In-House Presentation Skills Training
Tailored for Your Organisation

Skillstudio’s in-house presentation skills training courses are designed to accommodate your organisation’s particular needs. 

Whether you want your staff to communicate messages to their team with greater clarity, present to clients with more confidence or deliver conference speeches with greater impact, we offer flexible training options that will help you address your organisation's requirements.

We also offer different levels of training, depending on the experience of your staff  – building key skills and confidence for those who are new to presenting or enhancing and fine tuning skills of more experienced staff.

Your training options

There are a number of options available for an in-house training course. 

Each of our three levels of public courses can be delivered in-house and can be tailored to suit any particular needs you may have:-

We also offer a range of tailored presentation skills workshops that can be further modified to suit your requirements including:

  • Team presentation skills
  • Presentation pitching
  • Sales presentations
  • Presenting to remote audiences
  • Presenting to camera and/or the media
  • Presenting to international audiences
  • Presenting in English for non native English speakers
  • Presentation skills training in French or German
  • Powerful storytelling techniques for business presenting

And we can also produce a fully bespoke training course or masterclass for your organisation.

Presentation training tailored to your needs

We work very closely with our clients to ensure that the training meets your specific objectives. 

This typically includes:

  • Initial discussion with you to identify your specific needs
  • Proposal designed around your specific training requirements
  • Pre-course tailoring based on feedback from your staff
  • Tailoring in real time during the course to address any new issues that arise

What makes us special?

So why choose us?

As specialists in Presentation Skills Training, we are very experienced in helping organisations such as your own with the challenges you may face in your specific presentation scenarios. We are 'special' because:

  • Presentation is our passion and our core training area
  • We are market leaders in the UK and Internationally
  • Our trainers are all highly experienced and experts in this field

And since 2001 we have built up an unrivalled reputation for results; consistency; and value for money.

Our client base includes more than 50% of the UK's FTSE100 companies.

What your staff will experience

We provide a Total Training Experience that combines both theory and practice in a way that is unique to Skillstudio.

Our approach incorporates innovative and proven techniques to help the individual develop practically, intellectually and emotionally.

Skills developed are pragmatic and transferable, focusing on the individual’s real life, here and now issues and encouraging further personal development.

Our learning experience is re-energizing and motivational, providing the opportunity for deep personal change.

Our presentation skills training experts

Skillstudio has built up an exceptional group of highly qualified, talented and experienced training professionals who are all superb presenters and communicators in their own right. 

With the unique combination of their performing arts backgrounds; extensive business experience; and Skillstudio's innovative training formats, our trainers provide intuitive, engaging and expert coaching to allow your staff to fully develop their skills in the shortest possible time.

Also - through their infectious enthusiasm, their expertise in the application of voice and body language techniques and their creative approach, you can be sure that they will help your staff realise their true potential no matter where they are starting out from.

Our training methods

Skillstudio’s training methods are innovative and dynamic.  Our approach is also flexible enough to allow the trainers to adapt in real time as specific needs of individuals arise during the training.

Key qualities of our training programmes are:

  • Highly practical and interactive training
  • Well-paced with no energy slumps or passive elements
  • Flexible approach
  • Plenty of personal attention and individual feedback
  • Focus on maximising the overall impact of the individual
  • Designed to be highly enjoyable as well as a very valuable learning experience.

Extensive and high profile client base

We deliver presentation skills training across almost all sectors in the business community; academic environment; NHS; local and central government; and other non commercial organisations throughout the UK and Europe.

Testimonial from HSBC - A great experience.  Made something that I was quite daunted by actually fun.  A brilliant, confidence building experience, and plenty to take away and apply elsewhere  -  not just in presentations.

And since 2001, we have helped many thousands of people from well over a thousand organisations throughout the UK and Europe dramatically improve their presentation skills. And you can read many of the testimonials here (from well over 1,000 clients).

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