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July 2009 – Training Feedback

“Helped me recognise who and where I am and what/who I am dealing with. The course helped me with face to face delivery.”
Michele, The Harefield Academy (ECS July 09)

“Allowed rethinking of standard and personal traits.”
John, Benefit Cosmetics (ECS July 09)

“Very useful to understand people in general.”
Sylvie (ECS July 09)

“Practical exercises and personalised feedback. Very, very useful.”
James, Cinema Exhibitors’ Association Ltd (FPS July 09)

“It was interactive, dynamic and engaging. It has given me motivation to practice.”
Andrew, Camden PCT NHS (FPS July 09)

“Very well organised.”
Neil, Oakwood Park Grammar School (FPS July 09)

“Very dynamic.”
Sylvie (FPS July 09)

“Great for confidence and trying to get the right mindset.”
Martyn (FPS July 09)

“It was very inspiring and an excellent presenter. A colleague recommended the course and I have not been disappointed.”
Linda, Insolvency Service (EPS July 09)

“Very interactive, good size class, enough time for practice and feedback.”
Maggie, (EPS July 09)

“I found the trainers enthusiasm spread to the group and his feedback was very productive. Found it very useful.”
Sophie, Prupim (FPS July 09)

“Very very engaging, brilliant all round.”
Omolara, University of East London (FPS July 09)

“A great and friendly positive way to start learning about presenting.
Gavin, Deuterium (FPS July 09)

“Very helpful with practical points to work on.”
Ian (FPS July 09)

“The workshop was very well structured and organised. Could not have asked for a better trainer – thank you!”
Helen, Newham Sixth Form College (FPS July 09)

“It was brilliant and exactly what I wanted.”
Stefan (FPS July 09)

“Interactive with time to focus on my individual needs. The trainer was very good at putting us all at ease.”
Edward, Dicota UK Ltd (PVI July 09)

“Very interactive, good group size which enabled more focussed discussions.
Heather (PVI July 09)

“Practical and relevant. Very interesting, interactive, creative and fun day.”
Muhammad (PVI July 09)

“The atmosphere was really relaxed and friendly which made me learn easily. The trainer was friendly and encouraging and gave us genuine feedback.”
Simangele (PVI July 09)

“Very practical, relevant and inspiring.”
Arne (PPS July 09)

“I felt supported and encouraged to experiment. The trainer was engaging and kept up the energy and quality throughout. I liked the tips and the effectiveness of the exercises.”
Simon (PPS July 09)

“The instructor approach was motivational. Real focus on engaging the audience. Providing positive feedback – challenging. Not over complex – focussed on important principles.”
Owen (PPS July 09)

“Well structured and very informative. Plenty of issues to take forward.”
Julian, Port of London Authority (EIS July 09)

“All aspects of the course made very clear, and well explained. The trainer was brilliant – it was very positive. Thank you.”
Nonyo (EIS July 09)

“Very informative and practical – something I can use straight away.”
Michael (EIS July 09)

“Very good – I feel more prepared for interviews. The trainer was excellent and kept my interest throughout the day.”
Susanne (EIS July 09)

“A very well structured workshop. Good flow of learning from learn to practice.”
Jay, Freundenberg Nonwovens (FPS July 09)

“I thought the workshop was excellent. I felt comfortable. The trainer was excellent – friendly, helpful and keen to pass on her knowledge and experience.”
Leanne, Royal College of Psychiatrists (FPS July 09)

“Very useful, well structured. Focussed on key aspects of presenting.”
Nageswaran (FPS July 09)

“Encouraging comments gave me confidence. Friend atmosphere.”
Margaret, The Salvation Army (FPS July 09)

“Well structured and well delivered. Lots to take forward.”
Lynn, Crimestoppers Scotland (FPS July 09)

“Excellent – would recommend this to others.
Ian, London Bridge Associates Ltd (FPS July 09)

“This was an excellent workshop. The group were supportive and the trainer gave excellent feedback and advice.”
Barbara (FPS July 09)

“Very good structure. Tips and pointers very useful.”
Richard, Fleet Operations (FPS July 09)

“Very practical course.”
Vicki, GMEC (ECS July 09)

“Found the vocal exercise great. The group was small enough to engage all and create dialogue and debate.”
David (ECS July 09)

“Found the body language tips very useful. Interesting course.”
Nick (ECS July 09)

“Well organised, good subject matter. Excellent trainer who had lots of discussion, delivery and analysis skills.”
Neal, Phadia Ltd (EPS July 09)

“Excellent – very good trainer. Very impressed.”
Trevor, Stratford upon Avon District Council (EPS July 09)

“Fantastic! Broad spectrum of skills addressed. Voice exercises particularly useful for me. Lovely fluid style with opportunity for discussion and sharing ideas. Brilliant!”
Julie (EPS July 09)

“The best instructor I could imagine. The course exceeded expectations. Good atmosphere in group.”
Halldor (EPS July 09)








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