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First Presentation Skills - 1 Day In-House Workshop

This highly supportive one day in-house workshop has been designed to help people who have never presented before overcome their fear of presenting and public speaking.

It is also an excellent course for those who have presented very occasionally in the past but are still extremely nervous about this and try to avoid presenting at all costs.

By taking part in a number of practical exercises throughout the day, delegates will progressively build up their self confidence during the workshop. They will also learn to plan, structure and deliver their first presentation in front of an audience. Key skills and techniques are developed in an informal, risk free environment. Personal feedback is an essential element of the training and each participant will receive plenty of individual coaching during the day.

Workshop learning outcomes

By the end of the workshop, delegates will:-

  • Have taken the first steps to become a good presenter
  • Know how to develop ideas
  • Know how to plan and structure a presentation
  • Be able to control nerves and deal with common fears
  • Be able to speak with more confidence in front of an audience

Workshop Outline


  • Building group rapport
  • Warm up exercises

Introduction to presenting

  • Good & bad habits
  • Dealing with common fears

Preparing to speak

  • Dealing with nerves
  • Building self confidence
  • Creating a confident impression

Presentation Delivery Skills

  • Improving your voice
  • Speaking with confidence
  • Using confident body language

Planning the Presentation or Speech

  • The key elements to good structure
  • Defining your purpose
  • Making a strong opening
  • Selecting key points
  • Knowing your Audience
  • Closing effectively

Presentation Practice

  • Delivering a short presentation
  • Evaluating presentations

General feedback session

  • Individual evaluations by course tutor
  • Personal action plans
  • End of course evaluations

Your staff will enjoy the unique learning experience

Our trainers use a wide range of practical, enjoyable, tried and tested approaches to bring out the best in your staff.

So your staff will find our workshop highly interactive, supportive and fun. They will quickly build up their confidence as they experiment and learn.

And from experience, you'll probably also be pleasantly surprised at just how much they can progress during our one day of intensive training.

The learning doesn't end when the course ends

During the workshop each delegate will receive a manual full of practical tips and further information to help them consolidate what they've just gained from the course.

We also offer a free Followup Service by email for 3 months following the course. During this time, if any of the course delegates have questions they'd like to ask about a forthcoming presentation they can email us and we'll do our best to help.

In-house workshop fees

Our fees for delivering this one-day workshop at your venue in the UK are currently:-

from £1590 + VAT and expenses for up to 8 delegates.

This workshop can also be delivered outside of the UK. An additional fee however, for the extra traveling time incurred might have to be charged.

We are also able to tailor any part of this workshop for you if you require, although an additional fee (agreed with you prior to booking) may be required to cover this.

Like a copy of our course brochure?

You can download our course brochure in Adobe Acrobat format by clicking on the small image of the brochure to the right.

If you haven't got an Adobe Acrobat viewer on your system, you can download it (for free) by clicking here.

If you'd prefer us to email or post you you a copy of the brochure, please get in touch and we'll send it on to you by return.

Call us on +44 (0)8456 444 150

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So if you really want to help your staff become successful presenters ...

      We know we can help them:-

  • design and structure a presentation
  • build up their confidence
  • get more power & conviction in their voice and ...
  • start to make an impact in front of an audience


Liz Banks - Skillstudio

Get in touch today ...

If you'd like to make a booking; got some questions you'd like to ask; or want to discuss the course in more detail with one of our trainers.

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Speak to you soon.

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