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Maximise Your Personal Vocal Impact - In-house Workshop

Whether it is getting your voice heard in meetings, giving dynamic presentations, speaking effectively on the telephone or being more influential in your social or business environment, your voice plays an essential role in commanding the attention of your listener(s).

Personal Vocal Impact is our in-house workshop designed for those who want to speak with greater confidence and conviction to communicate more effectively in all environments. It can be run over one or two days.

We are also able to adapt the content of the workshop to allow it to be run over a number of sessions (eg 2 half day sessions). Finally, as with all of our in-house training we are able to offer a fully tailored course / workshop to meet your specific requirements.

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Workshop Objectives:

  • Learn to reduce hidden tensions that can interfere with vocal production.
  • Learn how to project a clear and confident voice
  • Learn to control your speed of delivery
  • Develop a dynamic voice that commands attention
  • Develop a range of expressive qualities to become more influential
  • Develop key vocal skills to help you maximise your impact in all situations

A very rewarding and beneficial experience

Client Testimonials

"Excellent course and trainer very knowledgeable."
The Disability Partnership

"I thought it was great. Alison was a great tutor. At first I thought it would be a waste of time but it helped me a lot."
Office for National Statistics

"A very helpful day. Should be undertaken by all teaching staff, especially new recruits."
Middlesex University

"An excellent course overall. I'll definitely recommend it and you! "
Immigration Unit

"Chris is a first class trainer. The pace and mix of training was great. Made it an enjoyable day."
Independent Living Fund

"Excellent material, well delivered - really hit the spot."

"Very good course - very informative. Excellent value for money! Delivered exactly what we expected and more. Would not hesitate to recommend Skillstudio to colleagues."
Sheffield Hallam University

"A great day. Learnt loads and had fun - Thank You!"

"I really enjoyed the course and the Trainer, Chris, was excellent. I thought the content of the course and handout content were good as well. I would recommend using you again to our training department."
B & CE Benefits

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Typical One Day - Voice Workshop Outline


  • Personal introductions
  • Aims of the day

Preparing to speak

  • Breathing techniques to aid a more relaxed style
  • Using posture to help support the voice correctly
  • Exercises to warm up the facial muscles in preparation for speaking

Projecting a clear, confident voice

  • Exercises to help improve indistinctive speech
  • Techniques to develop vocal strength and help project the voice with ease
  • Exercises to help you speak with greater energy and enthusiasm

Speaking with greater conviction

  • Learning how to control your speed of delivery
  • Delivery of a short speech putting into practice vocal techniques learnt so far
  • Feedback on the vocal impact made on your listener(s)

Developing the expressive qualities in the voice

  • Using gesture to help enhance your voice
  • Using the power of pause to influence meaning
  • Developing a range of expressive vocal qualities

Maximising your vocal impact in all situations

  • Short ad hoc speeches / role plays using vocal techniques developed
  • Feedback on impact made on your listeners

Workshop evaluation

  • Personal action plan for further development
  • End of course evaluations

Like us to tailor a workshop to your specific requirements?

We can run these workshops as one day, two day or over several half days or even shorter time slots. We can also adapt the content to meet your specific trainnig objectives.

Give us a call on +44 (0)8456 444 150 or email us on to discuss your specific requirements further

Voice Workshop Fees

Our fees are:-

One-day workshop

£1590 + VAT and expenses for up to 8 participants.

Tailored workshop fees:-

Our fees for a fully tailored workshop are as above plus an additional once off consultancy fee to cover any meetings that are required plus the time needed for the actual design of the workshop.

Like a copy of our course brochure?

You can download our course brochure in Adobe Acrobat format by clicking on the small image of the brochure to the right.

If you havent got an Adobe Acrobat viewer on your system, you can download it (for free) by clicking here.

If you'd prefer us to email or post you you a copy of the brochure, please get in touch and we'll send it on to you by return.

Call us on +44 (0)8456 444 150

or email us at:

Like to make a booking?

If you'd like to make a booking please email us at:-

or telephone us on +44 (0)8456 444 150

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