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IMechE (Institution of Mechanical Engineeers), is a highly established professional engineering institution with a strong commitment to nuturing new talent and developing the careers of engineers.   The institution approached us, as leaders in the field of  communication skills training, to provide them with a programme of  training  to meet the ongoing needs of their members.   We have a strong background in training people in the engineering industry and  have a clear understanding of the challenges that engineers often face in the business environment.  

We created a training programme to provide our client’s members with the necessary confidence and tools to help them in their day to day business communication.  Our client wanted us to include three three key areas:

  • Presentation Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Negotiation Skills

Our presentation and communication skills workshops focus on helping engineers to present their information in a more accessible and engaging manner.  Our negotiation skills training provides engineers with  the necessary skills to negotiate successfully – often with people who  may  be more experienced negotiators than they are.

Our trainers’ unique expertise in both performance and business experience has contributed tremendously to the success of our training.  Our trainers each bring a creative flair and pragmatic approach  to the workshops.  This helps participants develop a more confident and personal style as well as learn how to present themselves clearly and effectively in their ongoing business transactions. 

Feedback from our Client

Presentation/Communication Skills

“I just wanted drop you a quick note of thanks for the excellent presentation skills you ran at Bird Cage Walk last June.  I’m not writing this email to sound cocky but before attending the course in June, there is no way in the world I would have been able to do this presentation.  It is staggering the difference a one day course made and the confidence I have found because of it.”

“A lot more confident dealing with people I find difficult to communicate with”

“I will use the skills to be able to speak/communicate to speak to my manager compared to school children/colleagues in the appropriate way”

“Very useful for highlighting how to relate to different types of people in a way they would understand”

“Fantastic day, thoroughly enjoyable and more importantly utterly relevant to professional and extra curricula life – particularly in my hunt for a job for interview stages!”

“The best feature of this course was the tailored nature of the tuition: the feedback”

“Communication improvement doesn’t have to be complicated.  It could be just as easy as breaking some minor habit”

“Relevant to practically all engineer and technical professionals”

“An eye opener – that the simple things make a difference”

Negotiation Skills

“Great interactive sessions with event participants sharing their own experiences”

“Great workshop.  First training course I’ve been on where you get to practice what you learn”

“Highly recommended seminar.  Excellent all round”

“Real tools to use and applicable to my role”

“Small groups, very interactive and practical”









Training courses quick links

Presentation Skills & Public Speaking

 » Public Courses: Beginners Course · Intermediate Course · Advanced Course

 » In-house Training: All levels

 » One-to-one Coaching: All levels

Other training offered

 » Public Courses: Communication Skills · Job Interview Skills · Media Skills Training
                                  Vocal Impact · Body Language

 » In-house Training: Off the shelf courses · Tailored training · Fully bespoke training

 » One-to-one Coaching: Communication Skills · Job Interview Skills · Media Coaching
                                             Vocal Technique · Accent Softening

Training by Location

Presentation skills training London · Public speaking courses in London

Presentation skills training Birmingham · Public speaking courses in Birmingham

Presentation skills training Manchester · Public speaking courses in Manchester

Presentation skills training in Leeds · Public speaking courses in Leeds

Presentation skills training in Glasgow · Public speaking courses in Glasgow

Presentation skills training Edinburgh · Public speaking courses in Edinburgh

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