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August 2010 – Training Feedback

“Very involved, good, with practical feedback.  Looks at everyday issues from a new perspective.”
Luke, SIP Ltd (ECS August 2010)

“I found the day extremely useful, especially the voice exercises.  Excellent Day.  Fun, useful, energetic, informative.”
Bindi, Southwark PCT NHS (ECS August 2010)

“Trainer was enthusiastic.  Really enjoyed the two days but found them challenging.  Good balance of structure and delivery focus. 
Zoe, Cabinet Office (EPS August 2010)

“Very good, now have a better understanding of how to present and feel more confident about it.”
Peter, Active Business Partnerships (EPS August 2010)

“It was challenging at times which made it interesting.  Very informative.”
Samantha, Littleton Chambers (EPS August 2010)

“Excellent trainer, very knowledgeable.  Very practical.”
Hannah, London Bridge Hospital (EPS August 2010)

“I really enjoyed the course and feel I have acquired a lot of skills and techniques.  Excellent.”
Sunil, London Borough of Newham (EPS August 2010)

“Body language & voice techniques very interesting and useful.  Very useful if you lack confidence or struggle with nerves.”
Zoe, Lato Networks (FPS August 2010)

“Very stimulating and motivating trainer.  Beneficial exercises and ways to build techniques and confidence.  Excellent.”
Melanie (FPS August 2010)

“The trainer was very good at putting us at ease.  There was a good balance between group and individual work.  A good forum for understanding and practising some very valuable vocal techniques.”
Janet, Keystone Distribution (PVI August 2010)

“Good mix of theory and practice.  Well structured and gave me a very clear and achievable output.”
Nick, Speed (PVI August 2010)

“Group feedback worked well.  The Trainer pushed you out of your comfort zone.  useful, identified weaknesses well.  Insightful.”
Ruth, Speed (PVI August 2010)

“Good feedback from the trainer and other participants.  Good voice exercises.”
Gerry, Speed (PVI August 2010)

“Learnt a lot and made good progress.  Supportive group and environment.  Quite challenging. Interesting and effective.”
Matt, Financial Express Ltd (PVI August 2010)

“Practice sessions, including video work were very useful in enabling me to identify areas for improvement.  Excellent, wide-ranging and thorough workshop.”
John, (EIS August 2010)

“Made me think about style and voice.  Very useful.”
Andrew (EIS August 2010)

“Good pace, addressed all participants well.”
Carl, (EIS August 2010)

“I was able to face some of my fears and now feel more confident.  Very worthwhile.  Would recommend.”
Paul (EIS August 2010)

“Nice relaxed and unpressured day.  Good to understand the value of breathing.  Valuable.”
Haydn, (FPS August 2010)

“Very relaxed, trainer had fantastic knowledge and was a good listener. Fantastic.”
Alan, Premium Credit Card (PPS August 2010)

“Very practical and the video is very useful.  Very accessible.”
Catherine, The Open University (PPS August 2010)

“I actually learnt something that would benefit me moving forward.  Well balanced.  Very positive and professional.”
Kim, Redrow Homes (PPS August 2010)

“Completely new way of looking at presentations.  Would recommend.”
Nigel, Salvation Army Housing Association (PPS August 2010)

“Very good, informality makes it easy to learn and participate openly.  Fabulous.”
Mark (PPS August 2010)

“Highlighted strong and weak areas in all participants enabling us to work on specific areas.  Excellent, fun and inspiring – would recommend.”
Karen (FPS August 2010)

“Fun learning.”
Lee (FPS August 2010)

“Very encouraging and relaxed”.
AM (FPS August 2010)

“Broke down barriers and engaged with other delegates.  Video feedback. Inspiring and interesting.”
Cynthia (EPS August 2010)

“Good, what I hoped for.  Confidence building.”
Dayne (EPS August 2010)

“Very well managed in terms of range and usefulness of tasks.  Practical, informative and relevant.
James (EPS August 2010)

“Varied, relevant with video feedback.  I can’t believe how much I learnt from the past two days.  Also learnt a lot from the other delegates.  Small group meant more time for practice and individual feedback.  Excellent for identifying strengths and weaknesses and lots of practical advice.”
Marion (EPS August 2010)








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