By now you’ve probably got a fair idea of what we do on the course but you might still have a few unanswered questions.

A common question we get asked is what sort of people attend this workshop?

Well to start with, this course is not designed for extroverts or very confident people. It is designed for anyone who has to give a presentation but wants to do it with more confidence and greater impact.

Most people arrive feeling a bit hesitant about what they will be doing but by the first morning coffee break they have already found that the practical work they’ve done has had a really positive impact on their confidence.

Another question we get asked is what will I take away from the course?

First and foremost you’ll be a more confident and competent presenter. You’ll also have discovered how to make much more of an impact on your audience.

To help you to consolidate and build on these skills you’ll also take away your own personal development plan and receive a Skillstudio Presentation Skills manual. This manuals contain a wealth of practical tips & techniques you can apply to future presentations and further exercises that you can then use to continue your development. These techniques are drawn from our extensive background in the performing arts and from years of experience of training thousands of people like yourself in presentation skills.

A further question we get asked is what sort of feedback do you get from course attendees?

The best way to answer this is to have a look at the very specific comments we’ve received from people just like yourself who have attended our training in the past. You’ll see a few of these comments on our course webpage (immediately below this one). But there’s many more available. If you click on the testimonials menu item at the top of our web page you’ll see some of our most recent feedback.

You’ll see that we’ve also trained thousands of people from well over a thousand companies and organisations worldwide since Skillstudio started back in 2001.

Finally people often ask if there any other benefits of coming on the course?

It’s also worth considering the less obvious benefits of this course – the techniques you will learn can also be applied to many other situations when you have to communicate confidently. Eg in meetings, telecons, social functions etc.

So by attending this workshop – you will really equip yourself with some highly effective life skills which will enhance your overall personal impact in almost every situation you find yourself in.

Some other commonly asked questions can be found on our FAQ webpage by clicking here . But if you still have some further questions or would like to speak to myself or one of our trainers please call the office on +44 (0)8456 444 150 or email us at

It would be great to hear from you and ultimately to meet you at one of our future Effective Presentation Skills courses.

So if you’d like to book a place on the course – just exit from this page and follow the instructions on our course web page immediately below.