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February 2009 – Training Feedback

“Very well presented, professionally delivered course”.
Kenny, Kington Process Ltd (FPS Feb 09)

“Exciting workshop. It was informal, very informative and improved my confidence”.
Claire, Mid Essex PCT (EPS Feb 09)

“Had fun, enjoyed practice, picked up useful techniques”.
DM (EPS Feb 09)

“Inspiring, fun, interesting, useful, confidence building, practical skills that I should be able to put into practice. Feel that having the training has made me feel more confident”.
Malin, Energy Industries Council (EPS Feb 09)

“Very effective course – well worth being out of the office”.
Vicky (EPS Feb 09)

“Relaxed, open, professional tutoring”.
Scott, SGL Carbon Filters Ltd (ECS Feb 09)

“Fun, not boring, practical, made to feel comfortable”.
Claire, ALVO (ECS Feb 09)

“Gave me lots of exercises which I’m sure will develop communication skills”.
Colin, Hannah’s (ECS Feb 09)

“Trainer very involved and kept delegates involved”.
Jane, Morrison Bowmore Distillers (ECS Feb 09)

“Extremely supportive, great feedback from Trainer and other attendees. Using video very effective tool. Enjoyed it immensely”.
Sheryle, North Lincolnshire Council (EPS Feb 09)

“Brilliant – a real valuable life skill”.
Brian (EPS Feb 09)

“Full of energy, had two great days and feel ready to present to anybody. A brilliantly delivered course and the trainer made this a brilliant course, most enjoyable two days”.
Christopher, DePuy UK (EPS Feb 09)

“Well structured course, good mixture of theory and practice, good Trainer”.
Heather, Care Commission (EPS Feb 09)

“Very good. Nice supportive group and good trainer. Enjoyed the workshop and good to have the brochure to take away”.
Sue, The National Autistic Society (FPS Feb 09)

“Learning practical techniques, breathing and posture, mental preparation – all really helpful”.
Becky, Jockey Club Racecourses (FPS Feb 09)

“The trainer immediately put me at ease. She challenged me enough I felt I made real improvements. I feel quite positive about employing the techniques I’ve learnt”.
Katie, Football Foundation (FPS Feb 09)

“Good mix of theory & practice and group feedback”.
Emma, Cubiks (FPS Feb 09)

“Great workshop, feel much more confident – thank you – really helped”.
Rachel, Addaction (FPS Feb 09)

“Trainer was brilliant and made me relax which gave me confidence and strength. The trainer made me feel positive – 10/10”.
Kuldip (FPS Feb 09)

“Very friendly, good food!
Justin, Arup (ECS Feb 09)

“I liked the small group size and unhurried pace. The trainer was a good listener and quickly identified areas I would like to address and gave helpful pointers”.
Judy (ECS Feb 09)

“The course was interactive and the trainer was very focussed on each and every person within the group”.
Andrew, A & A Business Supplies (ECS Feb 09)

“Well delivered and well explained. Good practical exercises”.
Barry, BJCR Consulting Ltd (ECS Feb 09)

“The trainer gave good examples to bring some key points to life”.
Arti (ECS Feb 09)

“Very informative, practical and useful. The workshop has made me more confident”.
AD (ECS Feb 09)

“Well structured and delivered. Well presented”.
Filip, The Seafood Restaurant (EIS Feb 09)

“Lots of examples”
Ljiljana, BBC (EIS Feb 09)

Vivienne, BBC (EIS Feb 09)

“The trainer was very good. Role play”.
Anita, CILIP (EIS Feb 09)

“Gave me a lot of confidence. Constructive criticism. Enjoyable”.
Alex (EIS Feb 09)

“Good division of theory and practice. The day was pleasant and fun. The trainer was very skilled and knowledgeable”.
Rotem (PVI Feb 09)

“The techniques are useful. The day was interesting, very well presented and good fun”.
Clare, DWP (PVI Feb 09)

“Very easy to follow and understand. Kept me interested throughout. Good personal help with very useful tips – excellent”.
Kerrie, ERSI UK, (PVI Feb 09)

“Excellent, I learnt a lot”.
Emily, ERSI UK (PVI Feb 09)

“Very thorough, practical exercises, very effective and lots of fun!”
Amy (PVI Feb 09)

“Very useful exercises and tips”
Johanna (PVI Feb 09)

“The workshop has helped me feel more confident standing up and talking to people. Very productive – enjoyed the practical aspects”.
Matthew, Morrison Construction (ECS Feb 09)

“Very informative, simple strategies – worked well with numbers”.
Ralph, Strachan & Windram Ltd (ECS Feb 09)

“Very proactive advice”.
Babu (ECS Feb 09)

“Very helpful – breaking the art of presentation down to component parts”
Amy (FPS Feb 09)

“Very useful and instructing”.
Nick, Lloyd’s Register (FPS Feb 09)

“Fantastic, really beneficial – the trainer was great”.
Jackie, Inside Job Ltd (FPS Feb 09)

“Great workshop. Methods used were extremely helpful – I have gained a lot from today”.
Samantha, Inside Job Ltd (FPS Feb 09)

“I learnt a lot about myself and some skills I will use in future presentations”
Pam, Lewisham Homes (FPS Feb 09)

“Really enjoyable, learned a lot. I’m sure it will help future presentations”.
Michael, Office of Government Commerce (FPS Feb 09)

“The trainer has made me feel more confident. It exceeded all my expectations. I enjoyed the course and hope to be more confident in future”.
Dawn, Business Link in London (FPS Feb 09)

“Great involvement and made as relaxing and calm as possible”
Adam (FPS Feb 09)

“It highlighted areas of weakness and provided methods for developing and addressing these”.
Kevin, Student Loans Company (PPS Feb 09)

“The trainer is very detailed in her knowledge and she relayed that amazingly”.
Tracy, Student Loans Company (PPS Feb 09)

“Fantastic, very useful and practical. Trainer approachable”.
Charlotte, Eurostar Group Ltd (EPS Feb 09)

“Constant useful and honest feedback. Theory also covered other aspects of personal development”.
Rotem (EPS Feb 09)

“Use of practice, voice and exercises – not using PowerPoint all the time”.
Owen (EPS Feb 09)

“Opened my mind, showed some steps to make improvement, very good on delivery”
Sara, Veterinary Laboratories Agency (EPS Feb 09)

“By the end I really felt confident and keen to stand up and present in front of everyone – far less self conscious and more empowered”.
Sandra, Department for Transport (EPS Feb 09)

“Very good and covered all aspects – even ones you would not normally think would be relevant”.
Paul, Energy Industries Council (EPS Feb 09)

“Excellent – I improved! Very useful, good pace and appropriate numbers”.
Neil, Yorkhill Children’s Hospital (EPS Feb 09)








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