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How to use body language to enhance your message

Liz Banks on CNN

Skillstudio's Liz Banks appears with CNN's Richard Quest on "CNN Business Traveller"

Liz Banks, Skillstudio Director was asked by CNN's Richard Quest to advise his viewers on the importance of body language for the July edition of his "Business Traveller" TV show.

As a highly experienced presentation and communications skills coach and trainer, Liz is well aware of the importance of body language for ensuring successful communication in both the business and social environment.

"Use your body language well and it will enhance your message, use it badly and it can have the opposite effect" was one of her messages to Richard's viewers.

You can also read more of Liz's comments in a CNN article by clicking here.

CNN Business Traveller is a monthly TV programme covering every aspect of the transitory lifestyle of the corporate traveller. As well as being the host of CNN's Business Traveller, Richard Quest is also anchor of CNN's daily business show, "Business Central" and joint anchor of "Biz-News" a three hour live morning news and businesss breakfast programme.


Below are some stills from the show.

Liz Banks, Skillstudio on CNN
Liz Banks, Skillstudio on CNN

Richard Quest, CNN Business Traveller host, introducing the article on body language

Liz Banks, Skillstudio on CNN

Liz, starting to advise on the use of body language in the boardroom scene. "Body language, a crucial element in good communication..."

Liz Banks, Skillstudio on CNN

Liz advising on how Richard and Sonia are getting on in their business meeting: "Take a look at Richard. See how he's crossing his legs away from Sonya and he's actually swinging his foot. This might mean that he's quite impatient with Sonya and he wants to speed things up."

Liz Banks, Skillstudio on CNN

Liz now advising at a Trade Fair:: "Sonya is trying to talk to Richard, but he's not interested in having a conversation with her at all."

Liz Banks, Skillstudio on CNN

Liz: "Sonya, you're just wasting your time with Richard."

Liz Banks, Skillstudio on CNN

Liz: "Show that you're actually interested in what she's got to say. Now the nodding, which means your more sincere. That's much better."

Liz Banks, Skillstudio on CNN

Finally in the bar ... Richard: "Oh hello, have you heard the one about the ..."

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