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Hello there, I'm Liz Banks MD of Skillstudio Limited.

Being interviewed by a journalist is a daunting prospect for many people. If you are unfamiliar with how the media works, even the thought of an interview can be intimidating. But there are some simple rules to help you put your point across well.

With Skillstudio, you'll learn the best ways to respond to journalists, conquer interview nerves and come across well in the media.

You can learn to manage the media

Have you ever been faced with a microphone or camera, and a journalist throwing questions at you? If this happened to you would you know what to say and how to say it?

What about talking to a newspaper reporter with a notepad or chatting to the press over the phone? Are you confident they would publish the appropriate comments?

If you are unsure about how to deal with the media, or you feel uncomfortable around journalists, our Media Skills training can help. We will show you how to prepare for an interview, how to put your point across well and how to increase your chances of successful publicity.

Essential Media Skills – making the most of the press

This training is aimed at anyone who has to face the press, from office managers to CEOs and board members. After a highly practical session you will:

  • Understand how the media works and how to manage it
  • Know how to think like a journalist so you can pre-empt difficult questions
  • Be able to prepare successful answers in advance
  • Learn how to take control of your nerves and convey a confident manner
  • Understand how to get your message across effectively to a mass audience

In short, we can help you improve your company’s public image through positive media attention. Even if you are facing difficult times and have to carry out damage limitation, we can equip you with the best way to do this.

What does the training involve?

We can offer you a specifically tailored 1-to-1 coaching session with a specialist trainer for either a full day or a half day.

Firstly we will have an initial consultation with you over the telephone. We’ll let you know more about the 1-to-1 session, answer any questions you might have, find out more about your previous interview experiences and then jointly make an initial assessment of which areas we should focus on in the 1-to-1 training session – for example television, radio, press or all three media.

At this point you will then need to decide if you want to go ahead with the training. (There is no charge for this initial telephone consultation.)

What happens in a typical full day session?

The outline below is fairly typical of the areas that we would cover in one day, with plenty of time to practise and repeat each interview. Throughout the day the interviews will become harder and harder.

Ultimately the actual programme for the day will be tailored by the trainer following your initial telephone consultation. It will then be amended if required on the day as other areas for training become apparent during the session.

First Principles

  • Examine and assess media reports
  • Learn how journalists think
  • Understand different styles of interview
  • Develop a key message that the media will use

Press Interviews

  • Experience a gentle newspaper / magazine interview
  • Feedback and practice

Dealing with Nervous Energy

  • Relaxation techniques
  • Mechanical techniques to reduce stress
  • Positive visualisation techniques

Personal Impact 1 – Vocal Technique

  • Warm-up exercises
  • Use of emphasis and tone to convey different meaning
  • Vocal expression and energy to hold your audience

Radio Interview

  • How to come across on radio
  • Understanding how press and radio interviews differ
  • Radio interview practice

Personal Impact 2 – Body Language

  • Awareness of your own body language and its effects
  • How to use gesture to enhance your message
  • Where to look during TV interviews
  • What to wear for TV

TV Interview

  • How to come across on TV
  • Understanding how radio and TV interviews differ
  • TV interview practice

Handling difficult interviews

  • How to prepare for a difficult interview
  • Brainstorming interview questions
  • Prepare answers for brainstormed interview questions
  • Difficult interview practice

Action plan

And typically what do you cover in a half day?

First Principles

  • Learn how journalists think
  • Develop a key message that the media will use

Press Interviews

  • Experience a gentle newspaper / magazine interview
  • Feedback and practice

Dealing with Nervous Energy

  • Relaxation techniques
  • Stress management

Personal Impact

  • Using vocal expression and energy to hold your audience
  • Using body language on TV
  • What to wear on TV

Radio Interview

  • Sounding natural yet authoritative on air
  • Understanding how press and radio interviews differ
  • Radio interview practice

TV Interview

  • How to come across on TV
  • Understanding how radio and TV interviews differ
  • TV interview practice

Action plan

So how much does the 1-to-1 media training cost?

Our standard media training fees are as shown below for sessions held in Central London.

Half day - from £790 + VAT

Full day - from £1490 + VAT

We also offer this training in other geographical areas if you are booking for a full day. However we would have to charge you travel expenses if this were the case.

We can also provide media training in a radio and/or television studio to give you a real flavour of how it feels to be interviewed on air. This incurs an extra cost.

Where does the coaching take place?

Skillstudio offer One to One Executive Coaching in Media Skills in the following areas throughout the UK:-

  • London
  • Oxford
  • Glasgow
  • Reading
  • Birmingham
  • Milton Keynes
  • Edinburgh

The coaching can take place either at your premises or at ours - the choice is yours. We can also offer this service outside of training locations listed above, however travel time and expenses would also need to be taken into account.

(We also run in-house training in Media Skills throughout the UK and Europe.)

Highly respected, creative and experienced trainers

Our trainers are all specialists in their field and are able to work at your level and pace. Whether you need to prepare for your first media interview or already have some experience of media interviews but now want to refine your skills further our specialist trainers can really help you make that difference.

A well established, highly regarded training company

Since 2001 Skillstudio's trainers have worked with thousands of people from well over a thousand companies and organisations throughout the UK and Europe. These organisations have included over 50% of the FTSE 100 companies; International Blue Chip companies through to SME's; Central Government bodies through to local borough and county councils; schools; colleges; universities; hospitals; and charities. We've also worked with numerous company executives and private individuals on a one to one basis and via our public courses.

Click here for more information on our current and recent clients.

YES I’m interested so what’s the next step?

If you'd like to explore things further with one of our trainers, just complete the form below and then hit the submit button and we’ll get one of our trainers to have a chat with you and answer any more questions you might have.

And remember, you are only one simple step away from having the ability to get your message across successfully in the media.

Alternatively, call us now on +44 (0)8456 444 150.

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