I have learnt so much in terms of coping mechanisms and calming tools. I feel more confident about making presentations. The trainer was formidable, provided great constructive feedback and tailored aspects of the course to everyone who attended”.
Dave, Sage Publications (FPS June 09)

“Fabulous, funny, enjoyable, supportive, effective, entertaining. It really was excellent – well worth the time and money”.
Michelle, The Bridge (FPS June 09)

“Packed with specific tips, ideas and skills to tackle the difficulties we were experiencing. Structure of the day was responsive to our individual and shared needs. The trainer was respectful, compassionate, skilled and funny. He relaxed us and gave us a wide range of skills”.
Marian (FPS June 09)

“I really liked the variety of techniques and will use many of them. Very enjoyable too”.
Jenni, Mediatrack Research (FPS June 09)

“The trainer was able to offer comments on my presentation problems which I found very useful. Very well run course”.
Mike, Masonic Samaritan Fund (FPS June 09)

“Really useful in combating nerves using breathing and pace techniques. Very Good. Really enjoyed myself and learned a lot about myself”. 
Marion, Praxis High Integrity Systems Ltd (FPS June 09)

“The course covered a lot of ground. The trainer was very good at identifying areas to work on, and was holistic and creating in teaching”.
Jennifer (FPS June 09)

“Very informative, good interaction. Very good trainer. I really enjoyed the course”.
Mark, Gael Ltd (EPS June 09)

“Thought it was very worthwhile, felt relaxed, involved and learnt many things all day. The trainer is what made the course, being able to put us at ease – got the most out of me”!
Paul, Gael Ltd (EPS June 09)

“The trainer made everyone feel relaxed and at ease. The course was well structured and it was easy to see progression of the delegates. The trainer made it a wonderful experience. It is the most useful course I have ever attended”.
Jo, Jupiter Play & Leisure Ltd (EPS June 09)

“I really feel that this workshop has made a huge difference to my technique. I feel far more confident and was virtually nerve free by the end! I also liked the informal atmosphere.
Jenny, Jupiter Play & Leisure Ltd (EPS June 09)

“Really helpful to get genuine feedback.
Helen (EPS June 09)

“Made me aware of what I was doing incorrectly and how to correct it”.
Tom (EPS June 09)

“Was informative”.
Robert, Private Rented Housing Panel (EPS June 09)

“Interesting opportunity to develop skills in a non-threatening environment.
Isabel, Private Rented Housing Panel (EPS June 09)

“Very, very beneficial, enjoyable. Has undoubtedly given me much needed confidence. Many thanks to the trainer and all participants for an enjoyable and very good day”.
Judy (FPS June 09)

“The trainer was excellent and made me feel confident about my presenting”.
Kathy, Herefordshire EYES (FPS June 09

“Managed to leave my nerves behind for the first time! Very useful and informative. Felt comfortable and confidence increased as the day went on”.
Louise, Shrewsbury College of Art & Technology (FPS June 09)

“The workshop has greatly improved my abilities. Very grateful for the tuition given”.
Brian, APHC Ltd (FPS June 09)

“I found this course of great benefit to me. I would highly recommend it. It was fun in parts and helped me so much with my confidence. I’m leaving feeling positive – thank you so much”.
Angela, Remploy Ltd (FPS June 09)

“The workshop was excellent. The trainer was informed and put me at ease. The feedback was very positive”.
Sharon, Remploy Ltd (FPS June 09)

“Gained confidence and enjoyed the process. Excellent Trainer”.
Ted, Applied Inspection Ltd (FPS June 09)

“Very good feedback and workshop”.
Cheryl, Dunelm Mill (Soft Furnishings) Limited (FPS June 09)

“Good sound advice and hints. Things I can use for future interviews. Very good run course, good trainer and the size of the class suited it”.
Daniel (EIS June 09)

“More aware of need for positive approach. Enjoyed the course. Very practical. Thank you”.
Matthew, UK Border Agency (EIS June 09)

“Well presented, high personalised and useful”.
Christopher, Halesowen College (PVI June 09)

“Vocal exercises / actual speaking very helpful.
Jane (PVI June 09)

“Very enjoyable and open. Really excellent trainer”.
Mark (PVI June 09)

“Great trainer, very friendly and responsive to our needs. Good content”.
Michael, Betfair (ECS June 09)

“Gave me a lot of thoughts to take with me and put into practice”.
Vivianne, Greenwich Teaching Primary Care Trust (ECS June 09)

“The day was lively and kept my attention”.
Fernando, London Borough of Hackney (ECS June 09)

“The course was very interactive but not intimidating. I had a lot of personal advice as well as group work”.
Helen, PGB (FPS June 09)

“Excellent – helped to dissolve my nerves. Very confidence building. The trainer was fantastic and really helped to develop all our individual needs”.
Bryony, Usborne Books at Home & Schools (FPS June 09)

“The whole day was brilliant – challenging (but not too much) and adapted to individual needs”.
Joe, Eurotherm Ltd (FPS June 09)

“The workshop was excellent, very helpful and catered to everyone’s needs. Really useful. The trainer was excellent.
Renos (FPS June 09)

“Very good and informative. Learnt a lot and will take it away with me”.
Chris, VT Land (ECS June 09)

“I appreciated the comments from practice sessions”.
Roger, LGG Charlesworth Ltd (ECS June 09)

“Good course – enjoyed it. Good trainer.
Ted, Applied Inspection Ltd (ECS June 09)

“Very friendly and open communication within the group. Good focussed feedback from the trainer. Good tips for going forward.
Kieran (ECS June 09)

“Exercises, quite personal. A lot of feedback from the trainer”.
Maria, Henkel AG (EPS June 09)

“Very good insight into useful techniques to enhance presentation skills. I learned a lot”!
Neil, Keystone Distribution UK (EPS June 09)

“It was fun. Nice group and good group size”.
Gerda, European Environment Agency (EPS June 09)

“The small class made it possible to ensure full participation by all. The practical sessions were impactful”.
Akintoye, Intels Nigeria Ltd (EPS June 09)

“Really good supportive group and the trainer made it much less scary than I had expected. Has given me more confidence”.
Annelie (FPS June 09)

“Helped identify strong/weak parts of the individual”.
Liem (FPS June 09)

“The day has been fantastic. I delivered the best presentation I have ever done today which I didn’t think that was possible this morning! Very pleased I booked this course”.
Sophie (FPS June 09)

“Very enjoyable, very well explained, good confidence boost”.
Sara, The CCL Partnership (FPS June 09)









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