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GDF Suez, one of the largest energy providers  approached us to design an ongoing presentation skills programme for them, to be rolled out for their staff.  They wanted us to provide a  training programme that would ensure a consistent approach in the delivery of all presentations. 

We have designed a tailored programme  that addresses the challenges of presenting scientific information in an engaging and accessible manner. Key areas for development are:

  • developing a confident delivery style
  • communicating a clear and succinct message
  • managing and engaging with the audience

Our programme consists of a  two stage approach – the first stage covers the key principals of presenting and the second stage consolidates and further develops new skills.   An important element of the training is its flexible approach,  to allow our trainers to adapt and personalise the training to meet the specific needs of the individuals within the group. 

Feedback from our Client

 “I enjoyed the course immensely.  If I presented as part of my job I am sure this would give me a set of useful tools.”

“Very knowledgeable and experienced presenter.  A potentially life changing experience w.r.t. making presentations to peers, managers and directors.”

“It has had a very large impact on the way I view presenting and the way I should think about building a presentation.  The ‘head stuff’ techniques to calm down and thinking about the audience have helped me and made me much more confident.”

“I feel so much more confident about presenting than I did two days ago.  I feel that I can now be more relaxed but more focused in my presentation.”

“Very positive comments along the two days.  Not presentation ‘format’ – allowed us to find our own way of presenting.  Understand and learn how to improve presentation – formal and informal.”

“Really helpful, well conducted, very positive approach.  Thanks to the practice session and the repetitions I think I’ll keep in mind a long time the content.”

“Learnt some interesting things/techniques (PowerPoint tricks, left and right brain, start easy to calm down) and become more aware of things that I knew but were ‘hidden in my head’.”

“Very well paced, good balance of ‘theory’ to exercises, informal atmosphere, conducive to open, valuable discussion.”

“Exceeded expectations.  Good combination of theory and practical.  Examples kept things interesting too.  Will definitely recommend to others.”

“Very impressed how quickly areas for improvement were identified and how quickly those changes could have an impact.”

“Good to be taken outside of comfort zone.  Right balance of theoretical/practical.”

“Very soft skill based.  All about the presenting connecting with the audience.  Lots of useful tips about pace, tone and pauses.”








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