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July 2010 – Training Feedback

“Very good grounding in basic skills, has given me confidence to plan more effectively.”
Susan (FPS July 2010)

“Exactly what I was looking for.  The breathing exercises and tips on body language were great, and lots of practice at presenting which is what I wanted.  Great – will highly recommend.”
Shaun (EPS July 2010)

“A good stepping stone in developing skills I need for interviews.  Good techniques and feedback – a very positive day. Would recommend.
Suzanne, NHS Sutton & Merton (EIS July 2010)

“It was very helpful and eye opening.  I went back feeling ready to do a presentation right away.  Anyone serious about presenting needs to attend one of these workshops.”
Catherine (FPS July 2010)

“Great tips and advice.  Trainer was very knowledgeable about interpersonal skills.  Excellent, I feel amazing, confident and alive!”
Laura (FPS July 2010)

“Very good indeed.  I liked the fact that the workshop was very interactive right from the beginning.  The trainer quickly put everyone at ease – she was both teacher and mentor!  Very useful in self development, presentation and speech techniques.”
Joy (FPS July 2010)

“Positive and interactive.”
Alex, Microgen Management Services Ltd (SBL July 2010)

“Well structured, good pace with time for discussion.  Beneficial.”
Graham, Allied Bakeries (SBL July 2010)

“Friendly, understanding and positive.
Dave, Allen & Overy LLP (SBL July 2010)

“Lots of useful feedback with encouragement and advice on room for improvement. Very good.”
Andrew (SBL July 2010)

“It covered all aspects that will help me improve as a communicator.  The practical sessions were brilliant as it really clarified the points.  Excellent day workshop.”
Sara (ECS July 2010)

“Very informative and helps you to understand more about yourself and how to improve your communication further.
Nathan, Huber Technology (ECS July 2010)

“Informality creates a really good, collaborative learning environment.  Great.”
Mark (ECS July 2010)

“Very interactive and pleased with workshop and feedback.  Interesting and engaging.”
Cecilia (ECS July 2010)

“Well structured, plenty of useful tips, concise with good overview.  Very good, would recommend it.”
Ellie (ECS July 2010)

“The course was good, more a workshop than dry theory.”
Laht (ECS July 2010)

“Good number of people in group.  Trainer very clear and encouraging.  Good feedback.  Very interactive, some voice coaching.”
Hilary, CSL Recruitment & Consulting Ltd (FPS July 2010)

“Liked the less is more approach.  Learned how to prepare and deliver, and gave you a framework which was not over detailed.”
Peter, Ceridian (FPS July 2010)

“Positive and encouraging.  Build on the good and try a few new ideas.  Good structure and reference template.  Would recommend.”
Andy, Prolinx Ltd (FPS July 2010)

“Interactive, positive experience.”
Joanne, Bruce Shaw Partnership (FPS July 2010)

“All round positive – picked up key areas of concern. Would recommend for anyone doing their first presentation.”
Karen, London College of Beauty Therapy (FPS July 2010)

“Very well structured.   Perfect number of participants.  Large amount of ground covered.  Very helpful.”
Matt, London College of Beauty Therapy (FPS July 2010)

“Very useful feedback. Very good first stage.”
Terry (FPS July 2010)

“Very useful day which gave me lots of tips and skills to use when presenting. Brilliant course and very good to raise self awareness.”
James, Added Value Solutions Ltd (FPS July 2010)

“Very interesting and useful but funny and interactive too.”
Paul, Clough Smith Rail (FPS July 2010)

“Highly thought provoking.  Video very useful.  Small number attending made it very personalised.  Highly recommend.”
Frances (EIS July 2010)

“Well organised and encouraging.  Useful and effective.”
Thomas (EIS July 2010)

“Very relaxed and unthreatening despite the nerves.  Felt I covered a lot of material that was very useful.  Supportive, participative, effective and fun.”
Edmund, St Edward’s School (EPS July 2010)

“Small numbers gave lots of time to practice and have breaks.  Lots of personal attention.  Everyone made to feel comfortable but stretched as well.”
Nora, Surrey Police (EPS July 2010)

“Practical session with direct feedback during presentation that was very helpful.”
Paul, JTi (EPS July 2010)

“Excellent trainer put group at ease and provided valuable and relevant feedback.  Helpful, comfortable worthwhile session.”
Chris, Rockingham Motor Speedway (PVI July 2010)

“The content was great.  Some seemingly simple exercises and concepts that had real impact on my development.  A whistle stop tour through powerful techniques that enhance your personal impact.”
Liz, Groupama Insurance (PVI July 2010)

“Very useful and made me more aware of areas for development.  Useful and confidence building.”
Tracey (PVI July 2010)

“It was very practical and all the techniques discussed were tried by everyone.  Very informative and useful.”
Katherine, Suffolk Coastal District Council (PVI July 2010)

“Improved confidence of all delegates.  Useful confidence boosting and practical ways forward.  Mutually supportive environment.  Enjoyable.”
Margaret (PVI July 2010)

“Helped everyone with their individual issues allowing them to get the best out of the workshop.  Useful.”
Kate, Action Duchenne (FPS July 2010)

“Effective exercises and recommendations.  Very friendly atmosphere, good trainer, great learning experience and team.”
Lisa (FPS July 2010)

“Good starting point getting to the basics.  Good way of structuring presentations.  Would recommend.”
Bhavesh (FPS July 2010)

“Trainer was excellent and put everyone at ease.  Quite tiring but enjoyable and very informative.”
Sharon (EPS July 2010)

“Very non-threatening, informal environment and the wide range of delegates added to it.  Taken away an action plan and really liked the style of the trainer and appreciated his honesty.  Excellent with lots of useful information.”
Helen (EPS July 2010)

“Excellent, practical, inspirational.  A very rich, vivid and powerful training course that delivered well above my expectations.  The trainer was excellent and his techniques had an incredible impact on my learning style – the best two days I’ve spent in a while! Brilliant – well worth the time and money.”
Pamela (EPS July 2010)

“Although hard work it made us confront our shortcomings and improve our presentation.  Very worthwhile.”
Peter (EPS July 2010)

“The trainer understood individual needs and had a very broad knowledge base.  Very proficient and understanding.”
Hong (EPS July 2010)

“Picked up very useful tools and helped me with confidence.  The fun element helped me to relax.  Would highly recommend to anyone.”
Angela (EPS July 2010)

“Good workshop covering the basic needs of all the delegates.  Participants’ engagement and trainer feedback was good.
Mahmood (ECS July 2010)

“It was very good and opened my eyes on several things that will help me communicate better.  Very beneficial.”
Max (ECS July 2010)

“The trainer was very good, experienced.  Good course.”
Naoko (ECS July 2010)

“Knowledgeable trainer and interesting subject matter.  Friendly atmosphere.  Helpful and interesting.”
Mark (ECS July 2010)

“Workshop was very good and helped me to see how other people perceive me and identify new skills for better communication.  Improved confidence.”
Laura (ECS July 2010)

“Very good tips on delivery, voice, nervousness, structure of presentation etc.  Fantastic – met all of my objectives.”
Omar (FPS July 2010)

“It was done at a really good pace, very relaxed and I really enjoyed the whole course.  Also lost some of my bad habits.  Fantastic and easy to understand.”
Joanne (FPS July 2010)

“Trainer was excellent, hugely knowledgeable and made the course fun.  Challenging but worthwhile.”
Tim (FPS July 2010)

“Excellent – trainer was sensitive and aware of individual needs even though taught in a group.”
Joy (EPS July 2010)

“The trainer was very informative and thorough, but made us feel very at ease throughout the day.  Very encouraging, engaging and taught in a relaxed and enjoyable style.”
David (EPS July 2010)

“The workshop was excellent and I have learnt so many new things to put into practice to make my presentations effective.  Absolutely brilliant!  Would recommend it to anyone.”
Jacqui (EPS July 2010)

“The best workshop I’ve attended.  Fantastic, informative, exactly what you need to improve your presentation skills!”
Lina (EPS July 2010)

“It was hugely helpful for me and I picked up useful techniques in all areas of presenting.  A valuable opportunity, well worth doing.”
John (EPS July 2010)

“The trainer was very positive, great with 1-2-1 feedback and understood all our needs.”
Eamon (EPS July 2010)

“Well structured with plenty of dynamic practical sessions.  Very friendly and informative.”
Derrick, Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd (EPS July 2010)

“Even though in a group, still plenty of personal advice.  Variety of exercises kept things fresh, content excellent and presented in a way you could use yourself.”
Paul, Charles Schwab (EPS July 2010)

“Great to have to present throughout the course – took me out of my comfort zone.  The trainer really helped with encouragement and positivity.  Well structured and varied – he really knows his stuff!  An interactive but non-threatening way of getting individuals to improve their skills.”
Sarah, St Wilfred’s Hospice (EPS July 2010)

“The trainer was excellent.  Paced well, challenged people the right amount without forcing them to be uncomfortable.  Good with lots of practical elements.”
Stephen, Picker Institute Europe (EPS July 2010)

“Increased my awareness of where I was going wrong – useful feedback.  Interactive, fun and informative.”
Amy, Picker Institute Europe (EPS July 2010)

“Good trainer, lots of variation in exercises, fun.  Great at turning theory into practice.  Really good, effective and fun.”
Lisa, Picker Institute Europe (EPS July 2010)

“Good practicals.  Energetic and informative.”
Stephen (EPS July 2010)

“Given a structure to work with that is really helpful and allows you to cope with changes.  Good structure that allowed a gradual progression to a finished product.  The structure and exercises for nerves are very helpful.”
Rob (FPS July 2010)

“I found the coping with nerves techniques very useful and felt very comfortable and at ease with the group.  Very informative, friendly group that allows you to overcome fears in a safe environment.”
Anneka (FPS July 2010)

“I really enjoyed the day and was immediately at ease on arrival.  Really useful.”
Charlotte (FPS July 2010)

“Excellent day which surprised me given my nervousness.  Very useful and feel my confidence has grown in such a short space of time.  Well worth it!  Excellent, informal, relaxed.”
Helen (FPS July 2010)

“Provided me with useful tools to create confidence and really demonstrated how to structure a presentation to keep an audience engaged.”
Kate (FPS July 2010)








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