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Effective Presentation Skills

Here’s some of the fantastic feedback we have received from previous attendees of our Effective Presentation Skills courses.

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This is a two-day interactive and very practical workshop is ideal if you already have experience of presenting or public speaking and now want to work on your presentation delivery skills.

If you’d like to find out some more about the Effective Presentation Skills course you can also download a PDF of the course brochure by clicking on the small image on the right hand side.



“Fantastic – An excellent way to really practise in front of colleagues.”
Jeanette, Damart

“Great and very useful.”
Mike, LUPC

“Insightful.  Kate made me feel comfortable.  Feedback was constructive.”
Rachel, Tokio Marine Kiln Group Limited

“Very intensive and allowing to absorb new knowledge and techniques quickly.”
Anna, CASCO Europe

“A really fun and interesting course to learn tips and techniques to improve presentation skills.”

“Engaging, informative and practical.  In some respects going back to basics.”

“Andrew was fantastic.  Incredibly perceptive comments and feedback.  I saw all the delegates improve a great deal over the two days.  Felt like a safe environment to learn in.”
Charlie, The Building Societies Association

More than worth the investment.  You are guaranteed to get some great skills.”
James, SecureData

“Bang on! Absolutely fantastic. Thoroughly enjoyable and I leave having far more confidence and awareness in terms of delivering presentations.  Nice one.”
Spencer Fearn

“Great trainer, great group.  We all progressed so much in such a short amount of time.  Thank you.”
Michael, Peopletoo

“Very practical, lots of useful tips.  Liked how there was opportunity to put into practice what we had learned.”
Laura, Kogan Page

“A good practical course to hone your skills.”
Tom. DMW Group Ltd

“Excellent, an opportunity to better yourself.”

“Great and recommended.”

“Well worth two days to really think about your message and delivery when presenting.”
David, Lake District Estates

“Very useful to understand how to present effectively.  Good techniques for how to combat nerves.”
Jack, BMG Research

“Wow! What a fantastic course.  Nothing but positive feedback.  I have gained so much from two days, just cannot believe the positive experience!”

“I found it extremely helpful and informative.  Brilliant trainer that worked with us closely and very happy with the outcome.”

“A course  that is aimed at all levels and very much about doing rather than the theory which is what I need.”
Charlie, Damart

“Very useful.  Great use of different styles of learning and presenting.  Not a power point slide in sight – fantastic!”

“The workshop was brilliant.  I came in nervous and I’m going out confident about making presentations.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the two days and feel I am a much better presenter.”

“Very useful.  I learned so many useful strategies to improve my presentation skills and feel very confident about putting my next one together.”

“Enjoyable, helpful, informal, informative and friendly.”

“I was excited to return.  Happy to stay until the end.  Glad for the regular practice sessions.  Dynamic, not your usual workshop.”

“The workshop was fantastic and offered invaluable practice.”

“Constructive, Followed natural steps, logical order to training.”
Stuart, MGF Gutsche & Co GmbH

“100% worthwhile!”
Dan, Pinnacle MC Global

“Personal, challenging, engaged and passionate feedback – specific to individuals.”
Joe, James & Wilkinson Media

“Very interactive, enjoyable and thought provoking workshop.  I took a lot away with me.”
Scott, Pyrford International Ltd

“Making a huge difference in just 2 days!  Recommend to anyone.”
Sarah, The Building Societies Association

“Best training workshop I have been on.  Very helpful.”

“I really enjoyed the workshop.  I learnt a lot and had fun learning.  Great trainer.”

“This is the most beneficial course I have attended, fantastic trainer with great feedback and structure to the course.  Lots of energy, motivation and enthusiasm.”
Richard, Masternaut

“I feel so much more confident with my presentation skills, I’ve learnt so much and now  feel energised and excited to do my next presentation.  Much more useful than I could have thought – would highly recommend.”
Josie, Cortexica

“Great! Interactive, many examples, pointers to come away with.  Learnt a lot.”
Julia, Hartland Shipping

“Great fun and extremely useful.”
Laura, ADAMAS Consulting Ltd

“A really useful course which gives you time to reflect and then put learning into practice.  Great to work alongside individuals from different professional backgrounds to add diversity and interest.”
Faye, North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare

“Good atmosphere and pace over the two days.  Instructor was friendly and motivating.  Provided practical examples and tips.”
Jessica, Clas Ohlson Ltd

“Fantastic opportunity to develop skills and gain confidence in your abilities whilst also identifying areas for improvement.”
James, Sapa

“Very relaxed atmosphere with a great group of people.  Trainer was very open and honest.  Best presentation course I have been to.”
Fiona, R J Kiln & Co Limited

“Excellent, well worth doing if presenting or even selling on the phone or in person.”
Brian Daly, Datacash

“Great intense course covering multiple areas, given me great scope to go away and perfect my craft of presenting.”

“Great learning of yourself.  Helps you to take your presentations into a new level.”

“Our trainer was extremely good.  She made the course fun and relevant.”
Peter, ITT Pure-Flo (UK) Ltd

“I couldn’t rate our trainer highly enough.  The course was practical and engaging.  She read the group well and tailored the material accordingly.”
Jemma, Outward Bound Trust

“Amazing – YES I CAN!! Incredible the amount of progress I feel I’ve made within 2 days – Thank you.”
Joanna, Barclays

“Really helpful in helping me to deliver successful presentations and have more confidence to present well.”
Vicky, Hermes Parcelnet

“Really engaging and relaxed.  I liked the lack of formal structure! Really adaptable to our needs.”

“It has been a fab two days.  Andrew has been so helpful in developing my skills.  I feel really prepared to go into work presentations with a new confidence.  The techniques shared were relevant and appropriate, delivered in an honest and helpful way.”
Dawn, Surrey Square Primary School

“Very useful to have the time to practice and develop skills in a flexible way.”

“A good confidence builder with practical advice. “
Megan, Surrey Square Primary School

“Really made me face up to an intense fear I had, gave my confidence a massive boost.  Incredible, so confidence boosting and fantastic.”

“I could really see improvements in my delivery as a result of the training and all the syllabus items were things that were relevant and things that would make significant improvements to my delivery.”

“It was very practical, with excellent feedback.”

“Effective use of unconventional methods to improve presentation skills.  A real break from the norm.”

“A must for anyone who is new or returning to presentations.”

“It has really helped my all round presentation skills.  Andrew was an excellent coach, very enthusiastic about teaching us.”
Damien, MAMG

“I thought Andrew was an excellent trainer.  He has really helped me believe in myself.  Well worth it, learnt a lot of interesting techniques.”

“Worthwhile and informative.  Effective.  Excellent.”

“Fab, massive improvements from learning.”
Zoe, HiT Entertainment

“Really useful for practical presentation skills and gaining insight into where you can develop.”
Hannah, HiT Entertainment

“One of the best workshops I have been on.  Very relevant, lots of skills to take home.  A really good balance of theory and practice.”
Trinity, HiT Entertainment

“I have learnt so much about presenting which I did not know before.”
Michael, Barclays Ghana

“Everyone was made to feel relaxed very quickly which meant that no-one felt singled out.  Lots of different techniques to build up confidence.  It was never boring.”
Victoria, Symingtons

“Engaging and with fun elements!  Useful and helps take away the fear.”

“Gave me exactly what I needed – practice and feedback to work on. Well structured and always fluid. Group feedback and sharing thoughts/experiences was very reassuring and valuable. Breaks/lunches well staggered.”
Edward Lamison

“Fantastic workshop, took you out of your comfort zone and really look at what your strengths and weaknesses are.  Some very useful practical exercises (glad that this dominated the workshop) – just the right amount of theory.”

“I feel much more confident in my own skills and being able to use the new skills I gained.  Highly recommended for anyone who does public speaking.”

“Excellent and engaging.”

“Very interactive, never a dull moment, many chances to practice skills learnt.  Very effective, do it!”

“Very interactive, engaging, helpful.  Good tips, techniques and advice how to implement those and keep your individual style.”

“Brilliant, really positive and structured with great exercises to keep engaged.”

“It was such a helpful and practical day.  The exercises were woven into the day and introduced in a way in which to make us comfortable to participate.”
Martin Curtis,  Bath Bus Company

“Good thoughtful content, plenty of ideas, time to explore methods and approaches”
Robert Machin, CSG International

“Gave me exactly what I needed – practice and feedback to work on. Well structured and always fluid. Group feedback and sharing thoughts/experiences was very reassuring and valuable. Breaks/lunches well staggered.”

“Took us out of our comfort zones, good awareness of techniques – breathing etc. Steve really enthusiastic and you always feel comfortable even at silly times!”
Daisy, Symingtons Ltd

“Was good to present on the first day and point out our flaws and then work through them thoughout the course. Good to get feedback from others aswell as trainer.”
Sophie, Eastman Company UK Ltd

“The workshop enables you to focus and understand what the real skills are in presenting. The practice and feedback develops these skills.”
Ian, Houghton plc

“The workshop covered all key elements, effectively preparing for and delivery a presentation. Creative techniques – particularly the vocal activities were really effective. The guidance and coaching provided was valuable and constructive.
Claire, Accenture

“Very helpful using video camera. Good to learn from others’ mistakes. Friendly atmoshphere. Great trainer, knowledgeable and helpful.”
Kim, Guerillascope

“Good insight/breakdown of presenting based on posture/breathing and how to conduct and deliver an effective presentation.
Bonnie, Actavis

“Excellent experience. Hard work but well worth the effort.”
Robin Jack-Kee, Allianz Insurance plc

“In the course of the two days we presented 10 times each – this was great to gain confidence, try out new things and go out of the comfort zone. The flexibility of the days meant that all individual questions were answered. Time flew.”
Michael, WRAP

“Covered so many different areas – never boring. An encouraging environment to develop in. Video feedback very useful. Professionally delivered.”
Louise, Energy Excel LLP

“Excellent practical exercises…very good, excellent teaching and enjoyable, highly recommend.”
Graham, HCS Ltd

“The gradual build up of techniques, with frequent opportunities to practically implement was a massively effective approach. An essential part to career development.”
Callum, Symingtons

“Very enjoyable, good fun, very useful. Extremely useful.”
Andrew, HSBC

“Very interactive, lots of opportunity to practice and revisit presentation work. Excellent.”
Alan, Carless Adams

“Really enjoyed all elements. Massive confidence boost. Changed my view of what needed developing.”
Richard, Aylesbury Partnerships

“Fantastic experience. Challenging but supportive environment at the same time. Plenty to learn and use in the future.”
Matthew, Fusion Communications

“This is the best course I have ever been on. Kate was fantastic and the interactive nature meant we were constantly learning and evolving.  Just brilliant!”
Teresa, DMGT Pensions

“Excellent workshop in that it made use of practical presentations and representations with substantial trainer feedback.”

“Sympathetic but encouraging and taking me outside my comfort zone. Practical tips for self practice and in front of an audience . Good structure, good level of participation. Good value for money.”
Jeremy , Restons Solicitors

“Different from any other course I have been to. Really appreciated the relaxed, informal approach and refreshingly honest feedback. The small group felt like one to one tuition.”
Jennifer, Eastman Chemical Workington Ltd

“I thought the breadth of topics was excellent. I feel like I now have a formula to help with presenting. A good way of evaluating your skills and identifying ways to improve.”
Farzana, City University of London

“It was good to get a lot of chances to actually practice presenting and put your learning to the test. There was a good range of exercises to try different techniques. A friendly learning ground which enables you to explore your weaknesses and find constructive ways to improve.”
Karen, StrawberryFrogAmsterdam

“Excellent! Great steps forward in my confidence in both how to approach presentations and how to plan and structure them.”
Martyn, Internation Personal Finance

“Very informative, informal which enabled a relaxed environment to focus on content. Definitely worthwhile.”
Paul, Bovis Homes

“Really great structure provided as well as tips to improve vocal output. Really positive and practical in its approach.”
Philip, National Governors’ Association

“Very engaging, helps develop and learn. Tailored to suit various needs. Intimate. Very useful, would advise to go on a course.”
Svitlana, G’s Fresh

“Ability to work on and develop presentation over 2 days is great. Constructive feedback was brilliant, done in a supportive way and successes celebrated. Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop – thank you! “
James, Kings College London

“Great atmosphere and very engaging trainer. Has increased my skill and confidence more than I had anticipated. Gives you the tools and time to get better! Worth attending. “
Kate, Nesta

“Really useful – will want to use the handbook in conjunction with my notes. Happy to have come a long way in two days which is proof of an effective trainer. Well worth attending. “
David, CIPFA

“Nice surprises for exercises, fresh approach, time went quickly and I enjoyed the course. Excellent.”
Julia, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors

“It was a friendly environment where I felt I could develop. Very useful.”
Harry Joiner