By scrolling through the workshop outline on this webpage you’ll have started to get a better idea of the various areas we cover on the course.

During the 2 days, you’ll be up on your feet lots of times working on practical exercises, presenting to the group and receiving ongoing feedback from your trainer.

You’ll build up your confidence and skills in a step by step manner as you make continual progress throughout the workshop.

Our trainers’ expertise lies not only in the more conventional presentation skills that you’ll find with most other training companies. They’re also experts in the critical application of voice and body language techniques.

Our trainers are not there to give you contrived mannerisms, nor are they there to simpy give you some tips that you can read in any book.

They are there to work with you on detailed aspects of both the way you sound and the way you appear to your audience, in addition to the structure and wording of your presentation. It’s this unique combination that allows you to develop a more effective and confident personal style as you progress through the two days.

The feedback you’ll receive will be specific to your needs and wont just say what you need to improve on but also, and very importantly – how to improve. It is one thing to point out to someone that they need to sound more interesting but this is meaningless unless you can help them achieve this. Our trainers do this using their extensive repertoire of vocal and physical exercises which help you develop a more expressive presenting style.

Ultimately, by the end of the course, as a result of all the practical work and constructive feedback we guarantee that you will be a more confident presenter. And be able to:-

  • Communicate clear and succinct messages to your audience
  • Think on your feet and stay calm under pressure
  • And develop a highly effective personal delivery style that will significantly increase your impact on your audience.

So if you think that the course might be right for you, exit from here and keep scrolling down the course webpage and you’ll see when we run our public workshop in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

You’ll also find out more about how to book a place on the course and finally hear from me again where I’ll try to answer some last minute questions you might still have.