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Frequently Asked Questions

How much are your public courses?

Our course fees are as follows:-

  • First Presentation Skills - £397 + VAT
  • Effective Presentation Skills - £697 + VAT
  • Powerful Presentation Skills - £697 + VAT
  • Effective Communication Skills - £397 + VAT
  • Personal Vocal Impact - £427 + VAT
  • Successful Body Language - £427 + VAT
  • Essential Interview Skills - £397 + VAT
  • Essential Media Training - £797 + VAT

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Will your course help me overcome my fear of public speaking?

Yes, absolutely. One of the reasons many people come on our First Presentation Skills course is to overcome their fear of presenting. (People also come on our Effective Presentation Skills course for the same reason or to become more confident when presenting.)

Lots of people use phrases like:-

"petrified" ... "very nervous" ... "anxiety attacks" ...
"throat dries up" ... "avoid it at all costs" ... "afraid" ...
"get panic attacks" ... " shake like a leaf" ... "voice goes" ...
"mind goes blank" ... " feel physically sick" ... "totally stressed" ...
"feel like an idiot" ..."face goes red" ... "heart is pounding" ...
"can hardly breathe"

to describe how they feel about the prospect of speaking in public ... when they arrive.

And almost without exception the very same people just cant believe the transformation that's occurred in them by the end of the course.

They feel more confident and much more able to take on a presentation back at work... "the impossible has been achieved ..." was the comment recently from one scientist from the Health Protection Agency who was on one of our courses.

Another comment from someone booking privately was:- "Still now I find my transformation hard to believe. I would never - and I mean never - have felt so confident if I hadn't done the course with you. I just put everything you taught me into practice, but it's incredible to realise how much you have achieved in just one day!"

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Where are your courses held?

London - normally held in Royal Exchange Avenue, or Eccleston Square in Central London.

Birmingham - normally held in Birmingham Business Park near the NEC in Birmingham.

Manchester - normally held either at Manchester Airport or in the City Centre

Leeds - normally held at Armouries Drive, Clarence Dock, or Princes Exchange, Princes Square, Leeds

Glasgow - normally held in George Square, or Sauchiehall Street, Central Glasgow

Edinburgh - normally held in Lochside, Edinburgh Park or St Andrew Square, Central Edinburgh

Please remember however that sometimes we have to change location for operational reasons. If this is the case, you will be informed ahead of the course.

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What are the start and end times of your public courses?

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What courses do you offer?

We currently offer 3 different Presentation Skills / Public speaking courses.

First Presentation Skills - a one day course for those with little or no experience of presenting who need to take the plunge in the near future.

Effective Presentation Skills - for those with some experience of presenting who want to build their confidence and become better at delivering their presentations.

Powerful Presentation Skills - for experienced presenters who now want to get more power and authority into their presentations.

We also offer a number of courses aimed at helping improve your communication skills

Effective Communication Skills - a one day general level workshop to help people improve their spoken communication, understanding and use of body language and their listening skills.

Personal Vocal Impact - a one day workshop which focuses on how to create more of an impact through the voice.

Successful Body Language - a one day workshop that focuses on how to understand and utilise body language for maximum effect.

Essential Interview Skills - a one day workshop focussed on helping you prepare for and succeed at your next job interview

Essential Media Training - a two day workshop focussed on helping you prepare for media interviews (including print media, TV & radio)

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Which course is best for me?

Initially, you might want to have a look at our course descriptions by clicking here to see which one seems to be best suited to your experience level and aspirations. You can also call us and speak to one of our trainers to gain a better understanding of which one (or two) might be best for you. You can call us on +44 (0)8456 444 150.

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Do you offer in-house or in-company training?

Yes we do. We offer this throughout the UK and Europe. This is often ideal for organisations which have a number of staff to train at the same time.

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Are you able to customise a course for my organisation?

Yes we are able to customise a course and we often do this for organisations who want training that's more specific to themselves. We can take existing courses and modify them to include sections specifically requested by yourselves. We can also take our two day courses and reduce them to one day where needed - eg due to operational reasons. We can also completely tailor make and deliver a course completely to your own requirements.

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How many people do you have on a public course?

Our 3 Presentation Skills courses normally have a maximum of 8 people attending however the average is 5 attendees.

Our Media Training course normally has a maximum of 6 attendees.

Our other courses normally have a maximum of 9 attending but the average is about 5 attendees.

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Would it be possible for me to speak to one of the trainers?

Of course it would - simply ask us and we will organise that for you.

Call us on +44(0) 8456 444 150 or


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Do you have any course brochures to download?

Yes we do. You can download our course brochures by clicking here.

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How do I book a place on one of your courses?

Click here to access our online booking system.

If you have any problems, then please get in touch.

Call us on +44(0) 8456 444 150 or


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