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Since early 2001, Skillstudio's trainers have worked with thousands of people from over a thousand companies and organisations throughout the UK and Europe.

Our client base now includes more than 50% of the FTSE100 companies. Other clients include International Blue Chip companies through to SME's; Central Government bodies through to local borough and county councils; schools; colleges; universities; hospitals; and charities. In addition, we have worked with numerous private individuals on a one to one basis and via our public courses.

Some of the organisations we have worked with recently are:-

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Have a look at the feedback we've received from clients attending our courses.

Training Feedback – Q4 2016

“Good informal style made me feel relaxed and therefore got more out of the course.  Effective and good fun.”
Neil, (FPS Nov 2016)

“Very effective – great for all aspects of presentation-giving.  Really gave me a confidence boost.”
Rachel, (FPS Oct 2016)

“A very useful workshop.  I do feel my style has benefited from being part of this.”
Maersk Line UK, (EPS Oct 2016)

Training Feedback – Q3 2016

“Excellent. Ticks all the boxes.  You will leave a more confident and accomplished presenter than when you arrived.”
ND, (FPS Aug 2016)

“Interactive, gives you the ability to improve your presenting skills.  Really good feedback on a personal level – providing skills to improve.”
Steve, (FPS Sep 2016)

“A very productive day.  Well structured and delivered.”
Lee, (FPS Sep 2016)

Training Feedback – Q2 2016

“Very engaging.  Covered everything I needed to know.  Helped me become more confident in presentations.  Excellent course!”
Nick, East Herts Council, (EPS Apr 2016)

“The most enjoyable and personally challenging course I have ever had. Julia is an excellent coach and I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to have been able to transform how I present.”
Kathryn, Integra Associates, (PPS Apr 2016)

“I though the workshop was great, very relevant and hands on.  I learnt a lot about myself and where I need to improve.”
Melanie, O3b Networks, (ECS Apr 2016)

Training Feedback – Q1 2016

“Fun, engaging and effective.”
Liz, (EPS Jan 2016)

“Fantastic, well worth it.”
Daniel, Totemic (EPS Jan 2016)

“Fantastic – An excellent way to really practise in front of colleagues”
Jeanette, Damart, (EPS Mar 2016)

Training Feedback – Q4 2015

“Superb workshop.  Superbly formatted and completely fulfilled my expectations.  Sandra was very personable and extremely knowledgeable.”
Gary, Sofaworks, (FPS Nov 2015)

“Very helpful and would highly recommend.”
Annie, (EIS Oct 2015)

“Informative, inspiring, engaging, encouraging.”
Leanne, Thomas Vale, (FPS Oct 2015)

Training Feedback – Q3 2015

“It was amazing.  I learnt good communication skills.  I would recommend to my friends.”
Tatheer, (ECS Sep 2015)

“Structured – well laid out and formatted.  Each section builds on the last.  As a delegate I could feel my progression.  Wonderful and talented trainer.”
Eammon, DMW Group Ltd, (PPS Sep 2015)

“Andrew was fantastic.  Incredibly perceptive comments and feedback.  I saw all the delegates improve a great deal over the two days.  Felt like a safe environment to learn in.”
Charlie, The Building Societies Association, (EPS Aug 2015)

Training Feedback – Q2 2015

“Wow! What a fantastic course.  Nothing but positive feedback.  I have gained so much from two days, just cannot believe the positive experience!”
Kym, (EPS May 2015)

“I found it extremely helpful and informative.  Brilliant trainer that worked with us closely and very happy with the outcome.”
Luke, (EPS Apr 2015)

“An excellent first presentation skills to help with nerves, confidence and skill needed to deliver presentations.”
Parveen, (FPS Apr 2015)

Training Feedback – Q1 2015

“A great opportunity to learn about yourself and develop advanced presentation skills.”
Robin, (PPS Mar 2015)

“Excellent intensive course, with loads of useful tips and strategies.  Also plenty of practice in selling oneself.  Excellent.”
Lucilla, (EIS Jan 2015)

“Fun and useful from the start.  I immediately started to relax and realise the day was going to be very worthwhile!”
Sally, (FPS Jan 2015)

Training Feedback – Q4 2014

“Really useful skills and tips learnt.  Very happy that we had to put into practice what we learnt.  Excellent theory and even better practice.  Fabulous workshop!”
Toby, (FPS Oct 2014)

“Best training workshop I have been on.  Very helpful.”
Ian, (EPS Oct 2014)

“Absolutely fantastic!  My fear has gone and ready to take on future presentations.  Andrew has put so much time and effort  into making me feel comfortable and removing my fear of public speaking which has troubled me for years.  I would 100% recommend to a friend and will be doing.  So so happy with the outcome and Andrew is a fantastic instructor. “
Edward, (FPS Nov 2014)

Training Feedback – Q3 2014

“I feel I have progressed a lot throughout the day with the good feedback and the little reminders during the interviews when you are feeling nervous and forgotten are really helpful! Very beneficial! Would definitely suggest and pass on.”
Katy, (EIS Aug 2014)

“It got us all facing our fears. Lots to take away from it. Built my confidence, made me feel ‘tall’.”
Nia, (FPS Aug 2014)

“Something different, very practical. To be honest I was dreading today but it was actually enjoyable and time flew by. “
Joanne, Healthcare Improvement Scotland (FPS Jul 2014)

Training Feedback – Q2 2014

“Brilliant workshop.  Learnt many different ways to communicate effectively and i feel this has also helped my confidence.”
Ellis, Stella Travel Services, (ECS Jun 2014)

“A really useful course which gives you time to reflect and then put learning into practice.  Great to work alongside individuals from different professional backgrounds to add diversity and interest.”
Faye, North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare, (EPS Jun 2014)

“The most productive and enjoyable session I have attended in the last few years.  I have learned a lot on how to improve my presentation skills.” 
John, Esure, (PPS Jun 2014)

Training Feedback – Q1 2014

“Amazing – YES I CAN!! Incredible the amount of progress I feel I’ve made within 2 days – Thank you.”
Joanna, Barclays, (EPS Feb 2014) 

“Excellent.  Well explained & informative.  Learnt many new things and feel more confident now for interviews!”
Ruth, University of Sheffield, (EIS Mar 2014) 

“Worthwhile, good value, excellent location, great trainer.” 
Stuart, (FPS Feb 2014)

Training Feedback – December 2013

“Excellent day spent learning about yourself, giving you tools to improve in a non-threatening, supportive group.” 
Joanna, Barclays, (ECS Dec 2013) 

“Really engaging and relaxed.  I liked the lack of formal structure! Really adaptable to our needs.”
Michelle, (EPS Dec 2013) 

“It has been a fab two days.  Andrew has been so helpful in developing my skills.  I feel really prepared to go into work presentations with a new confidence.  The techniques shared were relevant and appropriate, delivered in an honest and helpful way.”
Dawn, Surrey Square Primary School (EPS Dec 2013)

Training Feedback – November 2013

“I enjoyed the workshop and feel that I have gained new skills and knowledge.  The trainer, the content, the location and the group were all great.”
Joanne, Duplo International Ltd (FPS Nov 2013) 

“An amazing day with a lot to gain in one session, good structure and support and guidance throughout.”
Kalpa, Chevron, (FPS Nov 2013)

“Really made me face up to an intense fear I had, gave my confidence a massive boost.  Incredible, so confidence boosting and fantastic.” 
Laura, (EPS Nov 2013) (more…)

Training Feedback – October 2013

“Very interactive, lots of practice sessions, constructive feedback, friendly atmosphere.”
June, (ECS Oct 2013) 

“Great trainer who was patient and supportive and helped guide you to a point even if you were struggling.”
James (EIS Oct 2013)

“It was very practical, with excellent feedback.” 
Tariq, (EPS Oct 2013) (more…)

Training Feedback – September 2013

“Fab, massive improvements from learning.”
Zoe, HiT Entertainment, (EPS Sep 2013) 

“Really useful for practical presentation skills and gaining insight into where you can develop.”
Hannah, HiT Entertainment (EPS Sep 2013)

“One of the best workshops I have been on.  Very relevant, lots of skills to take home.  A really good balance of theory and practice.” 
Trinity, HiT Entertainment (EPS Sep 2013) (more…)

Training Feedback – August 2013

“Very useful and informative session. I felt very comfortable with the group and trainer. A good safe environment. Valuable in helping me overcome my fears of presenting. Thank you!”
Lorraine, (FPS Aug 2013)

“Very engaging. I got to practice presentation and public speaking a lot and I am more aware of my weak points. An excellent training for those who need to be more confident in delivering effective presentations.”
Stefania, EBRD (FPS Aug 2013) 

“I thought it was very fun and it made me realise I can do it. All in all a very good course. I would recommend.” 
Rob, (FPS Aug 2013)  (more…)

Training Feedback – July 2013

“All very good, came away with much more insight into the world of communicating.”
Robbie, Accora, (ECS Jul 2013) 

“Really helpful to practice in front of others – even though it was nerve wracking. Very helpful to get feedback from trainers and others. Useful watching other people – as you can pick up on bad habits that you do yourself.”
Catherine Douglas (EIS Jun 2013)

“Gave me exactly what I needed – practice and feedback to work on. Well structured and always fluid. Group feedback and sharing thoughts/experiences was very reassuring and valuable. Breaks/lunches well staggered.” 
Edward Lamison (EPS Jun 2013) (more…)

Training Feedback – June 2013

“I felt that Kate was as accurate as Simon Cowell (in a nice way) in her evaluation but with very personable delivery and warmth. Great constructive feedback and confidence building in a genuine fashion. Thank you Kate!”
Judith, Starkey Limited (FPS Jun 2013) 

“Really helpful to practice in front of others – even though it was nerve wracking. Very helpful to get feedback from trainers and others. Useful watching other people – as you can pick up on bad habits that you do yourself.”
Catherine, (EIS Jun 2013)

“Gave me exactly what I needed – practice and feedback to work on. Well structured and always fluid. Group feedback and sharing thoughts/experiences was very reassuring and valuable. Breaks/lunches well staggered.” 
Edward, (EPS Jun 2013) (more…)

Training Feedback – May 2013

“The workshop covered all key elements, effectively preparing for and delivery a presentation. Creative techniques – particularly the vocal activities were really effective. The guidance and coaching provided was valuable and constructive. 
Claire, Accenture (EPS May 2013)

“One of the best courses I have been on. I have learnt a lot more than I thought today. Great tutor – very patient with great advice.”
Ian, Farnell element14 (FPS May 2013)

“A very enjoyable and relevant day. I now feel much more confident about my presenting skills. A very useful and ‘hands-on’ day which will make you a more confident and effective presenter.”
Jane, University of South Wales (FPS May 2013) (more…)

Training Feedback – April 2013

“Andrew was very warm, thorough and engaging. Group opened up very quickly and it was evident improvements were made by all throughout the day. Very beneficial. Surprisingly enjoyable. Great structure to the day.”
Nick, Syscap (FPS Apr 2013) 

“In the course of the two days we presented 10 times each – this was great to gain confidence, try out new things and go out of the comfort zone. The flexibility of the days meant that all individual questions were answered. Time flew.”
Michael, WRAP (EPS Apr 2013)

“Covered so many different areas – never boring. An encouraging environment to develop in. Video feedback very useful. Professionally delivered.”
Louise, Energy Excel LLP (EPS Apr 2013)  (more…)

Training Feedback – March 2013

“It was designed really well to encourage all (very nervous) delegates to take part in all activities with the result that we were able to present a topic to the group and we able to leave with some valuable tips on how to improve.” 
Sharon, Sherborne School (FPS Mar 2013)

“Excellent breadth of cover. Marcia was fantastic. An excellent introduction to effective communication, which will make you think about how you get your message across and what you don’t do well currently.”
Susan (ECS Mar 2013) 

“It completely changed the way I present and gave a valuable insight into the key aspects of presenting. The teacher was fantastic, really good evaluation of our strengths and weaknesses.” 
Tim,  Amlin UK (PPS Mar 2013) (more…)

Training Feedback – February 2013

“It was good to get a lot of chances to actually practice presenting and put your learning to the test. There was a good range of exercises to try different techniques. A friendly learning ground which enables you to explore your weaknesses and find constructive ways to improve.”
Karen, StrawberryFrogAmsterdam (EPS Feb 2013)

“Very useful that the group was small and therefore focused. Participants were willing to work closely and be open and honest which helped.”
Carol, South Lanarkshire Council (EIS Feb 2013)

“Excellent trainer – very in tune with participant requirements and adapted materials to meet trainee profiles. Superb.” 
Lee, Sabien Technology Ltd (PVI Feb 2013) (more…)

Training Feedback – January 2013

“Ability to work on and develop presentation over 2 days is great. Constructive feedback was brilliant, done in a supportive way and successes celebrated. Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop – thank you! “
James, Kings College London (EPS Jan 2013) 

“Great opportunity to learn and build presentation skills. Trainer Marcia was really good at providing constructive feedback, removing the feeling of ‘judgement; and keeping us feeling confident so we ran through our talks. Perfect presentation course for improving presentation skills and feeling more confident.”
Janie, Story Worldwide (FPS Jan 2013)

“Very engaging, encouraging instructor, well structure workshop and good practical exercises. A good introductory course on how to improve presentations skills and gain necessary confidence to address an audience.”
Milena, The University of Manchester (FPS Jan 2013)  (more…)

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