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First Presentation Skills

Here’s some of the fantastic feedback we have received from previous attendees of our First Presentation Skills courses.

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This is a one-day interactive and very practical workshop is ideal for you if you have little or no experience of presenting in public and expect to have to take the plunge in the near future

You can also read a totally independent review of the same course by Red Magazine here.

If you’d like to find out some more about the First Presentation Skills course you can also download a PDF of the course brochure by clicking on the small image on the right hand side.

“As someone who was dreading this, I actually enjoyed the course, remarkably enjoyed parts of my presentation. Excellent course, one of the best I’ve been on. All issues addressed in a very personal and interactive way.”
Rob Holmes, Shell UK

“Absolutely fantastic day!  So useful to me personally in gaining confidence to deliver a presentation.  Sandra was so encouraging in a truthful and professional way.  Very worthwhile.  Everyone would benefit from this.”
Kerry Jordon, HMRC

“I really wasn’t looking forward to attending this course but I really enjoyed it. I thought the trainer was excellent. I feel that the skills that I developed during this workshop will be beneficial to me not only in work but in my day to day.”

“Very good teaching, lots of helpful feedback and practice. Very well paced. Very useful, friendly atmosphere, really valuable advice.”
Neil Barrie, Cancer Research UK

“Very good and interactive.  Very useful tips and advice which I would never have thought of before.  Very useful and necessary if you aren’t used to giving presentations – it builds confidence.”
Stephanie Walker, National Policing Improvement Agency

“I have gained more confidence & knowledge – excellent.”
Debbie Exley, Children’s Heart Surgery Fund

“I would just like you to know that I found the training incredibly helpful as I was really nervous.  I had to welcome candidates to an assessment centre this week for three days, and I am sure that I would have been far more nervous if I hadn’t been on the course and learnt how to control nerves etc.  The course was excellent and really helped me to feel more confident.”

“Fantastic.  I feel much more confident after just one day!  The group feedback and Trainer feedback session were valuable.”
Jacqueline Harvery, Broker Direct plc

“Bang on! Absolutely fantastic. Thoroughly enjoyable and I leave having far more confidence and awareness in terms of delivering presentations.  Nice one.”
Spencer Fearn

“The feedback has been so useful to me and I will carry the new skills learnt with me and use them in all future presentations.  Fantastic!  Well worth doing.”
Dominique Simcox, Wellington Place General Partner Ltd

“Good – would recommend to colleagues.  Helped me feel more confident in myself.”
Pam Khag, North East London NHS Foundation Trust

“The workshop was excellent, the format works well and the trainer was excellent and considerate of individual needs.  Great value for money and worth recommending.”
Kelly Shipley, Adelphi International Research

“I found today extremely useful and learnt lots of new techniques in order to try and give a more confident presentation.  I feel the course has given me more confidence and hope to take this forward.”
Alice Jones, Office of Rail Regulation

“Really good trainer and great group of people.  Excellent feedback. Excellent course, would recommend.”
Cheryl Hufton, Yorkshire & Humber Improvement Partnership

“Thought the practical element was brilliant – realising that practicing these skills will help your progression.  Definitely worth attending.  Would recommend.”
Louise Cartridge, PZ Cussons plc

“Very useful and helpful. Learned how to structure, articulate and present, making good eye contact.”
Mamadou Balde, Office Depot

“Excellent presenter and very easy to understand. Very interactive class. Absolutely useful to improve your self confidence.”
Moody’s Investors Service

“Exceeded my expectations, which were quite high!  Excellent.”
Vanessa Wennerstrom, Canterbury Christ Church University

“Steve (the trainer) was excellent, really calm and supportive, I would definitely recommend this course to others, it was a really good start to speaking in public”

“Have been very pleased with the content, feedback and advice received.  Excellent.”
John Newton, The Carbon Trust

“The course I attended on Wednesday is one of the most effective courses I have ever attended.  Steve was an excellent trainer.”
NW Neurosciences Partnership

“A very positive experience. Very much value for the money.  It delivered everything I wanted and needed. It kept me focussed for the whole day. It offered the practice I needed. It was a very friendly environment.”
Joe Hargreaves, CN4C

“Lovely company and excellent facilitator.  Hands on, quick pace, fun and challenging.”
Tracey Roberts, Littlecoates Primary School

“Excellent trainer who quickly put everyone at ease.  Highly practical – content was just which I needed to improve my technique.  Engaging, highly practical, personalised and outstanding value.”
Richard Turton, Yorkshire Forward

“Very well structured.   Perfect number of participants.  Large amount of ground covered.  Very helpful.”
Matt Ferdinando, London College of Beauty Therapy

“Good for building confidence, very relaxing atmosphere. Nice to have constant positive feedback.”
Andy Baker, Equilibrium Asset Management

“The practical experience was invaluable, really what I needed to just jump in and have a go at presenting.”
Lucy Wright, ASD Metal Services

“Really useful, practical advice about how to allay fears and gave a good grounding to build on. The advice and feedback was excellent and tailored to everyone’s different needs.”
Lorraine Burey, CLARHC

“Helped to deal with nerves, built my confidence in presenting, gave structure to future presentations.  Made me feel a lot better in general.  Would recommend to anyone with worries.”
Claire Jackson, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

“Helen taught me how to deal with nerves and face doing a presentation.”
Joanne Parker, Tube Lines Ltd

“Very enjoyable, met all my expectations, I now feel less scared and more positive about doing my first presentation.”
Sarah Fairbrother

“Although nerve-wracking, I have found the workshop to be incredibly useful and it has succeeded in increasing my confidence.  Brilliant course – very supportive.”
Leanne Stewart, Home Group

“Would recommend to others.  Trainer very approachable, very helpful to each delegate.  Excellent.”
Caroline Nelson

“Trainer was warming and very approachable.  Very easy to talk to and passed on a great deal of knowledge and advice.”
Michael Atkinson

“Very interactive – not at all dull, great content.  Gives you confidence – it was extremely informative and helpful.”
Winn Brown, National Policing Improvement Agency

“Breaking down a speech into small parts worked well – not so daunting.  Actually delivering the speech in front of a group made me realise that the experience is not as awful as I had thought it would be.  100% satisfied even the lunch was ok!”
Dan Collins

“Very comfortable learning environment.  Very well presented. Interactive & confidence building. I now have a structure to work with and improved confidence.
David Griffin

“Was really worried and nervous but as soon as I entered the room Finola was warm and friendly and that was carried on throughout the day. I would definitely recommend to others.”
Donna Phillips

“It has been really helpful.  Finola is very receptive and made us fully aware of all the things that we did that we could improve on.  If you have to do public speaking of any kind, this training is a must.”
Gemma Ryan

“Good facilitator, great breathing tips and was surprised how much they worked. Valuable and interesting.”
Ruth Wood, Health Professions Council

“I found all the techniques very useful. The exercises were surprisingly useful. The trainer was very friendly and approachable. I was very happy with the whole workshop. Interesting, beneficial and fun.”
Aisling O’Meara, Competition Commission

“Worthwhile and educational. It focused on what areas we wanted to develop rather than being rigidly structured.”
Stuart Collings

“Good to practise, engaged on what each individual wanted to get out of it.”
Tarasyn Whitehead-Patey

“Excellent – Slayed quite a few demons and am anxious to try out some more presenting – which certainly wasn’t this morning! A fantastic and fast learning curve.”
Rupert Beat

“Trainer feedback on planning and structuring.  Proactive activities. Vocal skills and individual delivery skills.  Good proactive workshop.”
Akeem Koiki, Harris Academy

“I found the feedback very good and the trainer helped me to improve my delivery a great deal.  Challenging, and improved my presentation skills a lot.  Good personalised tips.”
Lesley Boyle

“This is the best training I’ve attended – dynamic, interesting and good exercise.”
Transport for London

“Really good, I gained more confidence in presenting.”
Alex Boiko

“I really enjoyed the fact it was a practical course.  The day flew by because of the exercises.  Group size was perfect.  It will help my self confidence.”
Cristina Barbero

“Really useful – good to understand the theory behind the practice.”
Jenny Stanford

“It was great in getting everyone involved from the start.  A great confidence booster and very informative.”
Debbie Johnson

“The trainer was very encouraging and approachable and enabled the group to gel and work together.  Informal and informative!”
Wendy Gray

“The trainer was very encouraging and supportive.  Very practical.”
Harry Toland

“Great tips on presenting structure.  The trainer was really helpful pinpointing areas that need working on.  A must!”
Saba Yafai

“I liked the informal environment.  The trainer was excellent and really put us at ease.  He helped overcome our public speaking fears.  The feedback really helped and has given me confidence.  Informal, enjoyable, relaxed and packed with useful knowledge.”
Leah Partridge

“Great to have weak areas of presenting pinpointed and receive such constructive feedback.  Highly recommend and would look to do more in the future.”
Claire Richards

“I felt it was very good.  An excellent trainer and very enjoyable.  I feel I have got a lot from this today.  Thank you.”
Joanne McEvoy, MACH Recruitment Services

“I found it excellent and the trainer was wonderful and made me feel very comfortable.  Great tips and ideas – a motivating workshop.  This will tell you what you didn’t know about yourself.”
Adriane Green

“The trainer was excellent and made the experience enjoyable and beneficial.  Extremely beneficial for those who want to improve presentation skills.”
Julio Martinez

“Not boring (very important) and critical points presented in a structured way one can learn from.  An effective interesting and fun workshop.”
Fred Baccanello

“The trainer was extremely likable, clear and gave constructive feedback.  She brought out the confidence in people.  Worthwhile, for all areas of life, not just work.”
Angela Pisanu

“Sometimes simple and obvious things are the most difficult to deliver.  The workshop helped me to see those simple things and work on them.  Funny and useful.”
Alessandro Hor

“Very good skill development course.  I really liked the workshop structure.  Very useful workshop for those wanting presenting skill development.”
Daniele Gianera

“First class workshop and felt relaxed from the first minute.  I see a real improvement in just one day.”
Jason Devato

“It was very structured but not overwhelming.  Provided very good tips on what makes a good presentation and how you should structure a presentation.  Good workshop.”
Kirsteen Higgins

“Excellent, felt very relaxed and made to feel comfortable.”
Conrad Pope

“Helped overcome fears and gave me skills to put into action.  Good fun, informative and helpful.”
Victoria Mayhew, Princeps Electronics Ltd

“The course was well structured and gave a real sense of progression.  Very helpful.”
Adam White, Criteria Fieldwork Ltd

“Great grounding in the art of public speaking.”
Andrew Jarvis, GI Partners

“Provides the awareness to deliver your message effectively.  Useful.”
Jignesh Parekh, BV Diary

“Well structured, clear and concise.  A ‘must’ if you need to do presentations.”
James Hodgson-Barker, Mark Davies & Associates Ltd

“Although the talking in front of the group was painful it was SO helpful and has really given me a lot to think about.  Very worthwhile and confidence boosting.”
Clare Spittle, Publicity Heaven

“It helped me to face my fear and gave me useful techniques to centre myself and control my nerves.  A good first step and useful.”
Richard Sullivan

“Good balance of theory and practice.  Constructive criticism and encouragement.  Very good, interesting and insightful.  Great for confidence.”
Sam Davey

“The trainer was great – just do it.”
Matthew Brownell

“Well paced, logical and not too daunting.  Well run.”
Andrew Pinnock

“Made the whole process of presenting more logical by putting it into well structured steps.  Good, well worthwhile.”
Geri Pearson

“All useful skills.  Good foundation stage.”
Ben James

“Built up to a formal presentation rather than go straight into it.  Good range of techniques about controlling breathing and nerves.  Very useful and worthwhile.  Although I felt self-conscious at times, was made to feel comfortable.”
Lisa Newman, Commidea Ltd

“A friendly, clear and constructive workshop.  Ideas explained clearly and practiced using the techniques was helpful.  Very constructive.”
Emily Bari, SCIE

“It was varied and covered many aspects of presenting.  Liked the fact that the trainer built up over the day to the final presentation, which gave me confidence.  Structuring tips very good.  Friendly, well structured and varied.”
Lauren Pye

“The workshop was great and I found the trainer very knowledgeable and practical with a real warming personality.  A great chance to learn how to present and to build confidence.”
Andy Crawford

“The day was extremely engaging and enjoyable.  I found the trainer’s experience perfect.  Very valuable day.  I have learnt a lot.  Fun and informative.”
Becky Allaway

“Effective in addressing issues with body language and confidence.  A good place to begin to gain skills.”
Sarah McMillican

“Good overall agenda and enjoyed the practice sessions.  Honest feedback from trainer.  Excellent course for beginners.”
Vicky Thorne

“Excellent trainer.  A must to get the basics of presenting skills.”
Chris Bell

“Really good feedback. Really beneficial and well worth attending.”
Julia Russell, PZ Cussons plc

“Very informative – nice pace.  Very good, enjoyable interactive day.”
John Walsh

“Excellent, friendly and professional trainer.  Very practical, useful and informative.  Would recommend.”
Carole Park

“A great day – thank you!”
Duncan Beckley

“Excellent – good blend of discussion and practice.  Never bored. Very worthwhile.”
Simon Martin

“Very interactive, friendly and well tailored to individual needs.  More useful than I expected.  Very friendly and experienced trainer with lots of advice to offer.”
Tom Robinson

“Entertaining, learnt great tips, learnt about myself and how I behave.  Funny, lots of learning, tips that are not obvious.”
Nadege Chiaradia, Glion Management Services SarL

“It was informative, enjoyable and still helped with new skills and aids for improving your presenting.”
Steve Cox, DP World

“Interesting information, very well designed.  Pragmatic, learning by doing, very useful.”
Jose Tragant

“Given awareness and tips to help confidence giving presentations.  Very good, worth going on.”
David Stuckey, Invoice Finance Consultancy (UK) Ltd

“Loved every minute.  The trainer was clear and enjoyed helping the class.  Excellent course to develop your skills and learn new ones.”
Paul Manson, Invoice Finance Consultancy (UK) Ltd

“Excellent trainer, very clear and structured day.  Would recommend.”
Margaret Keddel

“Very friendly and open.  Would recommend.”
Colin Jackson

“Really good as was small group.  Informative, interesting and motivational.”
Gavin Farwell

“Good tips, feedback and great to have the opportunity to practice.  Would recommend.”
Haydon Waldek

“Good sized group, with honest comments and techniques.  Useful, insightful, hard, and fun.”
Beckie Joyce

“Very good, learnt very useful skills.  Glad I attended.”
Ben Shelley

“Very informative and better than I expected.”
Steve Shepperson

“Extremely well thought out course.  Great trainer.  Will help in both private and working life.  useful, informative, fun.”
Louise Hubbard

“Nice relaxed and unpressured day.  Good to understand the value of breathing.  Valuable.”
Haydn Eagle

“Highlighted strong and weak areas in all participants enabling us to work on specific areas.  Excellent, fun and inspiring – would recommend.”
Karen Newman

“Fun learning.”
Lee Smith

“Very encouraging and relaxed”.
A Marsh

“Very good grounding in basic skills, has given me confidence to plan more effectively.”
Susan Johnson

“It was very helpful and eye opening.  I went back feeling ready to do a presentation right away.  Anyone serious about presenting needs to attend one of these workshops.”
Catherine Mukuluma

“Great tips and advice.  Trainer was very knowledgeable about interpersonal skills.  Excellent, I feel amazing, confident and alive!”
Laura Stoddart

“Very good indeed.  I liked the fact that the workshop was very interactive right from the beginning.  The trainer quickly put everyone at ease – she was both teacher and mentor!  Very useful in self development, presentation and speech techniques.”
Joy Oti

“Good number of people in group.  Trainer very clear and encouraging.  Good feedback.  Very interactive, some voice coaching.”
Hilary Neve, CSL Recruitment & Consulting Ltd

“Liked the less is more approach.  Learned how to prepare and deliver, and gave you a framework which was not over detailed.”
Peter Howley, Ceridian

“Positive and encouraging.  Build on the good and try a few new ideas.  Good structure and reference template.  Would recommend.”
Andy Perkins, Prolinx Ltd

“Interactive, positive experience.”
Joanne Surgeon, Bruce Shaw Partnership

“All round positive – picked up key areas of concern. Would recommend for anyone doing their first presentation.”
Karen Cavaliere, London College of Beauty Therapy

“Very useful feedback. Very good first stage.”
Terry Smith

“Very useful day which gave me lots of tips and skills to use when presenting. Brilliant course and very good to raise self awareness.”
James Hall, Added Value Solutions Ltd

“Very interesting and useful but funny and interactive too.”
Paul Sleightholm, Clough Smith Rail

“Helped everyone with their individual issues allowing them to get the best out of the workshop.  Useful.”
Kate Angus, Action Duchenne

“Effective exercises and recommendations.  Very friendly atmosphere, good trainer, great learning experience and team.”
Lisa Richards

“Good starting point getting to the basics.  Good way of structuring presentations.  Would recommend.”
Bhavesh Sanghrajka

“Very good tips on delivery, voice, nervousness, structure of presentation etc.  Fantastic – met all of my objectives.”
Omar Ahmed

“It was done at a really good pace, very relaxed and I really enjoyed the whole course.  Also lost some of my bad habits.  Fantastic and easy to understand.”
Joanne Crawley

“Trainer was excellent, hugely knowledgeable and made the course fun.  Challenging but worthwhile.”
Tim Elliott

“Given a structure to work with that is really helpful and allows you to cope with changes.  Good structure that allowed a gradual progression to a finished product.  The structure and exercises for nerves are very helpful.”
Rob Sheldon

“I found the coping with nerves techniques very useful and felt very comfortable and at ease with the group.  Very informative, friendly group that allows you to overcome fears in a safe environment.”
Anneka Watson

“I really enjoyed the day and was immediately at ease on arrival.  Really useful.”
Charlotte Clegg

“Excellent day which surprised me given my nervousness.  Very useful and feel my confidence has grown in such a short space of time.  Well worth it!  Excellent, informal, relaxed.”
Helen White

“Provided me with useful tools to create confidence and really demonstrated how to structure a presentation to keep an audience engaged.”
Kate Bishop

“It was a very supportive environment in which to develop skills and practice presenting. Feedback was very valuable and the structure of the course was great, building up to main presentation with a number of smaller exercises to build confidence. Highly beneficial.”
Melissa Weston, Chevron

“Not too formal which made it more interesting and useful. Informative and interactive.”
Natalie Rose, Trafalgar House Pensions Administration Ltd

“Trainer very thorough, good interaction. Worthwhile and informative.”
Jamie Fascione, Planglow Ltd

“Good atmosphere, personal feedback. Very good course, covered all basics.”
Peter Mitchell-Eheim, Vinci Plc

“Excellent, very positive approach and feel a lot more confident in attempting a presentation. Very productive.”
Amy Benton, CCT

“Well paced – particularly liked that it was very interactive – didn’t feel like I was being talked at.”
Angela Griffiths, Brookfield GRS

“Boosted confidence. Very helpful and relaxed.”
Sarah Clifton, Expense Reduction Analysts

“Very interactive, good feedback. Very professional, good techniques and effective teaching.”
Mark Galea

“Very good feedback and professionalism. A good example of public speaking. Very useful and well run.”
Julian ford

“Very engaging and interactive. Trainer was very effective and helpful with feedback. Excellent techniques.
Ben Watson

“The trainer was really supportive and gave great feedback.  Good fun and excellent presenter.”
Lisa Clements, Canterbury Christ Church University

“Very enjoyable and informative.  I do have the confidence inside – and this was been brought out.”
Carol Standen, Canterbury Christ Church University

“Continuously built confidence throughout the day.  The trainer was engaging and caring about the concerns of all the participants.  A must for anyone with concerns about their presenting skills and ability.”
Sarah Hurrell, Canterbury Christ Church University

“All participants were at a similar level.  Criticism from both trainer and other participants was informative.  Informative and constructive.”
Jane Armstrong, Roger Oates Design

“Engaging trainer who individual as well as group advice and really took an interest in everyone.  Helpful and practical advice and tips.  I would recommend it – valuable.”
Amy Smith, Lonkal Consulting Ltd

“The trainer was excellent and highlighted things for future development.  Great feedback.”
James Hall, UK General

“Good workshop, opportunities to identify personal strengths and weaknesses.”
Michael Edelstein

“Skills development exercises were particularly interesting and useful.  Very good and useful should anyone want to improve their presenting skills.”
Ross Duncanson

“Very good at giving tips and exercises to use on day-to-day basis.  Good constructive criticism from the Trainer.  Very useful information and not as daunting as I’d thought.”
Lisa McShane

“The trainer is great at making you feel at east.  The voice exercises were very good and the whole course was very enjoyable.  Great!”
Karen Fox

“The trainer’s stories and personality gave me inspiration to give ‘out of the box’ presentations – to break the mould.  I think everyone who has to do presentations should do this course!”
Tricia Mills

“Provides the key skills to overcome nerves and structure presentations.  The workshop puts delegates at ease to build confidence and improve skills.”
Matthew Tennant

“I am pleasantly surprised at what this course achieves in such a small period of time. A good introduction to presenting.”
Jamie Lloyd

“Attending this workshop has made me realise that I am more than capable and have confidence to give a presentation to an audience.  Well worth it.  I cannot believe what I achieved.”
Sue Detheridge

“Really helpful, useful tips for future presentations, both in terms of structure and actual delivery.  Useful and fun.”
Minnie Bardosova, Morgan Kai

“Very practical and useful.  Excellent – get on it!”
Karen Manson

“Good trainer, and good size of group.”
Jenny Hancock

“Nice informal, non-threatening environment.  A good introduction to presentation skills.”
Abbie Taylor

“Very well run and presented.  Stage by stage progression so not scary as broken down into manageable bits.  I would recommend this course as a good starting point.”
Claire Coates

“Very good – keep up the good work.  This is one of the best workshops I’ve ever been to.”
Christiana Moses, Diamond Development Initiatives

“The techniques came in very hands and useful.  I also learned about being fully prepared.  Impressive, could relate easily to the trainer.”
Kazeem Osagie

“Best course I have attended.  The trainer was excellent.  Great course if you have to present.  Will recommend to my new staff when they start.”
Peter Newman, Lato Networks

“Great environment to explore and be yourself.  The trainer was great and the day went so quickly. Comfortable, practical and makes a difference.”
Karen Greengrass, EOG Resources UK Ltd

“The trainer was very helpful, understanding and engaging.  A great amount of interaction and personal feedback.  Engaging and beneficial.”
Sanja Spasojevic

“Great hints/tips regarding breathing and exercises.  A very helpful, fun, pro-active workshop.”
Chris Whiteside

“Small workshop makes it easier to gain constructive feedback.  Fantastic!”
Reena Mehta, Legal Services Commission

“I thought it was excellent.  A great course for somebody to gain confidence in presenting.”
Jacqueline Holtham-Dix

“It was a good platform to be able to practice and receive constructive feedback.”
Chris Harper, Christopher Nevill

“Very useful techniques, relaxed environment with positive attitude and feedback at all times.  Learnt how to present more effectively – object achieved!  Very worthwhile, enjoyable and skill enhancing.  And a confidence booster!”
Toby Coles

“I liked the way we got into as a group.  The trainer promoted giving good feedback to each other and I enjoyed the practical elements.  Very practical and hands on.”
Kevin Dagnell

“Really enjoyed and gained lots of valuable skills to improve my presentation skills.  Felt at ease and comfortable within learning and icebreakers helped with this.  Very informative and gave me skills which highlighted areas of presentation that I would normally not have considered.”
Richard Cuckow

“Really enjoyed it, feel a lot more confident when presenting.  Really informative and enjoyable.”
Rose Richardson

“Very useful techniques, relaxed environment.  Positive attitude and feedback at all times.  Learnt how to present more effectively – objective achieved!
Toby Coles

“A very rewarding day, particularly with regards to structuring a presentation. Well run by the trainer who kept my attention throughout. A very useful and relaxed way of improving delivery.”
Richard Hardy

“Really helped with confidence and how to deliver a presentation. Very good, clear, concise – just excellent.”
Linda Ball

“It was really helpful and beneficial. Good.”
Abdiasus Omar

“I was not expecting it to be so much about personal skills, more process and structure, but was very glad it was this was – much better. Excellent – will recommend it.”
Ann Rainford

“It has consolidated skills and made me think more about how to get the best from myself. Very helpful.”
Michelle Donald

“Whole day was pitched well and was very useful and informative. Fun and helpful.”
Steven Clark

“Very relaxed atmosphere which instantly put me at ease. Everything seemed to flow well. Very helpful and not as scary as I had thought.”
Sally Harker

“Good pace – wasn’t made to feel silly. Hugely beneficial.”
Val Rose, Haven Power

“Very productive – good use of time. Excellent.”
Gemma Baker, Haven Power

“The trainer was very friendly and made me feel at ease. Very helpful and informative.”
Lucy-Jo Tracey, Decision Technologies Ltd

“I felt I have become more confident about making presentations and the exercises really helped me to improve. Very useful – I achieved a lot and gained much from this course.”
Anouska Knox

“Well delivered, entertaining, non-intimidating. Confidence building.”
Victoria Gill, Brasher Leisure Ltd

“A fantastic way to improve self confidence through practical exercise – felt at ease at all times. Would highly recommend.”
Alex Thornton

“Really helpful and was given very good constructive criticism. Really helpful.”
Chris Roach, Morson Projects

“Excellent day – felt everyone supported each other throughout.”
Lisa Iannantuoni, SDD Exhibitions

“People were doing mini presentations from the start, so by the time the final presentation was done we had done much practice and had great feedback. An excellent course – just what I hoped for!”
Paul Beech, HM Treasury

“Really useful to have practice and get feedback.  Helps to know bad habits. “
Helen Twist, Legal & General

“There are several things I can take and use, so thank you.  All good.”
Kelly Arnold, DTZ

“Good interaction and opportunity to practice.  Great presenter, lovely personality.”
Ko Barclay

“I thought it was pretty much perfect.”
Sheila Burgel

“I was very surprised at the change in myself in just one day.”
Paul Murphy

“The trainer was very good and worked hard at making the group comfortable.”
Nikki Heath

“The early introduction to individual presentations took away the fear of an end of day presentation.  Fun and extremely useful.”
Sandra Proctor

“Very detailed breakdown of procedures.”
Jay Adams, Pipetech

“Probably the most effective training I have received.  Very well structured.  Excellent course – would recommend it to anyone working to improve presentation skills.”
Vince Gannon, Volker Highways

“Very helpful.”
Stuart Adams, Pipetech

“I leave this workshop today feeling much more confident about presenting – that has achieved my objective.  The trainer was fantastic – very encouraging and put us all at ease.”
Rehannah Karim, Sage Publications

“Really good course which built up my confidence.”
Krishnam Raju

“Very useful.”
Natalie Relton, Park Plaza Hotels

“Informative, interactive and fun – the right balance for objectives.  Very good.”
Sarah Barrett, West Midlands Pension Fund

“Very well run – felt good to be a part of it.  Fantastic opportunity to gain necessary skills in a friendly environment.”
Derrick Haughton

“It was very friendly – would recommend. It was a very useful workshop.”
Hassan Suleiman, Rotana

“Good amount of practice throughout the day.  Feedback was very confidence building.  Trainer was always positive yet highlighted areas that needed work.”
Jamie Clark

“Very good, really enjoyed the day.  Relaxed, with good learning points to be taken away.”
Nigel Austick

“If you think you are talking too slow and too loud you are actually doing it right!  Gained structure and things to practice.”
Steven Carlin

“We were able to develop and practice techniques in a safe, constructive environment.  I gained confidence and tips for presentation structure – the knowledge that everyone can deliver a productive presentation.”
Jane Friend

“I gained confidence and advice on breathing and slowing down.”
Michael Grealy

“Very useful course, makes you realise that giving a presentation is not such a big deal.  I got a lot of confidence and now I don’t mind giving a presentation.”
Christopher Murphy

“Great workshop – learned a lot from it.  Very helpful – especially the trainer.”
Khaled Shahdoor

“Built up my confidence all through the day.  I actually enjoyed the final speeches that I did.  Great quick fire techniques for the first three hours.”
Neil Goddard

“I thought the service was excellent and picked up some useful tips”
James Walton, Instant Offices

“Thoroughly engaging presentation by an expert who clearly knows his stuff!  All excellent.  Really engaging and worth while opportunity to further develop skills in delivering a competent presentation.”
Martin Taylor, The Folkestone Academy

“A lot of useful tools for preparation to present.  Very useful course.”
Kishwar Iqbal

“I feel I gained confidence and can control my nerves better now.  Was an excellent day.”
Sarah Lewis

“Fantastic facilitator who was honest about feedback.”
Zoe Langley, Alcester High School

“Insightful , the breathing techniques and verbal exercises in particular. A useful introduction into giving presentations.”
Daniel Goodwin, Competition Commission

“Well structured.”
Carla Stokes, Envision Consulting

“It was very well structured with excellent individual feedback. Highly beneficial.”
Jamie Armour

“Learnt some effective tips and tricks. A good way to learn the basics of presenting.”
Jonathan Green, Navisite Europe Ltd

“Good trainer and I took value from the course.”
Ben Welch, Candeo Media Ltd

“Covered interesting points on breathing.”
Mark Windmill, Marwyn Investment Management LLP

“Helped me gain a more structured approach to preparing a presentation and made me more confident. Friendly and informative.”
Russell Stebbings, Hoebridge Golf Centre

“The trainer was excellent. I enjoyed the course and learnt a great deal.”
Husna Haque, London Borough of Newham

“Constructive positive feedback and ability to put points into practice. Positive and worthwhile – suitable for anyone.”
Tristan hall, Hoebridge Golf Centre

“Good pace, very interactive, very worthwhile.”
Mike O’Connell, Hoebridge Golf Centre

“Friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Well run. Useful exercises – very helpful.”
Andy Pooler

“All useful information, good mixture of theory & practice. Good pace, great content. Right duration.”
Mark Castrick

“Has given my confidence a great boost.”
David Horner, Whistlefield Properties Ltd

“Very good trainer. The diction component was very useful. Has given me confidence.”
Robert Grant, Cairngorms National Park Authority

“Great atmosphere. Very friendly and constructive. Really useful advice. Everyone benefitted from the mutually supportive environment.”
Alastair Thomson, Chiene & Tait

“Informative and interesting.”
Karen McGrath, Kempen Capital Management

“Very relaxed environment. Everyone wants you to do well and that helps build your confidence. Feedback was very helpful, constructive and honest.”
Claire Robinson

“Very relaxed and informative – excellent – really good introduction to public speaking for those who find it intimidating.”
Tim Lawler

“The trainer made the course very interesting and engaging. Good advice and feedback.”
Neelam Pervez, Essex Probation

“Good atmosphere, interaction and many tips to consider. Not using a book allows for natural, free-flowing learning. Professional, experienced trainer – a Great Day!”
Sophie Payne, Natural Environment Research Council

“Packed so many good tips into one day. Learnt so much and gone home with confidence. Excellent way to improve skills and overcome nerves.”
Catherine Matthews

“Very structured. Good positive feedback, took me out of my comfort zone. Such a positive and supportive day – highly recommend it.”
Hilary Wilson

“Not only a productive day in terms of developing my skills, but very enjoyable too. Left smiling!”
Rebecca Scott

“Extremely helpful and a real confidence boost. Looking forward to practising my next presentation.”
David Bayley

“Covered a lot in the day and gained a lot of confidence. Would definitely recommend.”
Andy Booth

“Gave me confidence and skills – takes you slightly out of your comfort zone.”
Mandy de Belin

“Ran at a really good pace – trainer was very knowledgeable. I had a lot of faith in what the trainer was saying and the feedback he gave.”
Vicki Burgess

“Very well structured. The trainer was great at making you feel at ease and getting the best from you.”
Gilly Prime

“The most useful course I have ever been on”!
Tom Wade

Henry Rosenthal

“The trainer was fabulous. Provided very tailored teaching to individuals. Content was very valuable. Concentration on tone of voice and body language was great.”
Paul Ayling, Writing Machine

“Well structured, professional, memorable and very useful both in and out of the office.”
Ian Webster, Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi

“Good, very useful.”
Christine Bierdermann, Interactive Data ( Europe) Ltd

“Good positive, practical advice with constructive feedback.”
Andrew Clark, Carisbrooke High School

“Very useful, covered areas in depth and to the full.”
Nick Conway, ICS London

“Very good and useful.”
Tim Mathias, United Residents Housing

“Trainer attentive to all students’ weaknesses. Trainer very patient and observant.”
Dr Gloria Kiapi

“Splendid, just what I wanted.”
Tim Hughes

“Very good overall – a good pace, covered a lot in a short time.”
Tom Goe

“Very useful course, improved my confidence. The trainer was excellent and most helpful.”
Richard Speight

“The trainer was very good at giving methods to help our problems.”
Jay Adams

“It was fantastic and thought provoking. Gave really practical help. The trainer was excellent and a good communicator – really knows her stuff. I have a greater understanding of how to work the audience.”
Jennifer House

“Hugely beneficial, will definitely take things away from this. Would recommend to others.”
Nick Sims

“Good quality workshop. Very useful techniques used throughout.”
Paul Warner

“Very informative and gained a lot from it.”
Carly Doherty

“Really excellent 1-2-1 attention focussing on our strengths and weaknesses.”
Debbie Wilson

“The trainer quickly put us at ease. Very practical and common sense based. Learned some great tools which will help me. The trainer was an excellent tutor and I feel I have learned so much today.”
S Casey

“Very useful – lots of practice and valuable pointers from an experienced viewpoint.”
Benjamin Mastermann

“Workshop is very practical and rewarding. Skills acquired are essential. Exciting and rewarding.”
Ogechi Anuebunwa, Eon Nigeria

“Excellent trainer, made me feel relaxed and confident – very encouraging. Very positive and informative – highly recommended.”
Thiaan Aspelling

“It was excellent. Fantastically useful day. Enjoyable and worthwhile.”
Paul Tobin, Sheffield University Students Union

“The trainer was really good at building rapport and creating a safe learning environment. A great way to build confidence and find your voice in giving presentations.”
Zoi Fletcher, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

“Extremely helpful! Overall an enjoyable experience”
Katy Ward

“Trainer was very encouraging. Very helpful exercises.”
Joanne Bailey, Newham College of Further Education

“A large amount of material was covered and I found it all very useful.”
William Glover, Agent Oriented Software

“Workshop was effective – the trainer was very good and made you feel relaxed.”
Daksha Versani, LEC Communications Ltd

“It was very good – gave me the tips to organise a good presentation.”
Piergiorgio Chelucci, Kema

“This is the first presentation I had and it has been very helpful”
Jenny French, ISTD

“The structure worked very well. It was fun and there was good voice and posture work. Course was very good.”
Georgia Docherty, Trinity College London

“Extremely useful. I learned about the audience and body language.”
Agapi Papadamou, KEMA

“Very useful, eye opener, much better than I expected.”
Matthew Moss, Summit Trade Events Ltd

“The trainer was excellent – welcoming, encouraging yet forceful (in a positive way) when necessary.”
Miles Warren

“Very interactive – a lot of good information.”
Todd Barr, Shell Trading

“Friendly atmosphere, good venue, learnt some exercises and think it genuinely helped me.”
Theresa Stoker, AMEC

“Very interesting – good for improving skills.”
Adele Moran, Covidien

“The trainer was really interested in trying to help me improve my presentation skills. Excellent course.”
Katrina Manchip, Plymouth City Council

“Well structured, good mix of practice sessions and teaching.”
Keith Heffernan, Armajaro Trading

“Exceeded expectations – the exercises build confidence through the day. Individual focus sections were very educational.”
Helen Smith, Chiene & Tait

“Enjoyable and not boring.”
Richard Chalk, FTI Consulting

“Has helped confidence and achieved what I came for.”
Damian Donovan, FTI Consulting

“Relaxed environment to overcome any nerves.”
Fiona Kelly, Lloyds TSB

“The trainer instils confidence and provides constructive feedback.”
Wendy Love, Which

“The instructor was very confident and self-assured in helping to deliver advice – it helped a lot. The trainer was excellent and inspired confidence.”
Rodney Ngone

“A good selection of activities, good speed and information”
Paul Havel, Microtalk UK Ltd

“Very competent trainer, very friendly, very useful feedback given.”
Nicholas McNamara, NMC Services Ltd

“Excellent group who fed off the trainer’s enthusiastic approach. The environment was very positive and the trainer was very adept at explaining all aspects of the day. The trainer was excellent.”
Greg Jervis, Napp Pharmaceuticals Ltd

“The trainer was excellent, both knowledgeable and professional. Overall – excellent.”
Simon Truckle, Inmarkets Ltd

“Very efficient, learnt a lot in a very short time.”
Michael Belpaire, Pan Asia Alpha Strategies

“Practical exercises and personalised feedback. Very, very useful.”
James Bird, Cinema Exhibitors’ Association Ltd

“It was interactive, dynamic and engaging. It has given me motivation to practice.”
Andrew La Bray, Camden PCT NHS

“Very well organised.”
Neil Buckley, Oakwood Park Grammar School

“Very dynamic.”
Sylvie Gabbey

“Great for confidence and trying to get the right mindset.”
Martyn Wade

“I found the trainers enthusiasm spread to the group and his feedback was very productive. Found it very useful.”
Sophie Plummer-Seats, Prupim

“Very very engaging, brilliant all round.”
Omolara Amuwa, University of East London

“A great and friendly positive way to start learning about presenting.
Gavin Jones, Deuterium

“Very helpful with practical points to work on.”
Ian MacWilliam

“The workshop was very well structured and organised. Could not have asked for a better trainer – thank you!”
Helen Lam, Newham Sixth Form College

“It was brilliant and exactly what I wanted.”
Stefan Perris

“A very well structured workshop. Good flow of learning from learn to practice.”
Jay Grime, Freundenberg Nonwovens

“I thought the workshop was excellent. I felt comfortable. The trainer was excellent – friendly, helpful and keen to pass on her knowledge and experience.”
Leanne Grice, Royal College of Psychiatrists

“Very useful, well structured. Focussed on key aspects of presenting.”
Nageswaran Gurumoorthy

“Encouraging comments gave me confidence. Friend atmosphere.”
Margaret Taylor, The Salvation Army

“Well structured and well delivered. Lots to take forward.”
Lynn Raynal, Crimestoppers Scotland

“Excellent – would recommend this to others.
Ian Grace, London Bridge Associates Ltd

“This was an excellent workshop. The group were supportive and the trainer gave excellent feedback and advice.”
Barbara Becker

“Very good structure. Tips and pointers very useful.”
Richard Hipkiss, Fleet Operations

“I have learnt so much in terms of coping mechanisms and calming tools. I feel more confident about making presentations. The trainer was formidable, provided great constructive feedback and tailored aspects of the course to everyone who attended”.
Dave Phillips, Sage Publications

“Fabulous, funny, enjoyable, supportive, effective, entertaining. It really was excellent – well worth the time and money”.
Michelle Mountfort, The Bridge

“Packed with specific tips, ideas and skills to tackle the difficulties we were experiencing. Structure of the day was responsive to our individual and shared needs. The trainer was respectful, compassionate, skilled and funny. He relaxed us and gave us a wide range of skills”.
Marian Titley

“I really liked the variety of techniques and will use many of them. Very enjoyable too”.
Jenni Mitchell, Mediatrack Research

“The trainer was able to offer comments on my presentation problems which I found very useful. Very well run course”.
Mike Thurman, Masonic Samaritan Fund

“Really useful in combating nerves using breathing and pace techniques. Very Good. Really enjoyed myself and learned a lot about myself”. 
Marion Greenway, Praxis High Integrity Systems Ltd

“The course covered a lot of ground. The trainer was very good at identifying areas to work on, and was holistic and creating in teaching”.
Jennifer Hanks

“Very, very beneficial, enjoyable. Has undoubtedly given me much needed confidence. Many thanks to the trainer and all participants for an enjoyable and very good day”.
Judy Bolton

“The trainer was excellent and made me feel confident about my presenting”.
Kathy Gundy, Herefordshire EYES

“Managed to leave my nerves behind for the first time! Very useful and informative. Felt comfortable and confidence increased as the day went on”.
Louise Yates, Shrewsbury College of Art & Technology

“The workshop has greatly improved my abilities. Very grateful for the tuition given”.
Brian Silvester, APHC Ltd

“I found this course of great benefit to me. I would highly recommend it. It was fun in parts and helped me so much with my confidence. I’m leaving feeling positive – thank you so much”.
Angela Lawrence, Remploy Ltd

“The workshop was excellent. The trainer was informed and put me at ease. The feedback was very positive”.
Sharon Ward, Remploy Ltd

“Gained confidence and enjoyed the process. Excellent Trainer”.
Ted Peake, Applied Inspection Ltd

“Very good feedback and workshop”.
Cheryl Archer, Dunelm Mill (Soft Furnishings) Limited

“The course was very interactive but not intimidating. I had a lot of personal advice as well as group work”.
Helen Taylor, PGB

“Excellent – helped to dissolve my nerves. Very confidence building. The trainer was fantastic and really helped to develop all our individual needs”.
Bryony Bishop, Usborne Books at Home & Schools

“The whole day was brilliant – challenging (but not too much) and adapted to individual needs”.
Joe Barrett, Eurotherm Ltd

“The workshop was excellent, very helpful and catered to everyone’s needs. Really useful. The trainer was excellent.
Renos Ioannou

“Really good supportive group and the trainer made it much less scary than I had expected. Has given me more confidence”.
Annelie Grey

“Helped identify strong/weak parts of the individual”.
Liem Tran

“The day has been fantastic. I delivered the best presentation I have ever done today which I didn’t think that was possible this morning! Very pleased I booked this course”.
Sophie Lax

“Very enjoyable, very well explained, good confidence boost”.
Sara Holman, The CCL Partnership

“The trainer is very enthusiastic. Very well run course, small numbers made it much more personal”.
Jane Turbin, Svenska Handelsbanken AB

“The trainer was very informative and enthusiastic”.
Kate Miller, LendLease

“Rapport with the trainer was excellent. Enjoyed the small group. Great course”.
Andre Reupchand, Talklab Ltd

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. The trainer was great. Thank you, good pace and lots of tips and anecdotes”!
Diane Pickup, The Charterhouse Square School

“The trainer was excellent. I learned a great deal and feel more confident”.
James Gordon, The Queens Hotel

“The trainer was an excellent teacher – dynamic and enthusiastic. Gave useful and relevant comments”.
Ethna Haines, Glenhurst School

“Good coverage on techniques and keeping nerves under control”.
Trent Nelson, OnResolve Ltd

“Good interactivity, positive exercises, small group”.
Andrew Smith

“The course was very useful, well delivered and the skills gained will be very useful”.
Steve Leicester, Bright Financial Services Ltd

“Excellent course, very good trainer with great experience”.
Tim Brooksbank

“Excellent workshop, very worthwhile class”.
Steven Brightwell, Ingersoll Rand

“Better than I could have expected.
Mr Riding

“Has helped me feel more confident about my presentation style”.
Michael Davies, Royal Air Force

“The encouragement to do things really helped me move through a barrier”.
Elizabeth Newman, Rural Payments Agency

“I never expected to be able to do what I did at the end of the day. I have come a long way since this morning. Probably the best, most productive course I’ve ever been on”.
Pat Randall, Axiell Ltd

“Excellent advice, course trainer was excellent, totally what I was looking for. Excellent course pitched at just the right level”.
James Stride

“A learning experience made more comfortable by enthusiasm, skill and feedback from the trainer. Have taken a great deal of confidence away from the day”.
Debbie Healy, NHS NE Essex

“Has been really interesting with good explanation of different techniques. Things clearly explained at a good pace.
Vittoria Polito, NHS NE Essex

“Excellent, very enjoyable and informative. Lots to think about”.
Pamela Adams, LSC

“Found going through the presentation step by step and improving each aspect very helpful”.
Oliver Durrant, Kingston upon Thames Council

“Useful comments, good voice exercises, feedback about strengths and weaknesses”.
Anna Sumara, McLagan

“Really liked informal style. Feel l really learned something especially how to structure a presentation”.
Sonya Jarockyi, Mezzo Films

“The trainer was very encouraging – any criticisms were given in a very constructive way and with encouragement.
Elizabeth Hird, University of Leeds

“Great content, really informative and never felt dictated to. Really enjoyed it.
Lianne Harrison, NHS Barnsley

“Very informative – lots of information and constructive critique. Very positive trainer – inspiring. Very knowledgeable and supportive environment”.
Vikki Padgett, NHS Barnsley

“Really enjoyable worthwhile day. Supportive environment made specific to each individual. Lovely people, really valuable day”.
Amy Gillott, NHS Barnsley

“I found the workshop very informative”.
Mark Gahagan, Gael Ltd

“Excellent for building up confidence”.
Tracy Brown, Bovill & Boyd (Engineering) Ltd

“I liked the informal, non-desk based approach. Was good in terms of personal attention. Enjoyable day”.
Susan Henderson, Scottish Power

“Great personal attention and feedback”.
Christina Eriksson, Dimensional Fund Advisors

“Friendly and I like the breathing exercise.
Sanitas Pradittasnee

“Very useful and helpful”.
Alexander Makarov

“Very good – raised subjects I had never thought about before”.
Stephen Saunders, Rundall Blanchard Associates

“Very well presented, professionally delivered course”.
Kenny Kington, Kington Process Ltd

“Very good. Nice supportive group and good trainer. Enjoyed the workshop and good to have the brochure to take away”.
Sue Baker, The National Autistic Society

“Learning practical techniques, breathing and posture, mental preparation – all really helpful”.
Becky Somerton, Jockey Club Racecourses

“The trainer immediately put me at ease. She challenged me enough I felt I made real improvements. I feel quite positive about employing the techniques I’ve learnt”.
Katie Higginson, Football Foundation

“Good mix of theory & practice and group feedback”.
Emma Stirling, Cubiks

“Great workshop, feel much more confident – thank you – really helped”.
Rachel Brady, Addaction

“Trainer was brilliant and made me relax which gave me confidence and strength. The trainer made me feel positive – 10/10”.
Kuldip Matharu

“Very helpful – breaking the art of presentation down to component parts”
Amy Manchia

“Very useful and instructing”.
Nick Hall, Lloyd’s Register

“Fantastic, really beneficial – the trainer was great”.
Jackie Furey, Inside Job Ltd

“Great workshop. Methods used were extremely helpful – I have gained a lot from today”.
Samantha Frankham, Inside Job Ltd

“I learnt a lot about myself and some skills I will use in future presentations”
Pam O’Connor, Lewisham Homes

“Really enjoyable, learned a lot. I’m sure it will help future presentations”.
Michael Dunning, Office of Government Commerce

“The trainer has made me feel more confident. It exceeded all my expectations. I enjoyed the course and hope to be more confident in future”.
Dawn St Cyr, Business Link in London

“Great involvement and made as relaxing and calm as possible”
Adam Heathcote

“Enthusiastic teacher, great course, very constructive, just perfect”.
Borie Quentin

“Excellent trainer who put everyone at ease and encouraged us throughout, the structure was very good and practical tips appealed to me”.
Becci Jackson, Kerry Foods

“A very well tutored group, relaxing atmosphere which encouraged confidence”.
John Hanrahan, Windsor Partners Ltd

“Relaxed, enjoyable, concise”.
Jack McEvoy, Sun Microsystems

“Friendly, helpful, confidence building”
Anthony Wilde, Sun Microsystems

“Voice and breathing exercises very good. Great range of techniques and I liked the pairs-mentor format”.
Antonia Galloway, GS Marketing

“Very sympathetic and supportive trainer while still challenging”
Nathalie Palacio, Redlands School

“An excellent way to bring new thinking to existing skills and help develop new ones”.
Jason Keene, RWE nPower

“Improved my confidence”.
James Humphries, Humphries Audio Visual

“Very friendly and supportive”.
Roberta Hewitt

“Found all parts very useful. Now feel more confident to go out and present”.
Rachael Green, Nottinghamshire Police

“Ace ability to tailor advice to different needs within the group. Constructive, inclusive, providing lots to think about”.
Alex Eyre, CGA Strategy Ltd

“It was very helpful and the small numbers allowed you to get personal feedback while being able to experience other presentations. It was a brilliant day and everyone was really warm and friendly”.
Eleanor Richman

“Brilliant trainer, could not be bettered”.
Susan Thornely

“Enjoyed the day and the trainer. Got out of the day what I wanted”.
Rob Grimmond, Offshore Marine Management

“All very good. Very interactive, good feedback and feel more able as a result.”
Mike Firth, Foursys Ltd

“A variety of things to do which got me out of my comfort zone. Chris Penney was extremely observant of all individuals and gave good feedback.”
Serena James, IFS Defence

“I enjoyed the ease of communication from trainer, she was easy to understand and very approachable. Small group meant I that I understood what I was being told. Excellent workshop.”
Sylvia Nwafornso, Teva UK Limited

“Very clear and concise trainer. Very structured with no stone unturned. Very reassuring to the delegates with everybody kept at ease.”
Nigel Williams, Yara UK Limited

“Relaxed environment, trainer was excellent, good confidence builder. A good foundation to my presenting career.”
Rick Hazeldon

“Excellent, very flexible and considerate.”
Wayne Darrock, JTA

“Excellent in building confidence and giving feedback straight away about issues. Trainer was excellent and made the day fun.”
Nicky Forbes, Swanswell Charitable Trust

“It shows you how important the structure and practising is to try and avoid the fear, and it will prevent the common problems. Very good course.”
Emma Hodson, Birmingham Pressings Ltd

“Excellent workshop learnt so much – can’t wait to make my first work presentation.”
Jessica Venning, Wyatt International Ltd

“I was reserved before I came and totally objected to take part in seminars within my business – I intend to prepare one for next week – first thing in the morning, Loved it – thank you!”
Samantha Rose

“Great trainer, felt comfortable and positively encouraged.”
Monika Ruttimann, F.Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd

“Very useful in building confidence. Trainer made whole group feel at ease immediately.”
Jessica Parry, Kerio Technologies UK Ltd

“Was relatively apprehensive about the day but found it interactive and informed. Enjoyed the challenge of preparing and presenting the presentation within a short time frame. Proved to be highly beneficial in becoming more confident.”
Sam Traill, Marathon Asset Management

“I was really nervous attending the course but quickly changed to be relaxed by Steve’s positive feedback. Steve was a fantastic trainer and has now given me confidence to deliver better presentations.”
John Cleary

“It has helped me to gain more confidence, building rapport with audience, structure body language and eye contact. Steve has really been a great tutor.”
Paul Coffey, Cargill Plc

“It was above my expectations, very good.”
Virgine Barbe, Energy Quote

“It’s a great environment to practice. Yes its still scary, but you know that everyone else is feeling the same way. Also great trainer!”

“Not only did it help with the issues I felt I faced, it was done in a steady comfortable manner.”
Steve Mason

“I was amazed at how people changed throughout the day. The trainer did very well incorporating everyone’s needs.”
Sarah Chandler, System Associates Ltd

“I think it was fantastic – I’m glad that we had lots of development exercises before we were called upon to present as they released the group. Luan is a very engaging and supportive trainer.”
Pam Rana

“Good size with regard to delegate numbers – not too many in the group. Good feedback and it didn’t feel that anyone was being criticised. I found the course was very informative and not at all intimidating.”
Victoria Hargreaves, Kronos Systems Limited

“Well structured. Good advice – great exercises.”
Michael Williams

“Addressed the areas I needed training in.”
Liam Barnes, Citizens Online

“Made me feel more confident, more capable.”
Julia Bennett, Marubeni-Komatsu Limited

“I really enjoyed the day and found what it has taught me excellent. I now can’t wait to do a presentation.”
Emma Richardson, E & D Associates

“I feel much more confident in standing up and speaking while people are watching me. Mike delivered the workshop in an interesting manner.”
Claire Parsons

“I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great confidence builder.”
Greg Sheil

“Very interactive and positive. Good assessment of the people attending the workshop by the trainer. Will be very useful in future presentations.”
Souganthy Sundaramoorthy, NHS North West Deanery

“Gave me confidence where previously I didn’t have much at all. Good basic grounding in how to write and present.”
Jon Drew, JD Graphics

“Excellent training. It’s hard to believe the difference in one day. The nerve control techniques are very good.”
David Chalk, Fibatech Industries Ltd

“The workshop has taught me many skills which I will use for marketing presentations, not only on how to calm my nerves but also how to compose a good presentation.”
Paula Ambrose, Cellar Trends Limited

“Brilliant, gave me a real idea on how to combat the nerves I had when I arrived.”
Geoff Allen, BPEC

“David was brilliant – he really made people feel comfortable & confident.”
Holly McConnell, RHS

“Very interactive, good contents; I did everything I hated but still by the end I really enjoyed & made tremendous improvement in such a short period of time. David was really helpful & encouraging!”
Christina Lim

“Really good session. I found the whole day really informative and would definitely recommend to others. Marcia was very personable and fun!!”
Dominic Traynor

“Extremely useful range of skills and tools taught. Very supportive and patient teaching style. Very effective and useful, I feel far more confident about my upcoming presentation”
Richard Tredgett, XL Services UK Limited

“This was an excellent course which I really feel I learned a lot from. I had been dreading it but the exercises were fun and put the group at ease. Having others evaluate you was useful and I know what areas I need to work on”
Rachel Kirton, Cengage Learning EMEA

“A great teacher, very professional, interesting and made contact with everyone. Active and positive approach from the start of the day.”
Lucy Buck, Zycko Ltd

“Very clearly presented! Constructive feedback, good advice and very encouraging. Good boost to self esteem knowing I now have the basics.”
Sally Rigg

“Excellent content, very useful tips, it really works!”
Laura Singleton

“Liked the fact that it took into account peoples needs and didn’t follow a strict format. Catered for individuals as well as the group.”
Lee Goudie, HH Associates.

“I feel enlightened and positive (more so) about my presentation future. The feedback gave me some real insight into my skill as a presenter that was inspiring. Great course, I was better than I thought and have clear areas to work on.”

“Felt at ease and not overly self-conscious, realised that I wasn’t the only one who hated speaking in public and actually it is a very common and acceptable fear. Excellent, thank you!”
Chris Parsons

“It was very useful to learn more about the physical aspects of presenting, particularly the influence of breathing. It was also invaluable to go over structuring a real presentation, doing the presentation and getting trainer and peer feedback.”
Lynne Montage, National Archives.

“Good constructive feedback, pace was very manageable. Given good time to practise and ‘breathe’. Helen was very good and enjoyable to listen to.”
Samantha Sharpe, Brent Knoll School.

“It was relaxed, comfortable and enjoyable. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the workshop – but was pleasantly surprised by constructive feedback I received – I think it has been of great benefit to me. Was a great confidence booster!”
Rhonda Curliss, ISG Academy.

“Great hands on training. Very engaging. Amazing how much you can learn in one day.”
Matthew Bubear

“Excellent – Practice sessions where you put theory into practice. One of the most useful courses I’ve ever taken.”
Annie McGovern, Postwatch Scotland.

“I was a bit sceptical as to how one day training could help but this course today made me appreciate the value of training.”
Allan Malvar, ICMA.

“A great workshop – I’m sure I will find this really useful. Lots of useful techniques and information.”
Alison Heatherington, The National Archives.

“Very useful – good to have a combination of practical and theory, and have choice to practice and prepare own presentation. Chris was encouraging yet gave areas to develop.”
Rachel Philpett, Hightown Praetorian and Churches Housing Association.

“Good information and well run course.”
Tim Dudley, Arbuthnot Securities

“The format of the day was logical and well presented. An easy to learn and enjoyable course. Very good an experience well worth undergoing.”
Kevin Ramsden, West Yorkshire Police.

“Very useful techniques – will enable me to undertake presentations to a very high standard. The trainer, Mike was brilliant, a great pleasure to meet him.”
Gurdev Singh Bal, Help the Aged.

“Mike soon put us all at ease. Any initial nerves were soon eliminated.”
Kevin Morgan

“It was extremely useful to learn the skills to disguise nerves, and help with the voice. This workshop will definitely help me in the workplace (not just at presenting but in general).”
Lorraine Guest, AGCO Limited.

“I thought it was excellent. Addressed many of my fears about public speaking and gave me good ways of overcoming my fears through breathing, voice control, etc.”
John Grant, St Andrews Links Trust.

“I enjoyed this course. It exceeded my expectations.”
Nick Fletcher, Reuters.

“Gained a lot more confidence and now able to manage nerves better to become a more effective speaker.”
Mark Conway

“Positive attitude of trainer made workshop enjoyable and incredibly useful. I feel much more confident as a result of the course.”
Lisa Cooper, Chiene & Tait CA.

“Very good, useful, practical exercises putting into practice the theory . David was a helpful trainer, put us at ease with good advice. Helpful to have a course for inexperienced presenters rather than one dealing with all levels of presenter. Excellent Course.”
Jo Prentice, Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea.

“Really useful, friendly supportive environment. David was informative, helpful and made the day really interesting. One of the best I have attended – fantastic.”
Claire Dunning, De La Rue plc.

“Excellent workshop. Very relaxed atmosphere. Trainer trying to push you to get the best out of you which is excellent.”
Paul Scott, Prevista Ltd.

“Personalised advice/feedback was incredibly useful. Helen was very knowledgeable about all aspects of the course and extremely patient!”
Melissa Ogden RS Components.

“Great way of getting confident for presentations. Very well presented!”
Sam Reavill, Specsavers Opticians.

“Very relaxed, so allows you to be more confident with presentation. A lot of useful criticism.”
Laura Goddard

“Good balance between delivery and theory. Key aspect was positive thinking and relaxation techniques, plus constructive feedback.”
Rachel Asquith, Homeloan Management Ltd.

“Great exercises to get the group thinking about pace, breathing and how to structure a presentation.”
Bindi Patel, Impetus Consulting Ltd.

“Very interactive and engaging. Helen was very good at making sure we changed and became better presenters without being patronising.”
Rene Calvey, RS Components.

“Excellent skills developing course. It gave me a great confidence to talk in front of other people, present my thoughts and messages.”
Visit London

“Excellent, definitely will feel more relaxed in giving presentations and speeches. Helped me to slow my pace and be more confident.”
Fresh Insurance

“Helped to build my confidence to speak in public.”

“David was excellent. He made me feel at ease so didn’t feel too intimidated to present.”
Fred Perry

“It was fun and informative. I gained a lot of knowledge. A valuable course that everyone should take part in.”

“Helen was excellent – gave us all belief in ourselves. Looking forward to the next course”
CB Richard Ellis

“I feel that I have achieved a lot today. Excellent teacher, I really feel confident about future presentations.”
Global Safety

“Very helpful, gave me a lot more confidence.”
Speedo International

“Great interaction and exercises. Alison engages everyone and keeps the interest for the whole day.”
Reed & MacKay Travel

“The trainer was very good; some great tips and hints to help nerves, overall confidence and appearances. Her criticism was always constructive and I found it most useful. The delivery was appropriate to the content and useful group interaction of shared experiences was also worthwhile. I would recommend the First Presentation Skills and am preparing to book onto the Effective Presentation Skills.”
Unigraphics Solutions

“I really enjoyed the course and thought it was very useful.”

“Thought the course was excellent and I got a lot more from the day than I expected to. Steve was fantastic – being in a small group helped and we were made to feel comfortable in a really short space of time. Thanks very much, I would definitely recommend this course to colleagues and friends.”
Real Time UK

“Thank you to Chris who was excellent, a very enjoyable and informative day.”
Moorcrofts LLP

“I thought David was an excellent trainer and this was a course I came away from thinking I really had picked up some excellent pointers and will definitely use them in my presentations. It was nice too that the team of people who were also on the course were on a similar level – it made it easier to gel and to confirm our “fears” etc.”
National Probation Service – Essex

“David was an excellent trainer and I would definitely recommend Skillstudio to others. The e-course on Presentation Skills is excellent as it gives some really good tips and advice which was consolidated in the training. I’m looking forward to receiving details of the SKILLSPLUS programme in due course.”
Legal Services Commission

“I found the Presentation Skills course to be extremely valuable and I thought Alison was a brilliant trainer. The handouts have been very useful and easy to understand as well.”
The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games

“We feel so much more confident to deliver presentations, the way in which the course was presented made it fun and easy to remember.”
Sandwell Borough Council

“Steve is very passionate about this topic and his encouragement and tuition skills were invaluable. Very enjoyable course.”
UPM Tilhill

“Really worthwhile, will definitely look at doing more workshops with Skillstudio in the future.”
Beattie Communications

“I look forward to attending the next course. Thought Steve was great, very encouraging and motivating. Lovely group.”

“Tutor made course very interesting and was supportive and offered invaluable advice.”
The Salmon Youth Centre”

“Thank you so much. The course was invaluable and Will (course trainer) was excellent. I particularly liked the breathing exercises and will definitely focus on my key objectives and audience much more than before. My main focus before used to be the presentation only. The key points raised will prove extremely useful to me going forward and I will be recommending the course to my fellow colleagues too.”
Brencourt Advisors

“I did enjoy the course very much thanks, and learned a lot.  David was a great trainer – I was really quite nervous before the course but he very quickly put us all at our ease, and made the day fun as well as useful.  I have a presentation coming up next week so I’ll have the chance to put some of my new skills into practice!  I will definitely be recommending the course to other people.”
AgroFair UK

“I enjoyed the course and was very impressed with Neal. I would definitely attend another Skillstudio course again.”
Commission for Social Care Inspection

“We were both very impressed with the course and we look forward to joining the complimentary SKILLSPLUS Programme”

“It was a wonderful training course which I enjoyed so much!”
London Borough of Lambeth

“I’m absolutely delighted that I came across Skillstudio’s website and this was the best presentation skills course I’ve been on by far.  Steve was an excellent teacher – really inspirational – and I came away at the end of the day knowing that I really CAN speak in public.”
Leeds Media

“It’s encouraging and useful to know that you offer such a good service. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our trainer – Mike for such a fantastic day and for the amazing work he did yesterday.”

“I’d like to say that I thought the first presentation skills course was first class on Mon 15th May at Manchester.  Steve was a fantastic teacher and really got the best out of the group. He focused on each person’s reason for being there without making them feel weak.”

“Thank you – the course was very good and extremely informative”
Kent Football Association

“Really great course! I actually found myself enjoying presenting – which I never thought would happen – Thank you!!”
Chrysalis Radio

“I found the course very useful and interesting. The trainer was extremely competent and ensured that the course was tailored to the needs of those participating as much as possible. She was constantly supportive and built on the strengths of the participants rather than looking at weaknesses which I found very positive. Having a small course of just 6 people also meant more was gained.”
Ethical Property Company

“I would just like to say how glad I am that I attended your 1st presentation course in London a couple of weeks ago. It really gave me confidence and taught me a lot about how to prepare and to think about the ways in which you can use your voice and body language. I did a best man’s speech to an audience of 120 last weekend. It was one of the most daunting things ive ever done, but it actually went really well and everyone laughed in the right places. Attending your course had a massive part to play in how well the speech went. I would be grateful if you could pass my thanks on to Neal who ran the course.”

“I thought it was really excellent. Chris was extremely good at making us feel calm and in control!”