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January 2010 – Training Feedback

 “Informative, interactive and fun – the right balance for objectives.  Very good.”
Sarah, West Midlands Pension Fund (FPS Jan 2010)

“Exactly what I needed. Best course I have been on in my career and can’t recommend it highly enough. Brilliant!”
Maria, General Optical Council (EPS Jan 2010)

“Very well run – felt good to be a part of it.  Fantastic opportunity to gain necessary skills in a friendly environment.”
Derrick (FPS Jan 2010)

“Brought about greater confidence in my skills with a good mix of theory and practical.”
Richard, globalCOAL (EPS Jan 2010)

“You don’t realise how important this course is until you actually attend – very good.”
Rajdeep, ESN (ECS Jan 2010)

“Very good exercises and the feedback was specific and clear.  The trainer was energetic, interactive, very warm and approachable.”
Karen (ECS Jan 2010)

“It was very friendly – would recommend. It was a very useful workshop.”
Hassan, Rotana (FPS Jan 2010)

“Trainer is excellent and made me feel more confident in the way I present and in the use of body language.”
Dina, Siemens SAE  (ECS Jan 2010)

“Very comprehensive and interactive.”
Prashanth (ECS Jan 2010)

“Constructive, informal, relaxed.  A sound confidence booster.”
Rick, Amer Sports (EPS Jan 2010)

“Good amount of practice throughout the day.  Feedback was very confidence building.  Trainer was always positive yet highlighted areas that needed work.”
Jamie (FPS Jan 2010)

“Very good, really enjoyed the day.  Relaxed, with good learning points to be taken away.”
Nigel (FPS Jan 2010)

“If you think you are talking too slow and too loud you are actually doing it right!  Gained structure and things to practice.”
Steven (FPS Jan 2010)

“We were able to develop and practice techniques in a safe, constructive environment.  I gained confidence and tips for presentation structure – the knowledge that everyone can deliver a productive presentation.”
Jane (FPS Jan 2010)

“I gained confidence and advice on breathing and slowing down.”
Michael (FPS Jan 2010)

“Very useful course, makes you realise that giving a presentation is not such a big deal.  I got a lot of confidence and now I don’t mind giving a presentation.”
Christopher (FPS Jan 2010)

“Excellent, really good having someone with acting experience teaching you.  Learned how to structure a presentation correctly.”
Henry (EPS Jan 2010)

“Learned breathing techniques, presentation practice and got good feedback.”
Cheryl (EPS Jan 2010)

“Very engaging and has provided a lot of food for thought.  The trainer was excellent and the course exceeded my expectations.”
Patrick, Crossbeam Systems (EPS Jan 2010)

“The trainer was excellent.  The course was very good, constructive, positive and well worth it.”
Nicholas, School of Mathematics (EPS Jan 2010)

“Very effective, very empowering with key messages that will really make the difference in future presentations.  Excellent trainer.”
Caterina, Quantum Storage GmbH (EPS Jan 2010)

“Excellent content, well presented.”
Iain, Forestry Commission (EPS Jan 2010)








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