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2005 – Training Feedback

“Excellent course, would recommend it to anyone regularly involved in presenting.”
HMPS (Dec 05)

“Steve obviously enjoys his work and is very good at it. I’ve enjoyed the two days immensely and feel like I have the promised journey of self discovery! My presenting skills have come on enormously.”
Carnegie Systems Management (Dec 05)

“A very good course excellently presented, was very good fun and will make a big difference to how I present material in the future.”
Summerian Networks (Dec 05)

“Alison is an absolute master at what she does, I have learnt so much by attending this course and will recommend it to other people in the company.”
Martin Dawes Systems (Nov 05)

“Excellent, confidence building, practical, skill building – wish I’d had it before.”
Dundas & Wilson (Nov 05)

“Really enjoyed the course. Steve made it lots of fun and interesting.”
Salford University (Nov 05)

“It was clear the presenters theatrical background was a great help, after all, life is a stage!”
Innovene (Nov 05)

“Julia is a good facilitator and kept everyone motivated and interested throughout. She made everyone feel at ease.”
Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Trust (Nov 05)

“I would like to say I thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel that I got a lot from it and have already recommended it to many of my colleagues and friends.  Probably the best course I have ever been on.”
HN (personal booking Nov 05)

“I really enjoyed the First Presentation Skills workshop and found it very useful. Chris was a fantastic coach, I certainly felt that it didn’t take very long for the groups inhibitions to start breaking down due to his relaxed, encouraging approach. I had been putting off enrolling on a presentation skills course as I imagined pressurised ‘thinking on your feet’ type scenario’s – I wish now I’d booked the FPS workshop earlier.”
SM (personal booking Nov 05)

“I think the course is very useful, practical and systematical. It is also my pleasure to work with Skillstudio, specifically, with Steve. He has a nice personality, soundly logical explanation, convincing skills in performance, rightly entertainment and a very responsible professional. It was a right choice with Skillstudio. I will introduce the course to other Vienna based International Organizations duly. Please feel free to consider UNIDO as a reference organization who has enjoyed the excellent service of Skillstudio in the field of Public Speaking.”
UNIDO – United Nations Industrial Development Organization (Oct 05)

“Relaxed, engaging, easy to follow and encouraged to put into practice.  Very worthwhile day.”
Sheppard Robson (Oct 05)

“Very worthwhile and extremely useful. Two days very well spent. Without a doubt I will be looking to develop my skills further.”
Pipeline Induction Heat Ltd (Oct 05)

“Excellent presentation/training. Feel more confident and assured and will now change my style.”
Warwickshire Social Services (Oct 05)

“The course co-ordinator had a very approachable, friendly and calming air. The group dynamics (although small) worked surprisingly well.”
BBFC (Oct 05)

“Excellent course, great trainer”
RBS (Oct 05)

“It exceeded my expectations and I feel I have come away with a lot more experience.”
Armadillo (Sep 05)

“Mike was a very effective facilitator and brought out the best in everyone.”
Coventry PCT (Sep 05)

“The course exceeded my expectations on how much difference a 2 day training session could make to my ability to do a presentation.”
Thomas Johnstone Ltd (Sep 05)

“Found the course very helpful – plenty of practical work, techniques, tips. Impressed with what could be done in such a short time. Excellent Trainer!!”
NHS (Sep 05)

“I couldn’t have imagined enjoying this but it was fantastic – very well taught & put over. Real confidence builder, great to have such straightforward and practical & achievable techniques to work on. I am leaving with a real sense of achievement but also a way forward.”
The Highland Folk Museum (Sep 05)

“I’ve just attended the 2-day Effective Presentation Skills Course in London … and I wondered if you could pass on my thanks to whoever it may concern as the course was superb.  The progress that we all made in the 2 days was amazing.  I really didn’t think in 2 days my personal objectives from the course could be met to the extent that they have been.  The course design is very clever and intelligent, and the trainer was outstanding.”
AS (personal booking Aug 05)

“A useful use of my time…informative, engaging and fun”

“By far better than previous presentation skills courses attended”
RWE Nukem (Aug 05)

“Very hands on and practical. Strengths and areas for improvement identified.”
CP (personal booking Jul 05)

“This workshop is very effective, very intuitive but also fun.”
GW (personal booking Jul 05)

“I was impressed by the training.  Although I was aware of the vocal techniques that Liz showed the group, I was surprised by their impact, and the immediate improvement in the groups performance.  The tips for starting and finishing were excellent, and the wealth of exercises continued our development over the two days. Liz’s clear guidance, enthusiasm, and knowledge meant we all had tailored advice in a fun and secure environment.”
TT (personal booking Jul 05)

“I just wanted to say that the course was fantastic – brilliant trainer.  Really enjoyed it and will be recommending it to my fellow colleagues.” 
RR (personal booking Jul 05)

“Excellent course content, conducted in friendly manner and made very enjoyable by a great teacher.” 
PL (personal booking Jul 05)

“Wonderful course, beautifully run. Recommended to anyone … in public speaking”
NA (personal booking Jun 05)

“Well matched group of people very good warm up bonding sessions. I found it very easy to take and learn from feedback in such a relaxed and open environment.”
Prescription Pricing Authority (May 05)

“Very enjoyable in addition to being informative. Presenting is difficult at the best of times but the relaxed delivery and involvement of all group members made a valuable learning experience.”
VAI UK (May 05)

“It was good to share the course with people who shared my fears – that made it much easier to speak openly and share experiences.”
GM (personal booking May 05)

“Before coming on the day there was the impending presentation in the afternoon hanging over my head, however, on the day the build up slow so it made it much easier.”
SB (personal booking May 05)

“Very good, I would recommend. An excellent trainer.”
Kingfield Heath (May 05)

“Thank you for an excellent course, I felt that my skills improved so much over the two days and I gained a lot of valuable knowledge. Liz was an excellent coach”
JM (personal booking May 05)

“I do feel I have learnt a great deal and am definitely a better presenter.”
Texas Instruments (May 05)

“Excellent course, one of the best ones attended. Good content and trainer. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you.”

“The course was structured extremely well, I didn’t find myself losing interest. It spent just the right time on each area.”

“Have considerably learnt a lot on this course will definitely apply this to my work environment, trainer was friendly and professional.”
Buckinghamshire & Chilterns University College (May 05)

“I found Julia to be an excellent trainer, the best so far.”
BUPA (Apr 05)

“I would definitely recommend course to colleagues, delivery is at the right pace and the practice sessions help you recognise your own improvements and new techniques are applied.”
EON UK (Apr 05)

“Very different from similar courses that I have been on as I do feel that there is a lot more to go away and think about now rather than just being given a booklet with a lot of information and working through it.” 
NH (personal booking Apr 05)

“A very useful course, fully met my expectations with added bonus of an “acting” background.”
DP (personal booking Mar 05)

“Excellent training session. So much practical experience to develop skills than would have expected. Learnt many effective techniques to address my problems and now understand how to deliver – even if not fully mastered yet.”
HT (personal booking Mar 05)

“It exceeded my expectations – I feel like a different, more confident person to yesterday.”
CQ (personal booking Mar 05)

“Very practical, carefully constructed course, building continuously on what went before. Covered all and more than I hoped it would, and Alison is a terrific tutor!!” 
Elsevier (Feb 05)

“Absolutely fabulous course! I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and will definitely spread the word about Skillstudio” 
MK (personal booking Feb 05)

“Excellent, really helped me with overcoming my nerves.”

“Excellent trainer which made the day more enjoyable and put me at ease throughout the day.”

“Well paced – good content – good humour – all reinforced by smaller group size and time for more personal integration and enquiry.”
George Wimpey (Jan 05)








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