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Powerful Presentation Skills

Here’s some of the fantastic feedback we have received from previous attendees of our Powerful Presentation Skills courses.

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This is a two-day interactive and very practical workshop is ideal if you are an experienced presenter or public speaker and now want to achieve more with your presentations.

If you’d like to find out some more about the Powerful Presentation Skills course you can also download a PDF of the course brochure by clicking on the small image on the right hand side.



“Full package. Learning how ‘personal’ behaviour and attitude affects presentation skills, how they are used and improved.”
Michael, CGI

“Excellent opportunity to practise in a safe environment.”
Darshan, Welsh Government

“Structured – well laid out and formatted.  Each section builds on the last.  As a delegate I could feel my progression.  Wonderful and talented trainer.”
Eammon, DMW Group Ltd

“It was quite impressive.  The practical sessions were great!”
Roseline, MTech Communications

“The most productive and enjoyable session I have attended in the last few years.  I have learned a lot on how to improve my presentation skills.”
John, Esure

“Excellent course and great to practice in a supportive and responsive environment.  Good skills learned.”
Jon, Lend Lease

“It is the best investment I have made for my future.”
Amey, Duplo International

“Excellent and better/different to any other presentation skills course i have ever been on.”

“Excellent experience which will add value to my current and future roles.”

“Really enjoyed the course.  Interactive, informal, fun, useful informative.”
Julie, R3 Polygon

“It was very helpful and insightful 2 day workshop.  Julia is very knowledgeable about the subject and her tone and delivery was excellent.”
Jason, Lend Lease

“A great opportunity to learn about yourself and develop advanced presentation skills.”

“Excellent would highly recommend.”
Samantha, G’s Fresh Ltd

“Very useful, lots of tips that I will start practising ASAP.”
Alessandro, O3Bb Networks

“I found the course interesting and extremely useful.  I was not looking forward to it but really enjoyed the experience.  It made me more self aware and the videoing has given me confidence that I am not as bad as I thought.”
Sharon, London Tramlink

“Very well facilitated, and in my case very effective and useful.  Thanks!”
David, HiT Entertainment

“Definitely one to attend.  Offers something for everyone.”
Craig, Amlin UK

“Definitely learned a great deal. Julia’s style was very engaging, supportive, professional, relaxed and fun”
Nicky, Mission to Seafarers

“It was a great environment to practice skills. Trainer feedback was helpful, constructive and timely.”
Andrew, Amlin UK

“It completely changed the way I present and gave a valuable insight into the key aspects of presenting. The teacher was fantastic, really good evaluation of our strengths and weaknesses.”
Tim,  Amlin UK

“Very well presented. Content was intense and challenging but very worthwhile. “
John, National Nuclear Laboratory

“Excellent tutor – excellent feedback and a bonus to be on the course with such a varied mix of students: so useful seeing other people’s technique. Very effective, great feedback and essential tools. Well worth the sacrifice of two days at work!”
Peter, Bentley Motors Ltd

“Really challenged and outside my comfort zone. Really related to my development areas. Well worth doing.”
Joe, Actavis

“What a great course, some great techniques and chances to discuss specific needs. Julia’s background and experience came through and made the course what it was. Great two day workout on presentation skills and a worthwhile time investment.”
James, PA Consulting

“Positive and enthusiastic trainer. Linked well with everyday practices. Time went by quickly, intense, informative but never boring or overpowering. Perfect workload. A must for anyone who gives presentations.”
Folarin, Chief Rotimi Williams’ Chambers

“Met my needs in a very powerful way. A lot of learning took place – video and feedback and then doing it again was very effective. Really excellent. Recommended.”
Tony, DFID Nigeria

“I found the workshop extremely good. Would recommend it to others, came away with good presentation skills. A must-go to workshop.”

“Very knowledgeable and passionate trainer. I enjoyed all of the exercises. I learned what my strengths and development needs are.”

“It was an important reality check for me. I was grateful for the frank and sensitive manner which my flaws were pointed out and the confirmation provided of those things which I did well. I found it excellent. I would recommend it without hesitation.”
William, Caribbean Development Bank

“Extremely helpful feedback. Video practice was great teaching technique. Watching classmates present and listen to there feedback was also useful.”

“Comprehensive workshop for experienced presenters, with a broad base of theory and practice. Very good, highly skilled trainer with broad background.”
Michael, Pharma Training Ltd

“Good balance between theory and practice sessions. Feedback is really key and helped a lot to progress. Very friendly group. Good sharing of examples. Benefit from the comments others made. Very useful.”
Emmanuel, Nestle UK

“Well structured course with a good level of interaction/workshops. Not death by powerpoint/theory! Good flow and pace of content.”
Sagar, Actavis UK

“A good platform for developing presentation skills. Will help identify deficiencies in ones presentation and help tackle them.”
Ladi, Counsel

“The workshop was well structured, excellent delivery and catered for all my needs. I felt empowered by the end of my two days training. Lots to take forward. Great trainer.”
Leslyn, North West Kent College

“Brilliant, nice not to go to a course where someone is teaching you to suck eggs! Great content! Interactive and very, very engaging. Thank you!”
Karen, Kia Motors UK Ltd

“Very good, interactive, lively, lots of useful ideas and tips. Effective and worthwhile.”
Francesco, DB Schenker

“Memorable lessons learnt. Good experimental learning opportunity – to both practise and observe. Will definitely change how I approach and feel about presentations. Thought-provoking with ideas that I know I will be able to implement and that will make a definitive difference.”
Anna, Actavis

“James managed to encourage us to try radically different approaches without intimidating. Great – lots of informal attention in a small group; very useful learning points.”
Mark, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors

“Excellent opportunity to develop and perfect presentation style and skills in a safe supportive environment.  Excellent training course especially the use of videoing of the presentations and feedback.”
Manj, DCLG

“Great trainer, eye opening experience, honest feedback, hands on experience.”
Marcos, DMW Group

“The content was fantastic, Julia’s approach was also very good.  I will take away many tips and my technique improved dramatically from the 1st day.  Very useful and worthwhile.”
Gareth, Actavis

“It was well paced and I found it engaging throughout.  It is an excellent opportunity to practice in a safe environment.”
Lesley, NHS North Staffordshire

“A superb confidence building, practically applicable course and delivered in an engaging and professional manner.”
Tony, Samaritans