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April 2010 – Training Feedback

“Great hints/tips regarding breathing and exercises.  A very helpful, fun, pro-active workshop.”
Chris (FPS Apr 2010)

“Small workshop makes it easier to gain constructive feedback.  Fantastic!”
Reena, Legal Services Commission (FPS Apr 2010)

“I thought it was excellent.  A great course for somebody to gain confidence in presenting.”
Jacqueline (FPS Apr 2010)

“It was a good platform to be able to practice and receive constructive feedback.”
Chris, Christopher Nevill (FPS Apr 2010)

“Found this challenging, but well constructed.  Made me think about me, the image we trying to purvey and getting the right messages out.    Very interactive but the outcome was worth it.”
Diane, Royal Wolverhampton NHS (EPS Apr 2010)

“Excellent course, content and delivery.  Will recommend to my organisation.”
Danny, Leicestershire County Council (EPS Apr 2010)

“As a newcomer to the industry the session was broken down to my abilities in a way I learned so much more than I expected.  The trainer was fantastic at his job and his whole attitude and the way he delivers himself.  I’m leaving a very happy positive person.  Fantastic – not one bad word to say about it.”
Jackie, Sceptre Leisure (EPS Apr 2010)

“Was excellent workshop that really helped me to gain skills and experience to present.  Practical and effective.”
Chantal, Neovia Financial (EPS Apr 2010)

“It covered all essential elements carefully tailored by our trainer to suit the needs of the group and to bring out our potential.  I would recommend it as I found it very useful.”
Angela (EPS Apr 2010)

“Really brought out my abilities to talk out and be engaging.  The structure was good.  Very useful if you are new to presenting or lack confidence.”
Llion, CGG Veritas Services (UK) Ltd (EPS Apr 2010)

“Excellent workshop.  Allows lots of practice.  Very good.  Definitely recommend.”
Ashish, Costain Europe (EPS Apr 2010)

“There are practical steps you can take from this course and put into action straight away and strategies to work on to improve your communication skills.  Very structured and good practical advice.”
Paul (ECS Apr 2010)

“Very well organised and relevant contents.”
Govind (ECS Apr 2010)

“Very positive vibe, encouraging and good group interaction.”
Remin (ECS Apr 2010)

“Useful theory/models applicable immediately with many exercises to support learning.  The trainer was very good with the right energy and great knowledge.
Nuria (ECS Apr 2010)

“I felt very relaxed and able to contribute despite usually feeling uncomfortable in these situations.”
Michelle (ECS Apr 2010)

“Well structured and good size class meant that participants were able to discuss points and share experiences.  The trainer was extremely good, knowledgeable and helped me to get the best out of the day.”
Carla (ECS Apr 2010)

“Very productive, learnt some good skills.”
Zowey (ECS Apr 2010)

“It’s really interesting to listen and I learned a lot of things to communicate to certain people.  I enjoyed the course.”
Rosy (ECS Apr 2010)

“It covered exercises which explained your communication style and how you need to adapt it to other people’s personalities.
Lesley (ECS Apr 2010)

“Thoroughly enjoyable in a very relaxed manner.”
Alex (PPS Apr 2010)

“Great trainer, great group and great experience.”
Chris, Accero (PPS Apr 2010)

“Customised to my needs/our needs with lots of practice and practical examples.
Anaei, Intercontinental Hotel Group (PPS Apr 2010)

“Better than expected.”
Mansoor (PPS Apr 2010)

“Very useful techniques, relaxed environment with positive attitude and feedback at all times.  Learnt how to present more effectively – object achieved!  Very worthwhile, enjoyable and skill enhancing.  And a confidence booster!”
Toby (FPS Apr 2010)

“Very informative and constructive.  Good recommendation.”
Nana (EIS Apr 2010)

“Very helpful.  Good stuff – interesting and challenging.”
Lewis (EIS Apr 2010)

“Thanks to this workshop I seem to have found my weak points and all I need to do now is practice.  Very practical and personal – good value.”
Eustace (EIS Apr 2010)

“The trainer was skilled and engaging and communicated the techniques effectively.”
Richard (PVI Apr 2010)

“Good range of techniques and pace – no dull points!”
Katie (PVI Apr 2010)

“Good and valuable points about how to speak effectively.”
Liam (PVI Apr 2010)

“I liked the way we got into as a group.  The trainer promoted giving good feedback to each other and I enjoyed the practical elements.  Very practical and hands on.”
Kevin (FPS Apr 2010)

“Really enjoyed and gained lots of valuable skills to improve my presentation skills.  Felt at ease and comfortable within learning and icebreakers helped with this.  Very informative and gave me skills which highlighted areas of presentation that I would normally not have considered.”
Richard (FPS Apr 2010)

“Really enjoyed it, feel a lot more confident when presenting.  Really informative and enjoyable.”
Rose (FPS Apr 2010)

“Very useful techniques, relaxed environment.  Positive attitude and feedback at all times.  Learnt how to present more effectively – objective achieved!
Toby (FPS Apr 2010)

“Very well structured, good group participating and lots of practical training.  Well worth attending if you present regularly.”
Vince (EPS Apr 2010)

“The workshop was both physical and involving.  The trainer worked hard to establish group rapport, making it enjoyable and open, lots of fun and incredibly instructive.  It is fun, instructive, participatory and you are guaranteed to leave with take home information.”
Sarah (EPS Apr 2010)

“It really does help.  I was dubious before I arrived but feel confident I can now cope with any presentation thrown at me.  Worthwhile.”
Richard (EPS Apr 2010)

“I found the trainer engaging.  The energy of the course was far better than I expected.  At no point did I feel that I was not learning and benefitting.  Great structure, motivational and positive outcome.”
Wendy (EPS Apr 2010)

“Fantastic!  The trainer was an inspiration.  Best course I’ve ever done.  A+.  Worth attending.”
Claire (EPS Apr 2010)

“Excellent development workshop.  Takes you out of your comfort zone with positive results. Excellent interaction.  Constantly engaging. ”
Richard (EPS Apr 2010)

“Really helpful, great facilitation and a good group.  Really great and very helpful.”
Joanne (EPS Apr 2010)

“The trainer had excellent knowledge of what makes a good presenter and a good presentation.   Very helpful, highly recommended.”
Nasar (EPS Apr 2010)








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