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April 2009 – Training Feedback

“Has helped me feel more confident about my presentation style”.
Michael, Royal Air Force (FPS Apr 09)

“The encouragement to do things really helped me move through a barrier”.
Elizabeth, Rural Payments Agency (FPS Apr 09)

“I never expected to be able to do what I did at the end of the day. I have come a long way since this morning. Probably the best, most productive course I’ve ever been on”.
Pat, Axiell Ltd (FPS Apr 09)

“Excellent advice, course trainer was excellent, totally what I was looking for. Excellent course pitched at just the right level”.
James (FPS Apr 09)

“A learning experience made more comfortable by enthusiasm, skill and feedback from the trainer. Have taken a great deal of confidence away from the day”.
Debbie, NHS NE Essex (FPS Apr 09)

“Has been really interesting with good explanation of different techniques. Things clearly explained at a good pace.
Vittoria, NHS NE Essex (FPS Apr 09)

“I now know what to focus on when speaking and will have less nerves and more conviction when in front of a group”.
Simon (PVI Apr 09)

“It’s given me confidence which is what I set out to get”.
Julie, One Plus One (PVI Apr 09)

“Excellent trainer with a wealth of experience”.
Theresa, Hands-Free Computing (PVI Apr 09)

“It is great to have the opportunity to try out different techniques which gives you the confidence that you need. Very good training – I liked all the exercises”.
Anne (EPS Apr 09)

“Strong on practical presentation. Very good”.
Nick, Independent News & Media (EPS Apr 09)

“Great coverage, would recommend to colleagues. Very encouraging.
Fiona, Chevron Oronite (EPS Apr 09)

“Well run with plenty of good, practical knowledge. Thanks for the experience; I’ve learned a great deal in a short time”.
Martin, Wessex Housing Partnership (EPS Apr 09)

“A very good balance between personal skills for presenting and how to develop the content of a presentation. The trainer was very energising. A very effective and enjoyable course”.
Jenny (EPS Apr 09)

“A very good, effective and relevant workshop”.
Mark, Bank Machine Ltd (ECS Apr 09)

“Good pace, lots covered, good constructive feedback.
Richard, Driver Hire Group Services (ECS Apr 09)

“Very effective. Interesting experience”.
Mirek, ID Technology Ltd (ECS Apr 09)

“Very good, clear and down to earth trainer”.
Hansa, Raven Housing Trust (ECS Apr 09)

“Liked the small group and tips on content, delivery and knowing your audience.
Tracey, Bucks County Council (PPS Apr 09)

“Very productive”.
Stephen, Perkin Elmer Ltd (PPS Apr 09)

“Excellent, very enjoyable and informative. Lots to think about”.
Pamela, LSC (FPS Apr 09)

“Found going through the presentation step by step and improving each aspect very helpful”.
Oliver, Kingston upon Thames Council (FPS Apr 09)

“Useful comments, good voice exercises, feedback about strengths and weaknesses”.
Anna, McLagan (FPS Apr 09)








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