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We have created a range of presentation skills training for AkzoNobel ICI that has been tailored to meet our client’s ongoing needs.  Our programmes have been designed to address the challenges of presenting in different working environments within the organisation. These programmes include:

  • a core skills programme;
  • a sales presentation programme; and
  • a  ‘train the trainer’ programme.

On all programmes, the training is always enthusiastically received by the delegates.  Delegates often comment on the inspiring  approach of our trainers, which helps makes the experience so much more enjoyable as well as highly informative.

Feedback from our Train the Trainer Workshop

“An excellent workshop.  The best, most productive course I have ever attended.”

“Mike’s training methods are brilliant.  He makes you relaxed, he’s very informative and humorous.”

“Very engaging trainer.  A lot of useful information that will be valuable in all areas of business.”

“Open discussions and honest feedback.  Mike kept the content interesting at all times.  Simply presented, so easy to understand.”

“Very good covering all aspects of presenting/training from both trainer and trainee perspective.”

“Very informative, original material, well presented and fun, made the learning experience easier than other courses.”

“Encouragement to be able to communicate to people while standing out in front of them – being able to give a talk with confidence.”

“Very informative and it gives you straightforward techniques to take away and use for presenting as well as everyday life.”

“Never been through ‘science’ of body language or how a body works before a presentation”

“Enabled me to stop shaking when talking.  More confident as developed a framework for communicating to an audience.”

“Most enjoyable.  Made to feel I could achieve.  Thank you Mike!”

Feedback from our Presentation Skills Training

“Revisiting habits continually really helped me address them whereas they would have been easy to ignore.”

“I was dreading this course and I can say that I enjoyed myself and feel that I have ‘stretched’ myself with standing up and presenting.”

“It was very useful, gave me more confidence in my presentation ability as well as teaching me the skills and techniques.”

“The course shows how you can present more effectively and involve the audience without using PowerPoint.”

“Great!  One of the best I’ve done.  Can actively see a plan of action for when I’m back at work.  Very engaging and articulate trainer who helped keep energy levels and motivation high. “

“Thought it was really useful and gave me a lot to think about and take away.  Great how the use of pauses was highlighted, no matter how uncomfortable you feel they need to be there.”

“Real-life practical sessions with camera were so useful, especially the initial one as a benchmark and to build confidence.”

“James was fantastic.  I love the fact they focus on your positive aspects not your negative ones.”

“Inspiring.  Many people can benefit from this workshop.”

“Liked James’s style of coaching, not prescriptive.  Liked being filmed, rarely have the opportunity to watch your own presentation.”

“It is so refreshing to come on a course and receive positive feedback throughout.  Best course I have been on in a long time.”

“This course has given me the confidence to present to anyone.  Sometimes being pushed far outside of your comfort zone is a good thing!”

“Each exercise worked to give an overall improvement in my presentation skills.  By day two I felt less daunted by the prospect of presenting.”

“Learnt a lot of techniques and have come away with a new found confidence and have certainly achieved and overcome my presentation problems.”

“The best and most enjoyable presentation course I have been on.  Laid to bed a lot of ‘ghosts’ (PowerPoint).  Filled with confidence.”

Many techniques from the course will be of great use to me over the coming months/years.”

“The workshop was really well structured and paced.  Lots of fun which enhanced the learning experience.  Relaxed and non pressured approach by James.”








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 » One-to-one Coaching: Communication Skills · Job Interview Skills · Media Coaching
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