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December 2009 – Training Feedback

“Great workshop – learned a lot from it.  Very helpful – especially the trainer.”
Khaled (FPS Dec 09)

“Built up my confidence all through the day.  I actually enjoyed the final speeches that I did.  Great quick fire techniques for the first three hours.”
Neil (FPS Dec 09)

“Excellent.  Great encouragement, motivation and understanding of individual issues.”
Elisabeth, London Borough of Tower Hamlets (EPS Dec 09)

“Very well run and organised.  Very friendly trainer who got the best out of us all.  Highly recommended!”
Joseph (ECS Dec 09)

“The trainer was really good at engaging the group and keeping energy levels high.”
Daniel, Francis Group Ltd  (ECS Dec 09)

“Good points were communications master, energy levels.”
Mike, Petrofac Energy Developments Ltd  (ECS Dec 09)

“Very good, enjoyed all the course.  The trainer explained in a clear voice and was approachable.”
Susan, Strictly Tables and Chairs Ltd  (ECS Dec 09)

“Well structured and real situations used.  Very constructive comments from the trainer and she concentrated on each individual and their aims for the workshop.  I am more aware of my body language and how it contributes to my image.  I will use the character analysis to understand other people and interact with them in a more effective and productive manner”.
Jenny (ECS Dec 09)

“The trainer was great and made people at ease, had a great sense of humour and I thoroughly enjoyed the day.”
Kirsi, i to i Research Ltd  (ECS Dec 09)

“I thought the service was excellent and picked up some useful tips”
James, Instant Offices   (FPS Dec 09)

“Thoroughly engaging presentation by an expert who clearly knows his stuff!  All excellent.  Really engaging and worth while opportunity to further develop skills in delivering a competent presentation.”
Martin, The Folkestone Academy (FPS Dec 09)

“Very useful and effective.  Well presented materials, practice sessions were very useful.”
Arwa (EIS Dec 09)

“Really useful for me, especially the STAR technique.”
Xingdong, Unversity of Kent (EIS Dec 09)

“Good – would recommend to colleagues.  Helped me feel more confident in myself.”
Pam, North East London NHS Foundation Trust  (FPS Dec 09)

“Well structured, good technique.  Good practice sessions with excellent feedback.”
Ashwin (EIS Dec 09)

“Challenging but worth it.  It was run in a very friendly manner.”
Eleanor (EIS Dec 09)

“Very good at highlighting key areas and coming up with effective solutions.  Good if you have been out of the job market/interview scene for a while and need to brush up on skills.”
Claudia, Amicus Horizon (EIS Dec 09)

“Very useful.  It helped me deal with nerves by role play and understanding that preparation is key to dealing with anxiety.”
Androulla, Notting Hill Housing Trust (EIS Dec 09)

“Excellent – learned a lot.  Good atmosphere.  Look forward to presenting with my new skills.”
David (EPS Dec 09)

“Very practical guide which can be put into practice immediately.”
Charles (EPS Dec 09)

“Great training couse and very good trainer”.
Ruben (PVI Dec 09)

“Problem areas were identified and then addressed with constructive feedback and how to resolve them.
Karen (PVI Dec 09)

“It was very useful to learn the techniques and what to improve.  Was great – thank you!”
Kitti, IDC UK Ltd (PVI Dec 09)

“A lot of useful tools for preparation to present.  Very useful course.”
Kishwar (FPS Dec 09)

“I feel I gained confidence and can control my nerves better now.  Was an excellent day.”
Sarah (FPS Dec 09)

“Fantastic facilitator who was honest about feedback.”
Zoe, Alcester High School (FPS Dec 09)

“Great trainer, very simple tips and some great feedback.  Great workshop to get self aware at teh very basic level of presentation.”
Kshitij, Diageo Plc (EPS Dec 09)

“Well structured and adaptive.  Good pace, clear, effective.”
Shivakanth, TTI (EPS Dec 09)

“The trainer was very charismatic and immediately put you at ease.  It was engaging and I learned a lot and felt more confident about my presentation skills.  The day went very quickly and I liked the small numbers in the class.  Worthwhile and well run”
Geraldine (EPS Dec 09)

“Fun, informative, excellent trainer with a great personality.  Worth attending.”
Mark (EPS Dec 09)

“Excellent trainer who is really passionate about his job and really motivating for everyone to improve themselves.  Absolutely spot on – excellent course to attend.”
Moses, Positive East (EPS Dec 09)

“Very good mix of individual / group practices.  Very good, really feel the difference and benefits of the course.”
Aude, Essilor Ltd (PPS Dec 09)

“Right learning in the right order.  Allowed me to focus on speaking weaknesses. A good way to get bad habits out of you.”
Steve, Speed Communications (PPS Dec 09)

“Exposed my weak points clearly.  Good spend of time.”
Manoj, J P Morgan (PPS Dec 09)

“Learnt an awful lot across all elements of my style and how to improve it.”
Keith, Actavis UK (PPS Dec 09)

“Good pace.  Warmed to presenter quickly. Very good.”
James, Arbor Networks (PPS Dec 09)

“Highly interactive, practical, good participation by all the group, good teacher – kept attention of all participants.  Very informative, good use of practical rehearsals.  Good feedback and learnt new ways to gear up for a presentation.”
Jo (PPS Dec 09)








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