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August 2009 – Training Feedback

“There was a lot of interaction. The trainer gave very positive feedback. A good workshop – excellent course.”
Aziz, Greenhouse (ECS Aug 09)

“Informal, relaxed atmosphere, group work good. Trainer excellent.”
Janice, Highlands and Islands Enterprise (EPS Aug 09)

“Enjoyed the whole process. Very informative – very useful.”
Marcus, Lewis Silkin LLP (EPS Aug 09)

“Very good overview of range of communications. Analysis of presentation very useful and provided lots of things to think about.”
Arthur, Strachan & Windram Ltd (ECS Aug 09)

“Very interactive and rapport was built quite easily. It was exciting and confidence boosting.”
Simangele (ECS Aug 09)

“It was very nice and laid back. I really felt comfortable speaking and learning.”
Caroline (ECS Aug 09)

“Nice opportunity to meet with people – encouraged to think outside the box. Will attend another course.”
Ali (ECS Aug 09)

“The trainer was really interested in trying to help me improve my presentation skills. Excellent course.”
Katrina, Plymouth City Council (FPS Aug 09)

“Well structured, good mix of practice sessions and teaching.”
Keith, Armajaro Trading (FPS Aug 09)

“Exceeded expectations – the exercises build confidence through the day. Individual focus sections were very educational.”
Helen, Chiene & Tait (FPS Aug 09)

“Enjoyable and not boring.”
Richard, FTI Consulting (FPS Aug 09)

“Has helped confidence and achieved what I came for.”
Damian, FTI Consulting (FPS Aug 09)

“Very refreshing trainer, approaches the subject in a different way and showed me areas to concentrate on.”
Amanda, GlaxoSmithKline (PVI Aug 09)

“Really positive, welcoming approach by the trainer. Very thought provoking and techniques to use in the real world.”
Matthew, University of the West of England (PVI Aug 09)

“I liked it’s very practical and the amount of personal feedback is great.”
Julie, Mewburn Ellis LLP (PVI Aug 09)

“Relaxed environment to overcome any nerves.”
Fiona, Lloyds TSB (FPS Aug 09)

“The trainer instils confidence and provides constructive feedback.”
Wendy, Which (FPS Aug 09)

“The instructor was very confident and self-assured in helping to deliver advice – it helped a lot. The trainer was excellent and inspired confidence.”
Rodney (FPS Aug 09)

“A good selection of activities, good speed and information”
Paul, Microtalk UK Ltd (FPS Aug 09)

“Very interactive group with lots actual presenting and time to discuss.”
Andy, Orion Pharma ( UK) Ltd (PPS Aug 09)

“It was very interactive so actually had the effect of diagnosing bad habits. More than expected.”
Rachel, Orion Pharma ( UK) Ltd (PPS Aug 09)

“Good level of tone, right mix of informal/formal. Relaxed, friendly atmosphere.”
Raymond, Ramesys (PPS Aug 09)

“Very competent trainer, very friendly, very useful feedback given.”
Nicholas, NMC Services Ltd (FPS Aug 09)

“Excellent group who fed off the trainer’s enthusiastic approach. The environment was very positive and the trainer was very adept at explaining all aspects of the day. The trainer was excellent.”
Greg, Napp Pharmaceuticals Ltd (FPS Aug 09)

“The trainer was excellent, both knowledgeable and professional. Overall – excellent.”
Simon, Inmarkets Ltd (FPS Aug 09)

“Very efficient, learnt a lot in a very short time.”
Michael, Pan Asia Alpha Strategies (FPS Aug 09)

“Very effective. Helped me structure my presentation and build confidence.”
Majid (EPS Aug 09)

“Great! Supportive environment. You could see the difference in other people.”
Emma, Moy Park Ltd (EPS Aug 09)

“The workshop was very active and had a good flow. Arrived with nerves but made to feel very comfortable.”
Beth, Covent Garden Market Authority (EPS Aug 09)

“Excellent insight into how to prepare and execute a good presentation.”
John, BSI Group (EPS Aug 09)








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